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Increase Efficiency and Save Time and Money With POS Table Management


Using restaurant table management software is crucial to efficiently running and increasing revenue in your restaurant. eHopper restaurant table management can greatly help you streamline operations, saving time and effort for your staff, while also creating a speedier, higher quality experience for your guests. Construct your floor plan, take and process table orders for your guests with ease, and have better visibility to the status of your table orders. To learn more, visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Increase Efficiency and Save Time and Money With POS Table Management

How to Increase Revenue with Restaurant Table
Why Use Restaurant Table Management Software?
  • Sales are projected to increase drastically in
    the restaurant industry, with each restaurant
    needing to cater to an increase in guests in the
    foreseeable future.
  • Because of this, many restaurants are turning to
    restaurant table management software, to
    efficiently manage this increase in business.
  • Such software can help create a streamlined,
    high-quality experience for your guests while
    saving time and effort for your staff.

What is Table Management Software?
  • Table management software allows you to manage
    guests and their experiences in the most
    efficient way possible, creating a seamless
    customer experience.
  • Not all restaurant table management software is
    the same. For example, the eHopper POS
    system allows you to move guests and orders to
    different tables, while other systems may lock a
    group to a particular table, and a new order will
    have to be created to move guests to another

What Features Should POS Table Management Systems
The following features will help any food service
  • Custom Floor Plan Creation
  • Create, Resize, and Modify Tables
  • Order Taking and Management
  • History and Tracking of Tables and Orders
  • POS System Integration
  • Loyalty Program Integration
  • Inventory and Table Availability Management and

How Table Management Software Can Increase Revenue
  • It can increase efficiency in table turnover
  • Help staff organize their time.
  • Reduce the transition time between orders being
    placed, and orders being crafted and delivered.

How POS Table Management Speeds Up Service
  • It automates and records tasks.
  • When tasks are recorded, they hold a greater
    feeling of accountability and make the jobs more
    manageable for your staff to organize. 

How POS System Software and Table Management Can
Automate Tasks
  • Once seated, guests can place an order from a
    tablet at the table or the server can take their
    order from a tablet.
  • That order will then be sent to the kitchen
    receipt and prepared. 
  • The assigned server will be alerted that the
    order is ready to be delivered.
  • Once the guests have departed and paid, the table
    will be marked as available for future guests to
    be seated.

The Hardware You Need to Use Table Management
  • If you havent yet invested in a POS system, you
    will need the following
  • Tablets (Table Side or For Staff)- A self-serve
    tablet at the table allows customers to order and
    pay with ease.
  • Printers (Kitchen and receipt printers)
    Printers can be set up to receive orders and
    alerts during the entire customer service
  • Scanner - Not all restaurants need a scanner,
    however, it can be used to scan customer loyalty
    cards or barcoded items.
  • Credit card terminals for accepting payments

How Table Management is Set Up With Your POS
  • Setting up the service area and floor plan
  • With the eHopper table management software,
    creating a floor plan based on the arrangement of
    your restaurant or other food service
    establishment is easy.
  • First, you can create a table by putting in that
    tables information. This includes the number of
    seats, name, size, and basic shape, for easy
  • These tables can then be resized and freely moved
    around the floor space of your virtual restaurant
    floor plan to match your actual restaurant floor.
  • Tables can also be sorted into sections, where
    new rooms of tables can be added.

How to Take Orders With Your Table Management
  • Using the eHopper table management system, its
    easy to identify which tables are available for
    new guests.
  • Once a table has been selected, you can specify
    the number of guests at the table.
  • Once a guest has decided on their order, the
    server can select the guest within the software
    and then select the guests food items. Items can
    also be assigned to the entire table.
  • Orders can then be moved to a non-table order, to
    another table, or another guest.
  • Once an order is complete, the server can send it
    to the kitchen staff, by printing it to the
    kitchen printer.

Paying for Orders With Table Management
  • Table orders may be paid for in the same way you
    would using a traditional POS system without
    table management, through cash credit, debit,
    split payments, etc.
  • With table management, you can also split costs
    for different items among guests, as well as
    break down receipts for each guest at the table.

Taking Non-Table Orders
  • Non-table orders (Pickups, Deliveries, Drive
    Thrus, Quick Sales, etc) follow a similar
    process, though they are linked to a specific
    guest and not a table.
  • You can easily view and manage all your open
    non-table orders, as well as start new ones.

Table Management Software Efficiency and Easy
  • It should now be easy to see how straight-forward
    table management software can be and how much
    time it will save you on a day to day basis.
  • Since more and more people are visiting
    restaurants daily, as opposed to once or twice a
    week, more efficiency will become crucial for the
    growth of your establishment. Setting up a robust
    table management system is a great way to get
    ahead of the curve.
  • If you are looking to increase efficiency and
    revenue by driving more orders, test
    drive eHopper POS for restaurants.

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