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How to do Simple Fridge Repairs?


How to do Simple Fridge Repairs? Tips on Dishwasher Repair. How Much Should You Pay For A Stove Repair? Average cost of stove repair in Vaughan. Factors Affecting the Cost of Stove Repair. How to do Simple Repairs on Washers? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to do Simple Fridge Repairs?

How to do Simple Fridge Repairs
Table of Contents
  • How to do Simple Fridge Repairs
  • Tips on Dishwasher Repair
  • How Much Should You Pay For A Stove Repair?
  • Average cost of stove repair in Vaughan
  • Factors Affecting the Cost of Stove Repair
  • How to do Simple Repairs on Washers

How to do Simple Fridge Repairs
  • The fridge is starting to make that sound, or
    its just not running as cool as it should be.
    There are always minor issues that can crop up
    with a fridge that gets people wondering what
    they should do. Should they call an appliance
    repairman? Should they try to fix it themselves?
    Here are a few tips on simple fridge repairs

  • The fridge isnt keeping food cool enough. This
    is among the more common issues that people
    notice with their fridges. Dont panic when this
    happens as there might be some simple fixes for
    this problem that doesnt require making an
    appointment with a fridge repair company. This
    can be as simple as checking the thermostat in
    the fridge and adjusting it. People can sometimes
    accidentally adjust the temperature of a
    refrigerator without evening knowing it. Do this
  • If that doesnt solve the problem, then there is
    another solution that the average person can try
    without having to fork out big bucks. Fridges use
    condenser coils to keep it cool and these are
    usually on the bottom or the back of the
    refrigerator. Cleaning these coils can bring up
    the efficiency of the fridge and solve the

  • The last thing to try before calling a fridge
    repairman is to take a look at the fan. This is
    what people usually hear whir to life whenever
    the fridge needs to maintain its temperature.
    Over time it can get clogged with dust and dirt,
    so cleaning it and ensuring that it can turn
    unencumbered is a good way to ensure its
    continued operation.
  • Problems with the icemaker. For times when the
    icemaker isnt producing ice anymore and you don
    want to call in someone for fridge repair, then a
    DIY means finding where the water supply has
    become blocked in most cases. This can be caused
    by ice forming in the inlet tube, a blocked
    saddle valve, or the water inlet valve might need
    to be replaced. The icemaker first needs to be
    removed before one can get at these parts of the
    fridge, however, so some skill with appliance
    repair is needed.

  • The fridge is leaking. This can be caused by the
    simplest of issues which can be easily fixed.
    Excess water created by the fridge usually
    collects in a pan under it where the water
    evaporates. If the fridge is somehow tilted, this
    can result in a puddle on the floor. Try leveling
    the fridge to solve the problem. The other cause
    of this can be the drain tube from the freezer.
    If this gets blocked, then unplugging it can also
    take care of the issue.
  • These are a few of the easier fixes one can do
    when their fridge seems to be on the fritz and
    they are also things that people should do before
    calling their local fridge repair company in
    Vaughan. Keep in mind, however, that not
    everything has a simple fix and that some cases
    do require an appliance repairman to come in and
    take care of things!

Tips on Dishwasher Repair
  • A dishwasher can seem like a scary thing to deal
    with in Vaughan when its not working right.
    There are certainly times when a call has to be
    made to an appliance repair company to get a
    dishwasher back in working condition again, but
    there are also times when some things are minor
    enough to be handled by a homeowner. Here are a
    few tips on some easy dishwasher repairs

  • The dishwasher wont turn on. This might seem
    like a good moment to panic, but there are a few
    simple things that a person can fix that doesnt
    require a call to a dishwasher repairman. First,
    make sure that the dishwasher is receiving power.
    To do this, look at the circuit board before
    anything else and make sure that the breaker
    hasnt been thrown.
  • Next, make sure that the dishwasher is plugged in
    as it might simply have come loose. If the washer
    still wont come on, then check to make sure that
    the door to the washer is closed and that the
    latch is sealed. A gentle pull on the door will
    show whether or not its properly latched.

  • The door is leaking. This is usually caused by a
    leaking door gasket which is the seal around the
    edge of the door. A good examination of the seal
    is the best way to see if its causing the
    problem. If it is, then a good handyman can fix
    the problem themselves, otherwise, call in a
    repair company!
  • There is a pool of water under the dishwasher.
    This is usually the one thing that will result in
    an immediate call to a dishwasher repairman, but
    it can also have one of the simplest fixes. The
    dishwashers pump removes the water from the
    dishwasher, but if the drain hose is laying flat
    on the floor, it can actually move back into the
  • If one finds that water is collecting on the
    floor, then move the drain hose off of it and
    secure the hose with a clamp. Once this is done,
    see if the water build-up continues. If it does,
    then its time to call in the repairman!

  • The dishes are still wet at the end of a cycle.
    The simplest solution to try before calling a
    repairman is to use a rinse-aid. This might seem
    like a waste of money, but it is worth a try and
    can solve the problem. If the dishes still arent
    dry at the end of the cycle, then the likely
    cause is the heating element. This can be
    repaired by those in the know, but otherwise, it
    might be time to call in an appliance repair
  • Theres a bad smell coming from the dishwasher.
    First of all, if there is a garbage disposal in
    the house, it might be sharing drainage with the
    dishwasher. Disconnect the disposals power and
    then clean the pipe out.
  • Dishwashers can also have a drain filter. If it
    does, then its best to locate it and clean it as
    food may have accumulated in it over time and is
    now rancid.

How Much Should You Pay For A Stove Repair?
  • A stove is basically the heart of any kitchen.
    Without it, there would be very little you can do
    there. This is why when yours develops problems
    you want those resolved with immediate effect.
    While there some problems that warrant a total
    replacement of your stove, quite a number of them
    can be fixed through a stove repair in Vaughan.
    Apart from saving you tons of money, repairing a
    stove lets you keep the appliance that youve
    grown to love and adore. Although a stove repair
    project is less costly than a replacement job, it
    still costs money. But just how much are we
    talking here?

Average cost of stove repair in Vaughan
  • According to HomeAdvisor, repairing a major
    appliance in your home will set you back anything
    between 104 and 238. Angies List puts this at
    1000 to 2000 for electric appliances. Apart
    from the actual cost of doing the repair,
    appliance services charge an hourly rate of
    between 45 to 120 and a service charge ranging
    between 150 and 200 for every visit. Well,
    these numbers can sound a little scary but you
    dont have to pay a huge bill for yours.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Stove Repair
  • There are some important factors that determine
    whether youll pay a huge bill to do a stove
    repair in Vaughan or not. These include the
  • Accessibility of the stove
  • First off, the accessibility of your appliance
    has a direct impact on its repair cost.
    Expectedly, the easier it is to reach your stove,
    the lower is its cost of repair. Luckily, most
    stovetops are within reach for easy cooking.
    However, its wiring can be a little too complex
    to navigate which will skyrocket the repair cost.

  • Gas or electric?
  • You are lucky if your stovetop is only
    electric-powered as these are quite easy to fix.
    Gas appliances, on the other hand, are prone to
    carbon monoxide leaks that can be detrimental. If
    not properly completed, gas stoves can cause
    deadly fires as well. This is why a gas stove
    repair project is more costly than an
    electric-powered one.
  • The severity of the damage
  • There is no surprise here. If your stove needs
    simple repairs such as a broken indicator light
    or a burner that heats up way than normal, you
    may not need to dig too deep into your pockets.
    However, if its a big repair such as an issue
    with the ignite gas, faulty electrodes that cause
    issues in the baking valve, or bad temperature,
    the repair will cost higher.

  • Certification
  • When looking for professional help for your stove
    repair in Vaughan, you will come across all kinds
    of professionals. Some are experienced and
    certified while others arent. The former group
    will charge more for their work than the latter
    for obvious reasons. Often, you will be tempted
    to go with the standard service providers.
    However, when it comes to this risky kind of
    work, you are better off paying more for quality
  • Now you know how much a stove repair in Vaughn
    will cost you. Remember, the right appliance
    service repair will ensure you get your stove
    going for a good number of years.

How to do Simple Repairs on Washers
  • Its gone from something that would have been
    considered a luxury over a century ago to an
    appliance that we cant do without today the
    washing machine. It makes our lives easier and
    keeps us all cleaner and happier. So, its
    understandable why some people panic when the
    washer starts making strange noises or isnt
    working quite right anymore. There are times when
    its necessary to call in an appliance repair
    company, but there are also occasions when a
    simple repair can be made. Here are a few tips on
    how to make simple repairs to washing machines

  • The washer wont turn on. This is a common
    occurrence with washing machines, but there is no
    need to panic just yet. There are some simple
    things that can account for the problem that
    wont require a call to the closest appliance
    repair company in Vaughan.
  • First, make sure that there is power running to
    the washer. Breakers can be tripped from surges
    and should be checked. If the breaker is thrown,
    then simply turn it back on. Otherwise, the
    washer motor could have overheated. If the
    washing machine has seen heavy use, then wait an
    hour and see if it works again after having a
    chance to cool down.

  • The last thing to check before making that call
    to a washer repairman is to check the button that
    is depressed by the door every time its closed.
    If the button is stuck then the washer cant
    activate. This is usually because something is
    blocking the button and just needs to be removed.
  • If none of the above worked, then its time to
    call up that local washer repair business in

  • The washer is emitting a bad/strange smell. Like
    many other appliances, washers can have dirt,
    oils, and everything else thats been washed in
    it accumulate. This can cause odd smells and
    laundry not coming out quite so spring fresh.
    Luckily, the solution for this is easy Washers
    have a washer cleaning cycle designed to clear
    out any buildup that may have accumulated over
    time. Running the cycle with a cup of bleach,
    lemon juice, or vinegar will usually clear up the
    problem. Only if this doesnt work and the smell
    persists should a washing machine repairman be
    called in.

  • The washer is leaking. This is a problem that
    does need immediate attention but might not
    require a call to a washer repairman. There is
    also a simple fix that might do the trick when it
    comes to this. It is possible that someone in the
    house might be using too much laundry soap in the
    washer. This might not seem like a big deal, but
    when too much is used, the machine can cause an
    excess of bubbles and foam, which will then leak
    out of the machine.
  • If this isnt the problem, then it is possible
    that a hose is leaking, in which case it might be
    a good idea to make a call to a washing machine
    repair company.
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