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24 Mouthwatering And Most Popular Foods In The World


Being a foodie is not an easy task because of always thinking about your favorite and finding new ones. So, if you are also a big foodie and looking for the most popular food in the world, then you need to read this article. Here we discuss the famous and delicious food of the world. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 24 Mouthwatering And Most Popular Foods In The World

24 Mouthwatering And Most Popular Foods In The
Being a foodie is not an easy task because of
always thinking about your favorite and finding
new ones. So, if you are also a big foodie and
looking for the most popular food in the world,
then you need to read this article. Here we
discuss the famous and delicious food of the
world. Let's look on the list of popular ones
Goi Cuon, Vietnam
This is the most popular and delicious food of
Vietnam as it is made from shrimp, herbs, pork,
rice vermicelli, and other ingredients. All these
ingredients are folded in butter paper and
served at room temperature. Moreover, people from
Vietnam prefer to eat this delicious food with
ground peanuts and sweet sauce.
Parma Ham, Italy
Viablog.travelemiliaromagna.com It is probably
the best and most versatile food of all.
Basically, it wrapped around grissini, folded
around the melon, heaped over salad, and placed
over pizza. Therefore, this dish has everything
that every food lover wants. It has the ability
to satisfy your cravings.
Fettucini Alfredo, Italy
Nothing is better than fettucini alfredo when we
talk about pasta. The reason behind is that
parmesan cheese and butter are the main
ingredients of this dish. Moreover, it is
creamy, cheesy, and can be prepared within 20
Roti Paratha, Singapore
Viajustgola.com The reality is curry is
incomplete without this dough-based pancake. It
is very delicious and looks like an Indian
paratha. You can eat roti paratha with tea,
chicken, meat and so on. In Singapore, you can
easily find this food in restaurants or street
food corners.
Hamburger, Germany
Viaeater.com Hamburgers are the most delicious
and easiest food to eat when you are in a hurry.
No matter its breakfast, dinner or lunch, you can
eat a hamburger with some soda and fries to go
with it. Many restaurants in Germany are famous
for making their hamburgers in unique and
different ways. But do you know what makes a
hamburger delicious and mouthwatering? Its
ingredients such as bun, cheese, ground meat
patty, onion, lettuce, slices, and much more.
Galbi, Korea
Galbi is also known as Dakgalbi in Korea and
considered the most delicious Korean food.
Chicken and vegetables are the main ingredients
of this Korean food, and it is served with a
spicy sauce. The combination of the savory cheese
and sauce makes the dish more delightful. Galbi
is also appreciated in Japan!
Masala Dosa, India
Viahungryforever.com Dosas are very tasty and
considered the most popular Indian cuisine.
Basically, Indians eat this delightful dish at
breakfast, but it is a proper lunch and even
perfect for dinner. Dosa has prepared in plenty
of ways. Some like it rice, some prefer to eat
it with masala and even some love it with only
different sauces and chutneys. Apart from taste,
masala dosa is also rich in nutrients, and that's
why it has several health benefits.
Potato Chips, United State
Viahungryforever.com It's not clear where and
when the potato chips originated. Americans claim
that they invented chips in 1853 in New York.
But whatever the reality is, we don't know. We
only know that potato chips are one of the most
eaten food in the world. As its name implies, it
is made from boil potatoes, and different spices
and flavors are added in it.
Som Tam, Thailand
This delicious salad comes under the category of
Thailand's most popular salad. To prepare this
salad, pound chilies, and garlic with a pestle
and mortar. Chunk in fish sauce, lime juice,
dried shrimp, tamarind juice, peanuts, dried,
tomatoes, sugar cane paste, grated green papaya,
and string beans.
Poutine, Canada
Viaen.wikipedia.org There are so many Canadian
foods that are popular all over the globe. But
poutine is the most popular food of Canada and
now be found in every region of the world. But
what makes this dish world famous? Well, it
consists of squeaky cheese curds, crispy fries,
and rich gravy, that is the main reason for its
popularity. The traditional version of poutine
is flavorful and delicious, but you can also add
bacon, smoked meat, and pulled pork in poutine to
enhance its taste.
Buttered Toast With Marmite, United Kingdom
Viahealthline.com Well, anything that contains
butter is probably tasty and delightful, but
there's something different about this salty,
sour, and tangy. So, the unusual thing is a
layer of marmite. It makes a buttered toast more
delicious and gives a place in the top list of
the world's most popular foods.
Stinky Tofu, South Asia
Vialaucheeseng.blogspot.com In China, Hong Kong,
and Taiwan, stinky tofu is considered as the most
delicious snack. Its sour and spicy smell will
attract people towards them. For the first time
eaters, the stinky tofu can be hard or
overpowering, but it's amazing taste grab
attention among people. The best part of this
dish is that you can eat it with different
sauces and chutneys.
Hummus, Middle East
Viayoutube.com This delicious and humble dish
made with lemon juice, garlic, tahini, and lemon
juice. It is a flavorful kitchen staple all
around the world. This sour and tangy taste
perfect as a dip with meats, beans, or vegetables.
Chilli Crab
If you don't eat chili crab in Singapore, then
you eat nothing there. You can't come without
trying this sloppy, spicy, and meaty specialty.
While you can find plenty of ways to make crab,
such as with salted egg yolk, black pepper,
cheese baked, and much more. But this spicy
chili tomato crab recipe is the most delicious
and flavorful recipe.
Poke, The US
Vialoveandoliveoil.com This amazing Hawaiian
cuisine is a salad that is made from raw fish.
Basically, it originated when Fishermans had no
food to eat. The fish is used in several ways,
but poke is a tasty as well as a delicious
dish. So, these are the most delicious food in
the world you should try once in your life. Now
we are going to introduce the most popular food
in India. Most Popular Food Of India Indian
cuisine has been widely popular and appreciated
for its great flavors of spices and herbs. The
India is also famous for its large variety of
dishes. India is
the only country that has countless cultures and
traditions, every culture and religion has its
own recipes and foods. Moreover, cooking style
changes from state to state and is largely
divided into two categories, such as north Indian
and south Indian cuisine. India is also famous
for its wide variety of different cuisine
available in plenty of restaurants and hotels.
Wheat, pulses, and rice are the staple foods of
India. In the modern era, Indian food has
undergone plenty of change. So, if you want to
know about the most popular food in India, read
Here's, Most Delicious And Popular Food Of
India Rogan Josh
Viarecipeland.com It is a curry that is made
from lamb meat and believed to come from persian
culture. Although today, it is considered as the
famous dish of Kashmir, India. The stew is thick
and contains pieces of lamb meat. Basically,
lamb pieces are dipped in a gravy prepared with
garlic, browned onions, yogurt, spices, ginger,
and aromatic spices and herbs. The name of the
dish made
from the combination of two words such as Rogan,
which means lots of oils and butter, and josh
means heat or passion. Rogan josh is usually
served with spiced or plain basmati rice and
Viagujrasoi.com This dish is very popular in
India that use buttermilk or yogurt as a base and
gram flour for gravy. Though, due to its huge
demand, most regions have found their new
version, which varies in additional elements,
ingredients, methods of preparation, taste, and
consistency. Moreover, Punjabi kadhi, is the
most popular version of kadhi and characterized
by its addition of pakora and thick consistency.
Other popular versions are Rajasthani, Gujarati,
and tamarind-based Sindh version. Apart from the
wide range of variations, kadhi is considered as
the true comfort food that is paired with roti
or rice.
Pongal It is a sweet rice dish that is specially
prepared during ceremonial or special occasions
in Sri Lanka. This food comes from the Tamil
culture, where it is assumed that Sri Lanka is
connected with Southern India.
Chicken 65
Viacraftlog.com It is a classic poultry dish
from Chennai, India. In this dish, deep-fried
chicken is marinated in red chilies, ginger,
lemon, and numerous other herbs and spices. It is
a very delicious recipe for chicken, which is
served with raita or countries. There are plenty
of variations of chicken 65 available because of
its popularity. You are amazed to know that each
region of India has its own version. For
example, chicken is cooked instead of baked in
Andhra Pradesh. In Karnataka, this delicious
dish is garnished with coconut chutney.
Hyderabadi Biryani
Viasites.google.com It is a south Indian dish
that is made from goat, basmati rice, mutton, or
chicken meat, onions, yogurt, and saffron.
Basically, there are popular versions of the dish
such as pakki ( cooked) and kacchi (raw). Being
said that this dish is packed with flavors is due
to the fantastic process of cooking raw meat and
raw rice together with numerous spices. The
special cooking process is called dum and is
believed to originate from Persia at the time of
the Mughal dynasty in India.
Vada Pav
Viadfordelhi.in This dish is the most popular
dish of Mumbai and considered the Mumbai
sandwich. Its name implies its key ingredients
such as white bread rolls or pav, and vada or
mashed potato that are coated with chickpea
batter and stir-fried in oil. Mumbaikars love
this dish as its delicious, affordable, portable,
and easy to prepare. The best part is you can
find vada pav in every street, hawkers and food
corners of Mumbai at affordable prices. This
spicy and healthy dish is paired with imli
chutney, dahi raita, and fried chilies.
Pani Puri
It is the most delicious and delightful snack
that is widely popular in Bangladesh, Nepal, and
Pakistan. It is made from wheat flour or rava and
is small in size. Moreover, mashed potatoes are
filled in it with flavored pani, chaat masala,
chutney, chickpeas, and hot chilies. Pani puri
is known as golgappa in Northern India. Gol
refers to its round shape, and Gappa refers to
the way of eating because these small snacks are
eaten one at a time.
Viacookinghealthy.co It is one of the healthiest
cuisines of Indian food and made with rice flour
or dry semolina and cooked into a parritch.
Traditionally,upma is eaten for breakfast and
served with various beans, nuts, and spices like
chilies and turmeric are commonly included in
the dish to enhance its tastes. Basically, upma
is a south Indian dish but is now commonly eaten
in the whole country. Each region has its own
variations of umpa with different ingredients.
For example, some places are prepared with milk
and corn, while some places are
prepared with grated coconut. The best thing
about upma is that it is the best food for
weight loss.
  • Viasteffisrecipes.com
  • It is also known as pilaf and an essential staple
    of middle easter food. Basically, a pulao made
    with cracked rice, wheat, bulgur, or couscous.
    Thus, rice is the main and most commonly eaten
    ingredient combined with vegetables, spices,
    meat, and dried fruits, mixed together for a
    great taste.
  • In turkey, pulao can be both the main dish course
    or a side dish, when it is paired with yogurt
    and salad on the side.
  • To conclude, these are mouthwatering the most
    popular foods in India. After knowing about
    them, if you want to eat them, you can find all
    these dishes in the best restaurants in India.
    The best Indian restaurants are
  • The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai,
  • Indian Accent, New Delhi

  • The Table, Mumbai
  • Bomra's, Goa
  • Toast Tonic, Bengaluru
  • Karavalli, The Gateway Hotel, Bengaluru
  • China XO, The Leela Palace Chennai, Chennai
  • Koji, Conrad Pune, Pune
  • 1135 AD, Jaipur
  • Baan Thai, The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata
  • Diva The Italian Restaurant, New Delhi
  • The Fatty Bao, Bengaluru
  • To conclude, these are the best restaurants in
    India that you should go to once in your
    lifetime. There you can find a variety of dishes
    and snacks.
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