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General Dentistry | Ismile Dental Clinic in New York


General dentistry, a branch of dentistry, is focused on preventing dental diseases, preserving their natural teeth, ensuring maximum oral health. For More Information visit our Website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: General Dentistry | Ismile Dental Clinic in New York

General Dentistry - All You need to know about
General Dentistry
Just as physical health is paramount to have a
good quality of life, oral health is as important
too. If you cannot digest properly because of
dental problems or have cavities, you will not
enjoy anything. Life will become colorless. If
you take absolutely no steps to get rid of your
gum disease or do anything to avoid tooth decay,
the situation can worsen and end up in o ral
cancer. It is also important to state here that
when you dont invest your time in maintaining
good oral health, it can have repercussions on
your overall health. An untreated oral infection
can end up in poor control of diabetes,
increased risk of cardiovascular diseases,
complicated pregnancy, etc. To always remain on
top of your dental health, general dentistry
comes into play. What is general dentistry?
General dentistry, a branch of dentistry, is
focused on preventing dental problems. A great
number of studies have concluded that almost 65
of all dental procedures can be labeled as
either preventive or diagnostic. General
dentistry is focused on making people aware of
the value of good dental health and therefore
avoid and prevent any oral disease. It is no
secret that dental procedures are one of the most
expensive treatments but they can be avoided if
timely precautionary actions are taken. General
dentistry constitutes of several services and
procedures, all of which have the same goal -
help patients in preserving their natural teeth,
ensuring maximum oral health. General dentists
consult with people of all ages and help them in
taking better care of their teeth. Usually, when
an individual suffers from a sudden toothache or
sees cavities in their mouths, they consult a
general dentist to get rid of the issue. Unless
your dental problem has exacerbated or you want
to get braces, a general dentist is equipped to
handle dental issues that are just starting or
are in the initial stages.
  • What services do general dentists offer?
  • For any individual who doesn't belong from the
    dental field, he/she might get confused about
    what treatments does a general dentist provides.
    While general dentists provide a grandiose range
    of services, here are some of the common ones
  • Preventive services

  • These services are provided to stop a disease
    before it spreads in the mouth. In preventive
    treatments, regular oral exams like x-ray are
    pro-level teeth cleanings are done. Along with
    that, your general dentist might also provide
    you with a list of steps that you should take to
    improve your oral hygiene.
  • Restorative services
  • If you go through an appointment with your
    dentist and they find a problem, their top
    priority will be to give on-time treatment. The
    most common dental restorative services include
    removing tooth decay and replacing it with a
    filling. If you have dental trauma like a broken
    tooth, they will recommend meeting the
    specialist for that. Restorative services cover
    root canal therapy, place bridgework/crowns,
    dental implants, orthodontics, dentures, etc.
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • General dentists also provide you with cosmetic
    treatments like giving you a smile that you have
    always wanted, teeth whitening, porcelain
    veneers, smile makeover, etc.
  • Other general dentistry services include
    relaxation techniques, nutritional counseling,
    periodontal therapy, preventive care, oral
    appliances to control sleep apnea, bridges, tooth
    extractions, dental cleanings and much more.
  • How often should I visit the dentist?
  • A simple answer to this question is that you
    should make an appointment with your general
    dentist every six months to know how your dental
    health is. But if you feel there is an issue and
    you should get a look from the dentist, do not
    wait for an indefinite time and make an
    appointment at your earliest.
  • Dental appointments routine can vary from person
    to person. Your local general dentist might also
    give you a schedule, according to your oral
    health. If you have taken care of your dental
    hygiene, your dentist might ask you to visit only
    twice a year and if they need to be treated or
    taken care of in a more effective manner, you
    might have to visit every three months.
  • Qualifications of a general dentist
  • Once the dentist has completed his/her
    undergraduate education, they have to complete
    another four full years at a dental school. Along
    with this, they fulfill several requirements such
    as getting state licensing boards and testing.
    Because every state has its law about the
    license, the procedure may vary from state to
  • While some dentists have the initials DMD (Doctor
    of Dental Medicine), others have DDS (Doctor of
    Dental Surgery) following their names. Some
    general dentists also get excessive training in
    certain dental areas such as cosmetic procedures,
    therapies, implant placements, etc.

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services. With iSmile, you will not only have a
pleasant experience but also get information to
maintain your dental health. iSmile believes in
treating every patient with the best interests in
mind. Bottomline You should always be conscious
of your oral health. While many people are still
of the view that regular visits to a general
dentist are not important, they cannot be any
more wrong. With an appointment, you can not
only know how your oral health currently is but
also avoid any future complications or dental
problems that might arise and cost you thousands
of dollars. Consulting with a general dentist
will make you feel confident about your oral and
overall health.
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