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Top 7 Benefits of Supplier Portal Solution


This article gives insights on the benefits of having best supplier portals and different ways it helps you make your supplier chain management easy. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 7 Benefits of Supplier Portal Solution

Top 7 Benefits of Supplier Portal Solution
Managing a database of suppliers can be a
never-ending process because it includes a lot
of data entries, follow-ups, and inaccuracies.
And you would always want to manage it in a
better way because its information is important
as well.
But how about having a system that is automated
with the data of all the suppliers with easy
access to data whenever required? Investing in a
best supplier portal solution will provide you
with privileges and will automate most of your
  • efforts like maintaining the database manually,
    data entries, etc. and streamlines the flow.
  • In fact, today most of the companies are already
    utilizing them as they provide greater value to
    the supply chain market.
  • Hence, this article will provide elaborate the
    benefits that you can get with Support Portal
  • Automates Supply Chain
  • Basically with all the resources, data of
    purchased orders, shipping notices, commercial
    invoices most of the manual works gets alien
    because the database with an easy access.
  • Sometimes, it also may get hard to find
    resources, budget, and expertise when it comes
    to working with supply chains.
  • But with a portal solution in place, you can
    access the and manage all these things. All you
    need is just an internet connection, system and
    a little bit of training. This brings advantage
    to the small and medium size businesses as the
    interaction with the consumers becomes easily.

  • Segeragation of Duties
  • With a configurable vendor portal, segeragation
    of duties becomes easy. With an integrated
    system into your directory can offer seprrate
    layes of security checks. You can provide
    roll-based access controls as well.
  • Collaborative work
  • With portals suppliers and buyers can get a
    shared view of data. Whereas, before sometime
    buyers and suppliers were seeing different views
    of data in different applications without any
    sync between.
  • But, with the introduction of the portals, buyers
    and suppliers can easily share common views of
    data that are in sync. This helps both the
    parties to work with each other and also
    improves the supply chain performance.
  • Change in supply management
  • Supply chain management is type of field where
    change is mandatory and takes place rapidly. For
    example, buyers opening up new distribution
    centers, manufacturing plans, retail stores,
    etc. And the communication regarding all these
    changes was happening via phone calls, emails,

  • But, today in such scenarios, when businesses are
    introduce new processes like re-engineering,
    improvement in forecasting, purchasing,
    labeling, shipping and invoicing procedures,
    portals provide online resources for buyers to
    communicate changes with each other without
  • Track your suppliers
  • With the help of supplier portal solutions, you
    can easily track suppliers using different
    filters like commodity, diversity, etc.
  • It provides a deep and clear picture of your
    companys progress and showcases the overall
    growth. The custom reports are on the basis of
    the data available from the supplier portal and
    you can keep a track of targets. Additionally,
    you can even easily identify the potential risks
    for your business like not to be dependent on a
    single supplier more.
  • Reduce workload
  • Basically, this was the point behind the whole
    article. With most of the work getting
    automating in the supplier chain, it in turnt
    reduces the workload of the administrative staff.

Additionally, you can automate the suppliers
signup process and pre-qualifying potential
suppliers. Through supplier portals are not less
than a automated system with which, you can
automatically send and receive notifications.
You can also check things like expiry of
certificates, cross checking data and manually
sending notifications. The best part is, you can
easily automate the process of sending the
notifications to your customers rather than
adding them manually from the backend every
hour. Final Words Supplier portal solution is
an added feature to your entire supplier chain
management because it brings ease to the
operations in your company, makes it easy for
your employees to handle your customers and
helps you build a good reputation of your
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