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Online Company Registration


Aavana Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the prestigious companies based out of Bangalore and offers quality service in company registration in india. Company Registration is nothing but the incorporation of a new firm/business/corporation. The company may be a business, a startup, a non-profit organization, a micro small or medium scale business, etc. A company/corporation will be considered as a legal entity that is effectively recognized as a person under the law after company registration. We at Aavana offer services to help company registration in India online. We also specialize in company registration with a wide range of business entities like Private limited, OPC registration, LLP Registration or Sole Proprietorship Company, Partnership Registration and more. Call us at +91-80 40909797 | +91-9900328729 for help regarding registering a company in India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online Company Registration

Business Advisory Financial Consulting Company
About us
With a nascent beginning in the year 2017, Aavana
Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd is the dream of two
energetic and budding entrepreneurs who have
tasted the dose of success in a short
period. We provide services in accounting,
bookkeeping, registration services, tax other
pre-launch detriments, and post-launch financial
requirements as well. Today, financial
consultant services are offered by most of the
companies, but we follow a modernized approach
that integrates both financial services and
technology. We have served 1800 clients by
offering quality, on-time delivery and round the
clock services.
Business Financial Consulting Company
We, at Aavana offer business services for micro,
small and medium enterprise and company
registration services in India like
Private Limited Company LLP registration OPC
registration Sole proprietorship registration and
We also provide services for domestic and foreign
corporation which includes representative and
branch offices.
We offer fin-tech solutions to ensure not only
the timelines of services, but also the quality
and offering services under a single roof. The
incorporation of fin-tech solutions into
business eases the burden of a customer to reach
out to various people or organizations to start
and grow a business.
  • Private Limited Company Registration
  • Proprietorship Registration Partnership
  • One Person Company (OPC) Registration LLP
  • Public Limited Company Registration
  • Foreign Company Registration
  • Nidhi Company Registration
  • Society Registration
  • Micro Finance Company Registration
  • Section 8 Company Registration Producer
  • Company Registration
  • Non-Banking Financial Registration (NBFC)
  • Trust Registration

Company Registration
Company Registration is nothing but incorporation
of a new company/business/corporation. The
company may be a business, a startup, a
non-profit organization, a micro small or medium
scale business etc. A company/corporation will
be considered as a legal entity that is
effectively recognized as a person under the law
after company registration. Private Limited
Company Registration A Private Limited Company
Registration offers limited liability / legal
protection for its shareholders with certain
restrictions on its ownership. A company is
considered as a separate legal entity, with
liability of shareholders limited to the capital
being contributed by them. A private limited
company is the most preferred type of business
among Angel Investors, Banks, Venture Capitalist
and other budgetary organizations. A minimum of
two members are required to register your
company as a Private Limited Company.
Proprietorship Registration
A Sole Proprietorship Registration is a type of
unregistered business body that is owned and
handled by one person. Sole Proprietorship is the
most common form of business in India that are
mostly utilized by micro and small
businesses. Proprietorship registration is very
easy to start with and have minimal regulatory
compliance. So, it is ideal for micro and small
businesses and first-time entrepreneurs who would
like to start and succeed in business. Partnersh
ip Registration A Partnership is one of the most
extensive forms of a business organization, where
two or more individuals come together to form a
company/business and share the profits thereof in
an agreed ratio. A partnership firm
registration is easy to process, and the
compliance is minimal as compared to company
formation. A partnership firm can operate for any
definite or indefinite duration.
One Person Company Registration
One Person Company was introduced by the
Companies Act 2013 which revolutionized
corporate laws in India. The Companies Act, 2013
led to the recognition of a fully new way of
starting businesses. The Act gave flexibility
like providing the protection to limited
liability partnership and sole proprietorship or
partnerships lacked. According to Section 2(62)
of Companies Act, a one-person company is defined
as a company that has only one person as its
member. Additionally, members of a company are
nothing but subscribers to its memorandum of
association (MOA), or its shareholders. One
Person Company Registration is very easy and
take less time to process.
Public Limited Company Registration
A Public Limited Company (PLC) is a separate
legal business body which offers its shares to
be traded for the general public on stock
exchange. According to the regulations of the
corporate law, a public limited company (PLC) has
to present its financial stats and position
publicly, to maintain transparency. A Public
Limited Company must have a minimum of 7 members
and it does not have a maximum limit. Public
limited company's stock can be acquired by
anyone, either privately through initial public
offering (IPO) or through trades on the stock
market. A Public Limited Company is strictly
regulated and is required to publish its true
financial health to its shareholders.
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) requires two
or more partners to form a unique partnership
and have limited liabilities. LLP incorporation
is registered as per the Ministry of Corporate
Affairs (MCA) regulatory guidelines and
compliance. LLP in India, came into effect from
January 2009, making it an instant success with
business, startups and professional
services. Limited Liability Partnership
Registration is governed by the LLP Act, 2008,
that combines the benefits of a partnership firm
with that of a limited liability company. LLP in
India was introduced to provide a form of
business that is easy to manage and help
business owners by providing them with limited
Foreign Company Registration
Foreign company registration is the process of
registering your business in one country to do
business in another country. You remain foreign
in all other countries by virtue of the fact that
your company/business has been formed and
complies with the rules of another
country. Foreign company registration in India
is governed by the Companies Act, 2013 along with
Registration of Foreign Companies Rules, 2014.
Sec 2 (42) of the Companies Act 2013. Nidhi
Company Registration Nidhi Company is a form of
Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), it is
formed to lend and borrow money to its members.
It imparts the habit of saving among its members
and works on the basis of mutual benefit. Nidhi
Company registration is easy to register and it
is also not required to receive the license from
Reserve Bank of India (RBI). A minimum of seven
(7) members is required to form a Nidhi Company
out of which three (3) members must be the
directors of the company.
Society Registration
A society is an association of certain
individuals, associating themselves with a mutual
accord to govern and act cooperatively for some
communal purpose. Societies are usually
registered for the advancement of charitable
activities like cultural, sports, music,
religion, literature, education, etc. The
Society Registration in India has certain
procedures for the interest of society
registration and operation. The society
registration act was made with the purpose of
augmenting the legal requirements of society
registration for the advancement of cultural,
education and more. The minimum requirement to
form a society is seven (7) members. Not only
Indian citizens but also foreigners, companies,
and Registered Societies can form a memorandum of
Micro Finance Company Registration
Micro Finance Company is a form of Non-Banking
Financial Company (NBFC) which is in a business
of small (micro) credit to an exclusive type of
borrowers. Micro Finance is also known as Micro
Finance Institution (MFI). A micro finance
services are generally aimed at individuals who
do not have enough access to banking, finance
and other related services. Majority of these
micro financing business is seen in developing
nations. These micro finances encourage economic
development and help the necessary people to
manage their finances effectively. The Micro
Finance Company registration is complex and
involves the license from the Reserve Bank of
India (RBI). It can take lot of time, may be for
months to process the micro finance
registration, since it involves RBI guidelines
and regulations.
Section 8 Company
A section 8 company is one similar to a trust or
a society, the only difference being, a section
8 company is registered under the Central
Government's Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The
Trusts and Societies are registered under the
State Government guidelines. A person or an
association of persons can in make a section 8
company registration in Registrar of Companies
(ROC) all the necessary forms should be filed to
form a company towards charitable services under
Section 8 of Companies Act. A section 8 company
has a broad scope of benefits when compared to a
trust or a society. It has improved recognition
and better legal understanding.
Producer Company Registration
A producer company registration in India is a
firm registered under the Companies Act with an
objective of procurement, production, harvesting,
pooling, grading, handling, marketing, selling or
export. A producer company is a committee that
consists 10 or more people and 2 institutions
with an objective of dealing with agricultural
and post-harvesting processing activities. In
common, it is the group of farmers who join
hands for better living, incomes and
profitability. Non Banking Financial
Company NBFC is nothing but a financial
institution that has been incorporated under the
Companies Act, 2013. An NBFC has various
Financial Services, but does not possess a
banking license. NBFC is highly regulative and
offers many benefits. Registering NBFC will help
you gain the confidence of borrowers and also
improves the security of the capital of your
Trust Registration Services
A trust can be formed by execution of a trust
deed there are two forms of trust. A public
trust (charitable trust) is formed for the
welfare of the general public, whereas a private
trust is formed for the benefit of a particular
group of individuals known as the
beneficiary. Trusts play a vital role in the
development of a country. When the situations
arise, where the government fails to be of help,
there comes the responsibility of trusts and
NGOs. The first step to trust registration in
India is to start with the drafting of a trust
deed. The trust deed is to be done on
appropriate non-judicial stamp paper, the rate of
stamp duty varies from state to state. The next
step is to seek an appointment with the
sub-registrar office having jurisdiction based
on the registered office of the trust, and the
government registration fee is to be paid.
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