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financial modeling excel training


financial modeling online course through Live Video conferencing which can be attended from anywhere. learn financial modeling with MindCypress. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: financial modeling excel training

Financial modeling excel training.
What is Financial Modelling?
Financial Modelling A financial model is simply
a tool thats built in Excel to forecast a
business financial performance into the future.
 The forecast is typically based on the companys
historical performance, assumptions about the
future, and requires preparing an income
statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement,
and supporting schedules (known as a 3 statement
model). From there, more advanced types of
models can be built such as discounted cash flow
analysis (DCF model), leveraged-buyout (LBO),
mergers and acquisitions (MA), and sensitivity
The Financial Statements
Financial Statement Overview
Income statement or Profit or Loss Statement How much money we have or will have made and spent over a period of time? Shows Financial Performance
Statement of Financial Position or Balance Sheet How many valuable things we own and how many things do we owe plus what is our equity (shareholdings money made held till date) at a chosen point in time? Assets Liabilities Equity Shows Financial Health
Cash Flow Statement How much cash has entered and exited in the business? What is the net cash flow over a period of time?
Capitalisation Table How have we distributed our equity between founders, employees and investors? Pre money valuations and Post Money valuations Shows rounds of funding and results
Planning Vs Modelling
Planning Modelling
Process of creating an action plan Process of creating and valuating assumptions
Based on targets Based on assumptions and variables
Input or Output Driven Input Driven
Part of a Business Plan Mostly Guides Business Planning
Steps are outlined to achieve goals Presents how the goals set will create value
Establishes the outcomes on intentions, more based on ifs than what ifs Explores what ifs and the outcomes
Explains the steps needed to achieve goals Explains how the steps taken will generate an outcome
Financial modelling in Excel
? Financial Modelling in Excel is all around the
web and there has been lot written about learning
Financial Modelling, however, most of the
financial modelling pieces of training are
exactly the same. This goes beyond the usual
gibberish and explores practical Financial
Modelling as used by Investment
Bankers and Research Analysts.
Financial Modelling Excel course calculates the
data according to the given fields in
the Financial Modelling Course. You can enrol for
best financial modelling certification according
to your plans and proceedings.
Financial Modelling Courses
  • Are you looking for an Excel training for your
    professional growth. Financial Modelling course
    is a perfect option for you. There are lots of
    tutorials, workshops, lessons and training which
    can enhance your excel model through which it
    outlines the financial modelling courses.
  • Financial Modelling Institute provides the
    training to the students at par, if you are
    looking for any kind of financial training then
    you can enrol for online or offline excel
    financial modelling course.

What does a Financial Model Communicate?
? It shows that you understand your business and
how it works. ? It shows how your assumptions
and plans will generate value ? It allows
investors to evaluate some aspects of your
business ? It shows how a range of inputs will
impact on the outputs i.e profits and costs ? It
shows how your business will likely perform over
a period of time ? A good financial plan shows
that you have had a reality check and are not
working on guesses and blind devotion
Importance of Marketing Metrics
? Your key assumptions will be based on how your
marketing will work? ? How do you plan to reach
your target market? ? How do you plan to turn
your target market into customers? ? How much
time and cost will you incur in the process of
gaining customers? ? How much value will each
customer add to your business? ? What are the
expected range of conversion rates for marketing
efforts of your business?
Boost your career with financial modelling excel
training by Mindcypress.
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