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What is a common Cyber Scam and we discuss about the scope of ethical hacking and where you get ethical hacking training – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Beware Of The Common Cyber Scams Stay Hack
Proof this 2020
2020 is all about New Hopes, New Achievements and
Some New Milestones for us all, however, amongst
all that, something which has not changed is the
hackers around us. Mastercards Spending Pulse
report confirms that E-commerce in America has
been risen by 18.8 in 2019 if compared with
that of 2018s. Hands down the users have used
different devices to make this happen to like
their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. With so
much of technological intervention, there is yet
not a brand offering systems which can carry out
secure online transactions or for that matter
protection against cyber scams. Even in 2019, we
have witnessed countless incidents where many
people have complained that they have witnessed
an interbank frauds. This was no less on an
organizational level either, the statistics have
shown that across the globe only 32 of the
organizations could dodge cyberattacks. This has
been possible in both our professional and person
ends because these hackers chose to attack our
accounts when weve been most vulnerable
especially during the festive season. To keep
your new year guarded and attacks proof we have
some tips for you that will keep you off cyber
scamming temptations. Keep a count of the
following Cyber Scams and don't let
cybercriminals take away your festive vibe.
Unfortunately, these scams are so sophisticated
that they just go unnoticed. These include- 1.
Email Scams From Authorized Banks Well,
cybercriminals and hackers inherit a personality
like air. Where despite being always around you
they are never be found. Hence, this is why they
are some of the
most sophisticated professionals who can extract
what they want from your searches over the
internet or even by knowing your transaction
history encountered by you in the past. This
helps hackers in knowing who you are, what you do
by profession and which bank do you use. Now
when there is a sale on the E-commerce websites
during the festive season you are bound to
receive countless emails from the bank and
e-commerce websites. Unfortunately, scammers
have started using this as a weapon to reach the
vault of your accounts. Theyll send you an
email that will make you think as if it was
shared from your bank, however, the contact
details on that email it would not be of your
bank. Theyll somehow trap you and then extract
all your money from your respective
accounts. Users, you must know this if your bank
is approaching you they'd have all your details.
Right from your account number to your card
number. So now when you get an email like such
try not falling for it, instead, call up your
bank to your relationship manager or the bank
manager and confirm it to be double sure.
2. Public Wi-Fi Scams In the era of today
theres not even a single soul that has not been
habitual to the internet. Now this can become a
scary while we're using a public network at the
airport during a travelling or while in a
restaurant. Even the evolution of newer
technologies have contributed to this, where
despite doing a greater good it has unknowingly
facilitated hacker to walk through ones system
and access their data. And all of this can be
done by hackers with the use of public network
easily. In fact, hackers can hack into your
system even when youve not connected it with a
public network with the help of the machine
identifying where do the masses shop from while
visiting a mall. Various brands today have
installed a machine in their store that can count
how many people visited their store and how many
of them actually bought from their brand. So when
you leave home your devices are connected to the
Wi-Fi in there, however, this doesnt turn
off until you turn it off. Thats why whenever
you enter any store having a Wi-Fi in it your
devices look for a network to connect with this
despite when you have not logged in properly.
Hence, when you leave from home try switching off
your devices Wi-Fi so that you dont need to
worry about losing your data. 3. Fake Free Wi-Fi
Offer I'd recommend you, not to connect your
devices on a network that asks you to put in
your credentials, you might find such networks at
various eating joints. There are public networks
that claiming to be free, however, connecting to
them may compromise your data especially during
a time when you have you've entered a payment
gateway. This can lead any hacker to get into
your systems and get access to your personal
details and other data which you werent keen on
4. Software Plug-ins or Other Fake
Updates Since we have just walked into a new
year this means that all our friends, family and
ourselves would have been busy in sharing a lot
of online content amongst one another. However,
some of us have somehow have managed to fed
cybercriminals with their shareable malicious
content. Malicious content includes Flash Player
Update that youll need to access the video
link that one of your loved ones have sent. Once
you accept such requests, your system can get
infected by malware, and it will spread through
your other contacts, asking them to do the same.
Try now to use such things or update any
unnecessary software that you have no account of
or dont touch the update button of that
software of which you feel ever existed on your
  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Ransomware Attack is something that compelled
    even the Texas Department of Information
    Resources to retrieve their data for 18 Milion
    which originally cost only
  • 80,000. Ransomware attacks off late have scaled
    up, this may take place using a pop up of your
    random downloads. Hence, Id recommend you avoid
    using unsecured websites because such websites
    will ask you for your personal details which
    includes your financial details. This is
    something that can also be found on newly
    launched e-commerce websites. Unfortunately,
    newly launched e-commerce websites that are not
    using HTTPS protocols can also get you in
    trouble. Cybercriminals keep a tab on such
    websites and theyll make you fall into their
    trap so that demand ransom on your private data
    from you later.
  • Fake Websites Asking For Donation
  • Cybercriminals are so smart these days that they
    might create a fake website and ask for
    donations. Since we have just walked into a new
    year you'd be getting a lot of emails or pop up
    for charity. Now the surprising part of all this
    is that getting a brand ambassador for such fake
    websites is a piece of cake for cybercriminals.
    Hence, this may appear to be a legitimate
    website to you, however, it can bite you
    unexpectedly. So, keep yourselves guarded and
    donate for whatever the cause that you support
    directly to the agency.

  • Fake Virus Alert Pop-ups
  • Surfing over the internet you may come across a
    page showcasing that your device has been bugged
    with a virus. It will also intimate you to
    download a given app to keep yourself guarded
    and the second you'd do it they'll have the
    entire details of your system bank accounts and
    your private data that can mess things for you
  • Taking Certifications
  • In order to keep yourself and your organizations
    away from cyberattacks, you can take certified
    courses like CEH CISSP that will help you in
    the following ways-
  • Certified Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH
    Certification) hacking community is one
    community that is highly innovative because they
    somehow find a way to break through your systems
    and exploit the information available on it.
    These tech-savvy people are always proactively
    looking for vulnerabilities on your systems.
    Since they are always finding ways to extract
    information from your systems without getting
    trapped. Hence, CEH professionals have to be
    extra cautious and this is why they use highly
    sophisticated equipment, skills, and techniques
    to spot the system vulnerabilities and filling
    these needful gaps. These professionals are such
    an integral part of an organizations system that
    they are offered an average salary of 150 000.
    This is one of the few courses that
    professionals can take up after the 12th. It is
    perhaps the perfect course in IT if you are
    looking for IT courses online for beginners. In
    fact, CEH is one of the few IT courses that can
    be prepared using online platforms like Mercury

  • b. Certified Information Systems Security
    Professional Certification (CISSP
    Certification) CISSP Certification is one of the
    best IT courses that is an advanced-level
    certification for professionals serious about
    careers in information security. These
    professionals are decision-makers possessing
    expert knowledge and technical skills necessary
    to develop, guide and then manage security
    standards, policies and procedures within their
    organizations. The kind of knowledge they
    possess has helped them generate an annual salary
  • 119,184.
  • Ethical Hacking is the legal way of bypassing
    security systems to identify and eliminate
    potential network threats and data breaches. An
    Ethical Hacker thus is under the jurisdiction to
    perform activities that test the defences of the
    systems at a given organization. As an ethical
    hacker, a professional would be taking into
    account the weak points that are present in the
    systems of the organization which otherwise can
    be exploited by the malicious/ Black Hat
  • BlackHat Hackers are only concerned about the
    data that is possessed by any organization so,
    for such people breaking through an
    organization's security system is not a big deal.
    Such hackers often violate the security
    restriction and use illegal techniques that can
    compromise the system or even can destroy the
    information. These hackers don't ask for
    permission before getting in any system.
  • Hands down the intentions of both the ethical and
    black hat hackers would just be opposite from
    one another. Where black hat hackers are
    concerned only take charge of one's data that can
    possibly be harassing for them. An ethical
    hacker thus has some techniques that
    differentiate them from black hat hackers. These
    include factors and elements like-
  • Used techniques Ethical hacker generally follow
    the footsteps of a hacker from the same door
    they had walked into the organization. Hence,
    ethical hackers duplicate the techniques and
    methods which were taken or adopted by malicious
    hackers. This helps Ethical hackers in
    identifying the faulty system along with how this
    system was attacked. In case there was a flaw or
    weakness in the entry system they fix it.
  • Legality Both ethical and black hat hacker
    breaks into the server or network, however, it
    is an only ethical hack who has the legal
    authority to do this, despite when both these
    professionals have used the same techniques.
  • Ownership Ethical hackers are always appointed
    by organizations to penetrate their systems and
    detect security issues. However, black hat
    hackers don't bother about all of that.

  • Ethical Hackers ask for the organization's
  • Ethical Hackers Job
  • An ethical hacker is entitled to look for the
    weak links that can mess around with the
    organization. These professionals conduct a
    thorough investigation of their systems and
    network to spot a weak point which otherwise can
    be exploited by BlackHat Hackers. It is
    imperative that an ethical hacker keeps the
    account of the organizational guideline so that
    they are operating in a legal manner. Ethical
    hacker are bound to follow the following rules
    while hacking-
  • Cannot hack into the facility without being
    authorized from the organization which owns the
    systems. As hackers, they must obtain a full
    assessment of the system or network.
  • Must determine the scope of their assessment
    inform the organization about its goals.
  • With a discovery of any security breaches and
    vulnerabilities, they must report it to the
  • Must keep their discoveries confidential so that
    the organization is unbreachable.
  • Eliminate all traces of the hack once the system
    and vulnerabilities are found this keeps
    malicious hackers off the organization even if
    there's a loophole.
  • An ethical hacker is thus entitled to keep a
    track on the key vulnerabilities that are not
    limited to-
  • Changes in security settings
  • Infection attacks
  • Exposure of sensitive data
  • Components used in the system or network that may
    be used as access points
  • Breach in authentication protocols

how are they connected and how should you
identify about any one of them in case they have
been compromised. 4. In case if you dont have
any of that dont worry a good CEH training
institute can also help you with that. Mercury
Solutions is one of the best CEH training
institute youd ever across for CEH
training. Professionals taking up CEH
Certification know that black hat hackers are the
community of highly innovative since they always
have a way to break through your systems to
exploit the information on it. These tech-savvy
people are always proactively looking for
vulnerabilities on your systems. Since they are
always finding ways to extract information from
your systems without getting trapped. Hence,
CEH professionals have to be extra cautious and
this is why they use highly sophisticated
equipment, skills, and techniques to spot the
system vulnerabilities and filling these needful
gaps. These professionals are such an integral
part of an organizations system that they are
offered an average salary of 150 000. This is
one of the few courses that professionals can
take up after the 12th. It is perhaps the perfect
course in IT if you are looking for IT courses
online for beginners.
Scope of Ethical Hacking
  • It was found that by the end of 2018, 68 of the
    businesses across the globe were affected by
    cyber-attacks, whereas in the Indian market this
    was 76. This is why theres a massive demand
    for CEH professionals in the industry today.
  • While sitting for a CEH exam the most common
    question is what is the role of a CEH
  • Ethical hacking is somebody who eliminates black
    hat hackers from the systems of the organization
    and keeps the data, networks safe by identifying
    potential threats. An ethical hacker is also a
    part of the security team who during a cyber
    attack helps the organization in handling the
    damages and provide the support that protects the
    networks and monitors the networks for any
    irregularities. (If you are looking for ethical
    hacking training connect with us)
  • Your job as an ethical hacking course would have
    days with a lot of stress and days with nothing
    of this sort. This depends entirely on the
    security of the networks. For security to be
    strong it is important that an applicant must
    have a strong history in computer security. Which
    means a CEH must have a knowledge about-
  • Making scripts having the ability to test the
    vulnerabilities and penetration
  • Developing low-level tools which can enhance
    security monitoring and testing
  • Sharing detailed reports with their team and
    executive about document security findings
  • Assessing risk across the networks including
    hardware and software. And informing both the
    software and hardware developers about these
  • Setting up security policies to make protected
    practice for the personnel
  • Reviewing hiring vendors for security system
  • Training peers and subordinates on best practices
    for network security
  • Whatever network or security that a CEH creates
    or work upon, he/she works on them on the based
    upon the following rules -
  • Would operate preferably with written and express
    permissions to hack a given network

a network and to fix them. They can join the
government as well as private organizations as
cyber-security experts. (If you need to know
about ethical hacking course fees click here) It
has been seen that Ethical hackers in the past
have been massively been hired by companies like
Reliance, Airtel, HCL, Mahindra, TCS IBM.
Furthermore, Ethical hackers have also been in
high demand amongst the Federal Bureau of
Information the National Security Agency. Along
with this, there are various organizations that
employ contractors to audit their systems and
security testers.
  • Some of the most popular roles an ethical hacker
    may work on in a company or for the government
  • Security Investigator
  • Forensic Investigator
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Data security specialist
  • Network Security System Administrator/Manager
  • Systems/Applications Security Executive
  • IT Security Administrator/Consultant/ Manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Security Auditor
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Computer Forensics Investigator
  • Security Certified Programmer
  • Web security Administrator/Manager

  • Security consultant
  • Baring your work experience in the industry, a
    fresher on an average tends to earn ?4.5 lakh per
    annum and the ones having 5 years or more
    experience on an average tend to earn ?10-12
    lakh per annum. Learn More about Ethical
    hacking Training
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