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A Complete Guide on While Loop in MATLAB


Most of the students are not aware about the While Loop in MATLAB. Here is this presentation we have discovered everything about MATLAB. Explore this presentation to clear all your doubts. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Complete Guide on While Loop in MATLAB

While Loop in MATLAB "A Complete Solution for
The Beginners"
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Here, we have mentioned the syntax of the while
loop with the appropriate steps method.
While expression Statements End
Syntax of while loop in MATLAB
  • The keyword for while loop is While.
  • To work with the while loop, the expression
    should be true.
  • The statement is the action that can be executed
    if the expression is true.
  • The end is the closed-loop of the statement.

a 20 while loop execution  while( a
lt30) fprintf (value of a d\n, a) a a2 end
Explanation of the examples
We defined a single variable that is equal to
20. A line is the command line in Matlab
therefore, we can ignore this statement. While
loop has the initial value that is less than 30,
which means that the while loop will execute the
value until less than 30.  The next statement
will print the value of a. The statement a a2
will add 2 to the initial value of a. And it will
execute the values till 30.
Flow diagram of the while loop statement-
We have already explained the working of the
while loop through the flow diagram and syntax
explanation. Now, we will discuss the overall
working of the while loop in Matlab.
A while loop has various parts that require to
How while loop is used in Matlab
  • There must be some boolean expression that has to
    be executed by the loop.
  • The boolean expression should have some action,
    that may be true or false.
  • The loop control will move as per the nature of
    the expression, that is, either it will execute,
    or it will stop working.

Some examples of the while loop with output
We hope that this blog will help you out to
understand the use of while loop in Matlab with
the examples and explanation. We advise you to
execute the above-mentioned programs and check
the output of the following. By which you can
easily understand the working by using while loop
in Matlab. The coding of the programming language
depends on the practice, so the more you
practice, the more you can understand these
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