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Improve Performance Of WordPress Landing Page?


For years, the landing page has been a powerful tool for leads generation. Some people focus on making it compelling to get visitors to click CTA while the rest on making it visually appealing to keep them engaged. There are differences in opinions as well when it comes to placing CTAs on the landing page. Some believe that adding one CTA on the landing page is enough while others put more than one on that page. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Improve Performance Of WordPress Landing Page?

Improve Performance Of WordPress Landing Page?
For years, the landing page has been a powerful
tool for leads generation. Some people focus on
making it compelling to get visitors to click CTA
while the rest on making it visually appealing
to keep them engaged. There are differences in
opinions as well when it comes to placing CTAs on
the landing page.
Some believe that adding one CTA on the landing
page is enough while others put more than one on
that page. They might not know but adding
multiple CTAs to the landing page can confuse
the visitors and they might leave the page within
a moment. No matter what your perspective is
when it comes to landing page design, at the end
of the day what you want is a high conversion
rate. To help you achieve that, we have put
together a set of strategies in this blog post
following which WordPress users can improve their
landing page performance. When you finish this
post you will have enough knowledge about ways to
gain higher conversion rates. So, get ready to
dive into the details as we are going to reveal
the secret strategies. But before starting your
reading journey, let me tell you something
important about SFWP Experts. It is the best web
design Los Angeles c ompany when it comes to
offering a host of high-quality services
including landing page design and development,
website design and development, online
advertising and promotion, search engine
optimization and pay per click. Thats not all
you can also contact them for website hosting,
maintenance, and redesign services to ensure that
your site runs smoothly and deliver a great user
experience. Now, let's get back to the point for
which you came here. Top 5 Strategies To Improve
The Performance Of WordPress Landing Page
  • Keep Tracking Your Landing Page Metrics
  • To be able to realize how you can improve your
    landing page performance, the first thing you
    need to do is figure out what it lacks and what
    it needs. To do that, you need to keep track of
    its metrics regularly such as traffic source,
    bounce rate, page visits, session duration, and
    conversion rate.
  • The most suitable plugin to track all these
    activities is Google Analytics.
  • As soon as you get to know how people come to
    your site, how many views it gets, and how long
    visitors spend time on your website, you can make
    the changes that will improve the overall
  • In case you are not able to make the edits or
    changes yourself, you can get in touch with us
    and we will optimize your landing page to achieve
    great results. Our Los Angeles web design
    company offers its services to multiple
    organizations ranging from small and medium sized
    businesses to big companies. The professional
    services on the list are WordPress web design
    and development, WordPress plugin development,
    landing page redesign, copywriting, content
    marketing, SEO and PPC.
  • Make Your Landing Pages Responsive
  • With the increasing users of mobile phones and
    other small screen devices in the world, the
    importance of making responsive websites as well
    as landing pages has also increased. Did you
    know more than 70 of visitors leave your
    website if it is not accessed properly on mobile
  • Therefore, it is important for you to create an
    engaging and actionable version of your landing
    page first, and then make it mobile-friendly using

  • different WordPress plugins. One that I would
    like to mention here is Beaver Builder.
  • It is the most suitable plugin for WordPress as
    far as building a well-performing
    mobile-friendly landing page goes.
  • Some of the useful features it has
  • Easy drag and drop interface with live front-end
  • Excellent theme editing option using WordPress
  • Reusable templates and themes
  • Quick support for the shortcodes and widgets
  • Translation support
  • Import and export convenience
  • Advanced editing options
  • However, if you find some problem while making
    mobile-friendly landing pages, dont forget to
    make conversation with us. The designers and
    developers working at our Los Angeles web design
    company specialize in mobile-friendly landing
    page design and development, ecommerce web
    design and development, and mobile app
    development. Not just this, we can also help you
    with email marketing, internet marketing, social
    media marketing, and SEO PPC services.
  • 3. Eliminate The Distracting Elements
  • There are many website administrators out there
    who activate annoying pop-ups on their page
    asking visitors to like their social media page
    or share content online. It falls in the
    category of distracting elements and you must
    remove it from your page ASAP. Instead of this
    you should engage your visitors with informative
    and interesting content followed by social share

  • This way, you will not be able to just offer a
    good user experience but also provoke their
    genuine intention to share your page. This way
    you can indirectly compel them not to leave your
    page and go to your competitors.
  • Our top pick for this is Social Media Feather
    plugin that lets you enjoy the benefits of
    social share buttons by offering more attracting
  • They are
  • Social sharing and widgets for each of your
  • Sharing and following on a variety of social
    networking sites
  • Full customization option for titles and URLs
  • Minimalistic social bookmark and all
  • If you want to customize your landing page as per
    the accessibility and usability of your target
    users, you should visit our website and drop us a
    line. The representatives of our Los Angeles web
    design company will get back to you ASAP, listen
    to your landing page requirements and fulfill it
    ASAP. Be informed that we provide almost all
    types of business development services including
    exceptional web design, web development,
    conversion rate optimization, search engine
    optimization, and pay per click advertising.
  • 4. Optimize Your Landing Page For Search Engine
  • If youre still unaware of the fact that SEO is
    important for websites and landing pages, it is
    more likely that you will incur loss in near
    future. Nobody likes their landing page to be
    ranked on the fifth page instead of the first
    even if it is well-designed.

  • So, it doesnt matter how enticing the landing
    page you have created unless users are able to
    find it. Thus, it is super important to optimize
    your landing page for search engines like Google
    and make it visible to your users for higher
    chances of conversions.
  • Ideally, Yoast SEO is the plugin that you should
    be using to optimize your content for search
  • It is available in both free and premium
    versions, packed with a lot of essential
    features such as
  • Content optimization for particular keywords
  • Adds data to explain Google the
    reference of your content or what does it
  • Manual monitoring option for all pages to inform
    you if there is any scope for changes for
    optimizing it
  • Google preview of pages and the readability
    checker for content
  • Compatible with both WordPress editors - classic
    and block
  • 5. Provide Quick Customer Support For Higher
    Landing Page Conversions
  • One of the key factors that significantly impacts
    your visitors experience is real-time support.
    It can make or break a deal when customers are
    almost ready to make a purchase.
  • Just by adding a well-developed WordPress live
    chat plugin to your landing page, you can
    improve its overall performance in more than one
  • Capture sales leads by providing round the clock

  • Offer a friendly-experience to visitors that will
    help in building trust and credibility
  • As far as my experience is concerned, I will
    recommend you to go for ProProfs Live Chat that
    will boost your landing page conversions.
  • With this plugin you get access to some amazing
    features such as
  • Monitoring the behavior of visitors coming to
    your landing page quickly
  • Providing prompt chat support based on the
    behavior of your visitors
  • Canned responses to intercat faster with visitors
  • Chat ratings and feedback to ensure the delivery
    of optimal experience
  • Chat session reports
  • Mobile-friendly software
  • Final Thoughts
  • As you have seen, if your aim is to boost your
    landing page conversion rate, you will need to
    work on improving the user experience including
    the real-time support. It evokes a sense of
    trust in the user's mind and they consider
    becoming your customer. Once you start
    implementing the strategies listed out in this
    blog, soon you will notice a difference in the
    performance of your landing page. However, if you
    want to take your user experience to a whole new
    level and want to see surprising results, I
    suggest you focus on resolving each query
    reported by each user (as far as it is
  • Apart from this, if you need our help in any
    manner, be it building a landing page from
    scratch or attracting your potential customers,
    just let us know your query in any way. We want
    to engage with our clients actively in order to
    resolve their problem and grow their business.
    And, it doesnt end here as you can also get a
    hold of our Wordpress website design company,

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