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Air Conditioning Maintenance Macleod | 1300652232


We are a well-known servicing and repairing company for Air Conditioning in Macleod known as Reliance Heating and Cooling. To know more about Cooling Services in Macleod read this article till the end. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Air Conditioning Maintenance Macleod | 1300652232

Air Conditioning Maintenance Macleod
We are a well-known servicing and repairing
company for Air Conditioning in Macleod known
as Reliance Heating and Cooling. To know more
about Cooling Services in Macleod read this
article till the end. 
To beat the constant rise in the temperature, if
you are looking for Air Conditioning Systems in
Macleod, you can reach us. We are one of the
best Air Conditioning Service and Air
Conditioning Repair in Macleod. We take care of
all your Air Conditioning Systems in Macleod by
servicing, repairing, installing and maintenance.
  • We are just one call away to handle any kind of
    cooling system like-
  • Multi Split Air Conditioner
  • Window Air Conditioner
  • Vertical Air Conditioner
  • Ductless Mini Air Conditioners
  • Ducted  Air Conditioning Systems
  • Room Air Conditioners
  • Split Air Conditioners
  • Central Air Conditioners

Reliance Heating and Cooling is a family-owned
and operated business that offers air
conditioning, heating, electrical and solar power
installation, service and repairs of all major
brands. We are a Daikin Dealer with over more
than 35 years of combined experience in the air
conditioning and electrical industry. We are one
of the most Affordable Air Conditioning Services
in Macleod. We provide all kinds of repairs,
installations, and maintenance of Cooling System
Services in Macleod. We are strict believers of
time is money and all our services are timely
and punctual. With a team of professionally
trained and educated experts in the Air
Conditioning industry, we take pride in the
services that we provide. We take regular
feedback from the customer so that we can keep up
with our best services.
Ever wondered why is it so important to get your
air conditioner serviced every year? Read on and
you will understand why. 
Air Conditioning Services in Macleod Ever
wondered why is it so important to get your air
conditioner serviced every year? Read on and you
will understand why. An air conditioner collects
dust and debris during its operation to provide
you with fresh, clean and conditioned air.
In doing so, the dust and debris prevent the air
conditioner to cool the air properly. An air
conditioner is made up of mechanical parts and to
ensure a trouble-free performance and appropriate
operation of all the parts, an air conditioner
service is very important. Missing a service can
cause several problems inside the air conditioner
like water leakage, reduced performance, AC
making noises, etc. This is where we come in! Our
highly experienced and certified team provides
the best Air Conditioning Services in Macleod.
  • Our expertise-
  • Split Air Conditioning Systems
  • Multi-Head Air Conditioning system
  • Residential Commercial and industrial air
    conditioning services
  • 5 Star Air Con Energy Rating
  • Ducted Evaporative Cooling
  • Installation of New Split Systems
  • Installation of Central Air Conditioners
  • Replacement of defected cooling systems
  • Very low air-con running cost
  • Easy Maintenance and low clean cost
  • Vertical Air Conditioner Repair, Installation,
    and services
  • Calibrating Thermostats
  • Replacement of Cleaning Condenser Coil
  • Testing Safety Controls
  • Tightening of Electrical Connections

Air Conditioning Repairs in Macleod
Reasons your air conditioner needs a repair It
Blows Hot Air If the air conditioner is blowing
hot air, then it might be an indication for a
broken compressor. It could also be an indication
of a refrigerant leak. These problems can be
easily fixed by regular repairs. Unusual Sounds
Air conditions generally have a quiet operation.
Though you might notice a sound from the motor,
you should not hear grinding or squealing or any
other loud sounds. This indicates a repair needs
to be done. High Humidity Levels One of the most
important functions of an air conditioner is to
pull humidity out of the air inside the room. If
you are having a sticky feeling to the air inside
the room, it is a good indicator that your air
conditioner isnt working properly and requires a
quick repair.
Our highly professional team of technicians knows
how to take care of your troubles. Looking
for Air Conditioning Repairs in Macleod? Look no
further than Reliance Heating and Cooling. We do
all kinds of Commercial Air Conditioning Repair
in Macleod as well.
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