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Top industries impacted by IoT Solutions – Acuiti Labs


IoT adds some portion of digital intelligence to devices enabling them to communicate real-time data without a human being involved, effectively merging the digital and physical worlds. For services contact us: Contact us for services – e: t: +44 (0)20 7101 9405 w: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top industries impacted by IoT Solutions – Acuiti Labs

AcuitiLabs Top industries impacted by IoT
Solutions Acuiti Labs Feb
About Acuiti Labs Acuiti Labs is a Digital
Transformation company that solve business
digital challenges using innovative technologies
to assist clients digital transformation
agenda. Acuiti Labs is proud to be SAP Partners,
deploying cloud-based technologies. Internet of
Things (IoT) continues to spread across the home
and the enterprise, which is changing how we live
and work. We can say that IoT is the next wave of
internet technologies.
About Internet of Things
  • IoT is a giant network of connected things that
    has the potential to impact how we live and how
    we work.
  • We can say that the world is going with a flow of
    Anything that can be connected, will be
  • Here are a few examples that can make you
    understand this thing better, consider an alarm
    clock waking up you at 6 a.m. and then notifying
    your coffee maker to start preparing coffee for
  • One can say that IoT allows for endless
    opportunities and connections to take place.

If we go to see manufacturing, transportation,
utilities, healthcare, consumer electronics,
retails, financial industries, energy,
communication, these all industries are leading
IoT investments and adoption. IoT created a new
opportunity for industries to evolve and reach
new markets.
Here are some remarkable statistics about the
impact that IoT has on seven industries
Manufacturing As we all know more than companies
in other industries, rely on heavy machinery to
produce products which in return lead to a deep
interest in understanding the performance of
these machines. IoT is the driving force behind
the industries. In addition to optimizing
workflows and processes, it enables automation,
data collection, and analytics. It can collect
data on the status of the equipment that allows
smart technologies to be put in place that allows
for proactive maintenance or automated recovery
after failures.
Transportation Every industry is investing in
IoT, even transportation industry is heavily
investing in it. IoT systems are playing a role
in managing movement and logistics in
transportation. Transportation vehicles are
equipped with sensors that help monitor
maintenance, optimize fuel consumption, and train
drivers. Cameras and sensors may be placed along
railroad tracks to monitor wear and tear on wheel
assemblies. Vehicles can also monitor driving
behaviour for insurance purposes. Digital data
recorders are another facility that is programmed
to take video samples under conditions of heavy
Utilities This industry was one of the early
adopters of IoT. The IoT solutions help utility
companies to more accurately and efficiently bill
customers for consumption. Smart meters are
developed that help track the amount of energy
users of green technologies send back to the grid
helping to incentivize the use of environmentally
friendly energy. The oil and gas industry are
also benefited from IoT solutions. It is also
used within power generating plants to monitor
equipment over time. Energy companies are turning
to IoT solutions to monitor asset performance and
enhance their customers experience to boost
overall efficiency. Healthcare In the years to
come, the Healthcare industry is that will
experience the fastest spending growth in IoT.
The healthcare industry has the vast use of IoT
solutions that ranges from medical machines that
capture images and share with patients,
monitoring and troubleshooting problems with
equipment, a system that can track dispensation
of medicine and much more. Connecting such
devices to the internet benefits patients by
reducing errors and providing more data to
doctors to improve diagnosis and quality of care.
IoT solutions are also used for employee
monitoring along with patient monitoring
facilities and enhancing customer experiences.
Consumer electronics and cars Observations say
that this is the 4th largest IoT market segment
in 2016 and is projected to become the 3rd
largest segment in 2020. A proven example could
be the rise of home and office automation systems
and digital assistants such as the Amazon Alexa
and Google Home. Most people invest in fully
connected homes and offices for a better and
convenient living. Connected cars are also an IoT
industry leader. For example, every General
Motors car produced today has IoT functionalities
that allow drivers to gain information and
connect to the internet. In the next coming five
years, connected vehicles and smart buildings are
predicted to rank among the top industry segment
for IoT adoption.
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