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How to Become a Fashion Stylist


Success as a stylist isn’t always easy, but with a lot of hard work, and confidence in what you know and what you can offer, you can build a long career.More details Contact Zoe Hennessey or visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Become a Fashion Stylist

How to Become a Fashion Stylist
Theres more to becoming a Fashion Stylist than
just loving clothes and knowing what shoe to wear
with what outfit though both of those come in
very handy on the job! Being a Fashion Stylist on
a full-time basis requires a lot of knowledge of
current style, an understanding of your clients
needs, plus a personal aesthetic to help pull it
all together. But to get there requires a lot of
time, a lot of patience, and a lot of shopping.
Here are some tips to make styling into a career.
1. Follow fashion.
Chances are if youre considering styling as a
job, this is something youre already doing. But
its important to follow fashion in terms of what
trends are hot right now, and more importantly,
what trends are on their way. Check out and
follow a lot of Instagram style accounts, keep
tabs on what celebs and trendsetters are wearing,
and follow up on runway shows from major and
minor designers. Its a lot to keep track of, but
this is how youll keep current on whats going
on in the styling world.
2. Work as an assistant.
This is where all the best stylists are built or
broken. Find a job as an assistant for an
established stylist. This may be an internship or
a paid job. Your responsibilities will be to help
with shopping and organization. Expect to carry a
lot of bags and do a lot of walking! Expect early
mornings and long days. This is the unglamorous
side of becoming a stylist. Its a lot of hard
work, but it also gives you the opportunity to
observe how the business works. Pay attention to
how a good stylist speaks to her clients how she
blends her knowledge of fashion with her clients
needs and her own sense of what works and what
doesnt. Listen and learn to anticipate what the
stylist will choose for particular clients and
jobs. Show up on time and ready to work. A great
assistant gets called back and, eventually,
called up to be a stylist.
3. Build a portfolio.
While assisting (hopefully) pays the bills, you
still need to show people you can make styling an
art. Reach out to photographers you like to do
some test shoots. This will get you some
professional-quality photos of your work. While
the cost of these shoots will come out your
pocket, think of it as investing in your future.
4. Show the world.
Create a website to show off what youre working
on. Create a professional instagram profile and
add to it as often as you can. Potential clients
want to see that you are staying busy, and
staying on-trend!
5. Build a client base.
If youve proven to be a good assistant and
youve got some solid shots in your portfolio,
chances are youll get the call from a stylist
who trusts you to take on a client yourself. Once
youve got a client, hang on to them! Companies
and personal clients like to build long-term
relationships with stylists they know.
6. Build a brand.
As you get more clients, keep working on how
people see you. Keep adding to your website and
your social media presence. Replace older shoots
with newer content to show who youre working for
now. Fashion is always evolving, so show youre
evolving with it. Success as a stylist isnt
always easy, but with a lot of hard work, and
confidence in what you know and what you can
offer, you can build a long career.More details
Contact Zoe Hennessey or visit
For more details contact Zoe Hennessey Email
917.623.7590 https//