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Meegash Unisex Salon


For all your beauty needs Meegash has brought a plethora of services for you. Now, maintaining life is easy with us. We provide skin treatment, body massage, beauty treatment, manicure, pedicure, etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Meegash Unisex Salon

  • Unisex Salon

Hair Cutting And Styling Services
  • Hair Cut
  • Hair Ironing
  • Haircut and styling is important for your
    face too as it gets that inner glow.
  • The latest and trending haircut and styling is
    offered to the customers
  • Expert advice about the most suitable haircut.
  • Easy styling that can be done later by customers
  • People often put hair straightener directly on
    their hair. Our professionals follow proper
    procedures and provide pre and post ironing
    treatment. Our hair expert treats your hair with
    anti-frizz sprays, serum, and other hair care
    product of best quality.

  • Global Coloring
  • Blow Dry
  • You may have aspired hair of your favorite
    celebrity but fear of damage always takes over
    your mind. We understand the love for your hair.
    We use authentic products. After hair coloring,
    we apply a protective layer on your hair to avoid
  • Many people prefer doing this at home. People
    often complain that they cant get curviness and
    shine in their hair look. Many factors have to be
    taken care of when you blow-dry your hair. If you
    do it without applying serum, you are probably
    damaging it.

  • Root Touch Up
  • Shampoo Conditioning
  • In root touch up, hair color is applied around
    root area only. It is very useful to cover the
    grey area. New hair growth at roots leaves your
    hair unmatched with the rest part of the hair. A
    thick and healthy hair from roots adds charm to
    your personality.
  • Shampoo and conditioners are a part and parcel of
    our lives. Hair texture varies from head to head.
    Normally, you go to the store and pick products
    arbitrarily. Some may have dry and dull
    hair while some have shiny and thick. To maintain
    your hair healthy, you must add a boost to it.

  • Head Massage
  • Roller Setting
  • We are almost living a robotic life but we are
    not robots. A simple head massage can do the
    wonder. It can relieve you from stress and allow
    you to relax. The Nerves of our body are
    connected to the brain. In a head massage
    service, proper technique can only relieve you
    from stress.
  • People often try different hair looks. From party
    to a long drive, special occasion to a short
    hangout. For all your plans, we can provide a
    perfect bouncy curl to your hair. If you are
    looking for the right roller-setter, you have
    landed in the right place.

  • Hair Oiling
  • Hair Straightening
  • Oiling has been given immense importance since
    ancient times. It adds nourishment and repairs
    dry and damaged hair. In our busy lives, we often
    skip hot oil treatment because it is a time
    taking process. So we provide hair oiling
    services to you.
  • If you do not want to spend hours with the style
    and the dryer, discover the best hair
    straightening treatments to avoid damaging your
    hair. Our experts advise you to choose the
    smoothing technique that best suits you.

Our Makeup Services
  • Engagement Make Up
  • Party Makeup
  • Nobody wants to mess up the makeup on any special
    occasion. if you want to look your best at your
    party then hire a professional makeup artist now.
  • You have to be very precise while choosing the
    right salon. Step in at Meegash and get advised
    by the best engagement makeup artists in Lucknow.

  • Bridal Reception Make Up
  • Pre Bridal Services
  • You need truly responsible and experienced hands
    for bridal makeup services. The day of your
    wedding is one of the most important days in your
  • This pre-bridal package includes
  • Facial for Complexion Enhancement
  • Manicure (Aroma)
  • Pedicure (Aroma)
  • Hair Treatment
  • Full Waxing
  • Body and face bleaching
  • Threading
  • Glow Pack

  • Base Makeup
  • Eye Make Up
  • Taking care of different skin texture (from dry
    to oily),we apply base makeup accordingly. We
    thoroughly moisturize your skin and exfoliate it.
    This is an important step missed by many.
  • A right makeup artist will perform eye makeup
    according to the occasion and time. Our
    proficient eye makeup artists are highly trained
    to provide you the best eye look. We focus on
    fine detailing for the best outcome.

  • Nail Art Extension
  • Skin Treatments Facial
  • Nail Art in Lucknow is very popular these days
    and it is worth giving it a try. If you do not
    have long nails for the nail art, the experts
    would help you with nail extension so that you
    can look the best and dawn the nail art with ease.
  • Skin is always important for our looks. It is an
    organ and should be taken care of well. Skin Care
    and Skin treatments can be done for different
    reasons and a facial for the face would make it
    look radiant.

Hair Texture Services
  • Kertain
  • Rebonding
  • we repair your hair and nourish it with premium
    quality products. It starts with
    enjoyable shampooing and pampering of your hair.
    Products suitable for you are applied to your
    hair gently. In the end, your permanent straight
    hair is ready to flaunt.
  • Our experts help to make you aware of the keratin
    in your body. They know the right treatment to
    help you keep your hair and skin active and
    glowing naturally always. It is very important
    for the hair and should not be avoided at all.

  • Perming
  • Colour Protection
  • The solution you are hunting for is hair perming
    service. You can pick any kind of wave or
    curl suiting to your personality. You can get a
    beautiful transformation in your looks with us.
  • Our service will add a boost of shine to your
  • Replenish hair color.
  • Add creamy texture.
  • Refreshed look.
  • Maintain highlights.
  • Boost of shine.

  • Smoothening
  • The hair smoothening process involves trimming
    out of split ends. There are certain products
    which are applied to your hair but the quality
    used here are of the best quality. Curly, wavy,
    straight, or colored, they can provide you your
    desired service with efficiency.

Hair Treatments Services
  • Scalp Treatments
  • Spa Treatments
  • We provide head to toe massage in our spa
    service, including deep tissue massage. In our
    spa service, you can experience a full-body
    relaxation massage. Relieve yourself with neck
    and back massage provided by our trained
  • Healthy hair is a sign of healthy scalp. One
    should check the status of his/her scalp from
    time to time. Get consulted by the
    best hairstylists here. You can feel the
    difference before and after scalp treatment, we
    will show it up to you.

  • Advanced Hair Moisturising
  • Volumizing
  • We use various hair products, apply heat, and try
    different hairstyles. It is good to do
    experiments with your hair but taking care is
    also our responsibility. Our advanced hair
    moisturising service can aid you to replenish
    your hair.
  • Hairfall, baldness, and thinning of hair are a
    problem faced by many people. Our professionals
    observe your hair. All the parameters like
    length, thickness, and degree of damage are
    observed by our knowledgeable professionals.
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