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Integrate the Power of WordPress and CRM


This blog talks about the benefits of integrating two open sources software i.e. WordPress and SugarCRM and the ways it will benefit you as an organization. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Date added: 28 February 2020
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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Integrate the Power of WordPress and CRM

Integrate the Power of WordPress and CRM
There are so many platforms available for website
creation. But, many developers prefer working
with WordPress. You might also be using
WordPress. In fact, according to a study done by
Kinsta, more than 29 of websites development
is in WordPress. This number is huge. It means
that more than one-fourth of the websites on the
internet use WordPress. It truly showcases the
power of open source software. Today WordPress
is a large community. Not only on the
developing side but, millions of people use
WordPress to manage their websites
content. Because of its robust features,
WordPress has turned out to be a favorite tool
for many people. This was all about CMS. Now,
lets look at the CRMs. Companies use CRMs to
maintain the records of their customers to
provide them with better user experience and
customer service. CMS handles your website and
CRMs handle your customers data. But, the real
magic happens when they both are in
synchronization. For this, portals play a vital
role. They bridge the gap between CRMs and CMS.
Portals are helping companies a lot to manage
their customers, optimize their customer journey
and serve them better. There are various types of
portals available like CRM c ustomer portal,
knowledge portal, self-service portal, etc. each
with a unique use case and companies either
purchase or develop them according to their
needs and business model. These various types of
portals are available on a variety of platforms.
So, you can decide which portal you want to use
on the basis of the CRM and CMS you have. You can
  • decide which type of portals you want to serve
    your customers with.
  • Lets say you are using SugarCRM for your storing
    your clients data and WordPress as your CMS
    then, you need to make sure that your portal
    integrates with both of them.
  • Many small and medium sized businesses use
    SugarCRM. It is known for its open source nature
    and robust functionalities. It helps you to
    streamline your business by helping you manage
    all your customers and their data.
  • Just imagine the power of SugarCRM WordPress I
    ntegration with portals as a cherry on the cake
    can be.
  • SugarCRM WordPress Synchronizing
  • SugarCRM WordPress integration is the best
    combination for small and medium sized
    companies. This integration is a good
    opportunity for your employees to reach out to
    your clients easily.
  • Let's explore the benefits of using this
  • Lead Data Management
  • When your visitors fill up the form on your
    website which is in WordPress, you will be able
    to see their details in the

  • backend in your SugarCRM. This makes it an easy
    way to collect, store and manage your leads
    data in your CRM.
  • Not only this but with the help of these leads
    also you can start cold calling and try to
    convert them into your clients. Your CRM will
    have your clients data and this will help you
    analyze and understand your users. Additionally,
    it will even help you to streamline various
    processes to help you grow bigger.
  • Precise Data
  • When your CRM and CMS are in proper sync, the
    data within will be precise and itll be easier
    for you to maintain data hygiene. The data
    travels from CMS to CRM and then SugarCRM with
    its functionalities gives you the freedom to
    utilize that data the way you want. Both of these
    platforms being secure also gives an assurance
    that therell be no data loss in the process.
  • User Activity Tracking
  • You can know which web pages your clients are
    visiting and track their activity on your
    website. This data, in turn, will help you to
    understand your users behavior better. You can
    send them custom messages on the basis of their

  • interaction with your website, decrease bounce
    rate, and enhance your customer service.
  • Create Custom Form Designs
  • SugarCRM provides you a feature called a WYSIWYG
    builder. This lets you create a custom field for
    your form. You can have complete control of what
    you wish to develop, you can even showcase your
    creativity, maintain your brand value and use
    color combination with respect to your brand.
  • User Specific Access
  • You can provide specific access to each user
    according to their use and WordPress assures you
    that only authenticated users can make changes
    in your WordPress site.
  • Optimized Lead Journey
  • This integration will let you engage and analyze
    visitors on your WordPress website and helps you
    to convert them into efficient clients for your
    business. It provides you insights into what
    people are looking for on your website, you can
    know about your target audience, customer habits
    and understand their behavior.

Final Words This integration will help you get
the best of both worlds. You can easily create
responsive websites using WordPress and SugarCRM
and the portals, an interface for your
customers, will work as a cherry on the cake for
you. It will help you understand your users
effectively gain insights and help you increase
your business.
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