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Make It A Laser Tag Themed Party This Summer! - TORQ03


Got a party to throw? No matter what the reason, no matter who your guests, you could always arrange for a theme that involves laser tag in Bangalore; and have every age group have loads of fun at your party! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Make It A Laser Tag Themed Party This Summer! - TORQ03

Summers are here and summer is the season of
themed parties. Is it your birthday? Got a
salary hike? Cracked the most difficult entrance
exam? Flying abroad? Whatever it is, it calls for
a celebration. So, go ahead, and plan for your
celebration. Plan up a themed party this summer
and to make it the best celebration by arranging
for a laser tag party.
What is laser tag? Any party can be made better
with laser tag a tag game played with guns
that fire infrared beams. Infrared-sensitive
targets are worn by every player. The group of
participants is divided into two teams, where
each team is required to fire a beam of infrared
light at the opponents sensors to deactivate
them, and thus score points. The laser is
visible, which can help in targeting but there
is no reason to worry as the laser is of low
power and is pulsed to minimize the risk of any
kind of damage to the eyes, skin, or body. This
is why laser tag has proven to be a cleaner and
safer alternative to other similar games played.
  • Why to choose laser tag?
  • Played as only a game since its inception in
    1979, you can make it a time of great fun for
    your friends by using the latest laser tag
    innovations like simulations of combat, role play
    style games, or a competitive event. All these
    themes are very athletic and make laser tag an
    adrenaline-fueled activity. And, the best part is
    that every age group can have fun with laser
    tag. So, whatever the age group of your guests,
    a laser tag party can prove to be fun!
  • Which theme will you choose?
  • If youve decided on choosing laser tag as your
    next party theme, were here to help you know
    the three best themes you can use for a laser
    tag battle.
  • The Wild West
  • This is an old town road theme, which can fit
    into the laser tag theme just perfectly! To make
    for this theme, youll need a speaker system
    that can play some old country music and a
    backyard movie theatre, where you can throw on
    some classic Wild West videos in the background
    to add up to the effect.
  • Star Wars
  • Another great option is the Star Wars theme,
    where youll need the neon-est equipment. Again,
    youll need a speaker system that can crank up
    some old-school sci-fi music and nothing else
    but Star Wars playing in the background on the
    backyard movie theatre.
  • Your favourite superhero
  • Last but not the least, a superhero theme can
    prove to be one of the most fitting. Who is your
    favourite superhero? Is it Batman, Superman,
    Spiderman, Ant Man, Aqua Man, or anyone else?
    Whoever it is, plan up for the theme by playing
    your superheros

theme song on the speaker system, and his movies
on the backyard movie theatre. So, which theme
party are you throwing this summer? Make your
choice and plan up for the biggest laser tag
party this year! And, to make it easier for you,
you can always choose Torq03 to arrange for your
celebration, as they are well-versed with
arranging for themed parties for all kinds of
occasions, and moreover, they also offer the
best space for laser tag in Bangalore! So, book
their venue, and let them plan your perfect
party, so that you can focus only on being a
great host, also having a blast with your guests
on your special day! ALSO READ A Laser Tag
Birthday Party Fun With Learning!
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