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How to setup vape device for the first time?


Coming to vape devices, it is important that one must know the device well. The current presentation shows the vape devices and their usages. Visit the link to know more - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to setup vape device for the first time?

Place It On A Flat Surface
Vaping is a matter of several things coming
together to get a nice result. Therefore, once
your favorite vape device is in your hand, then
the next thing you must do is to place it on a
flat surface. Detach all the parts and place them
in front of you. It will help you know the parts
of the device well. It will help you understand
the details about the parts. Further in the
future, you can be able to use the parts properly.
Fill E-liquid Properly
Filling the e-liquid in the vape store is not
that simple as it looks. All the tanks available
in the vape store online have different door
openings. Few have a top filling and a few are
bottom-fill. However, 90 of the tanks are top
fill, but still, before you re-fill, you must
look at it. You need to open the filling cap,
take the liquid bottle, and slowly fill the tank.
Be careful not to overfill. Some tanks also come
with a max fill line.
Let your tank sit for 5 minutes
To get the best result, it is better not to use
the tank once you completed filling it. You must
let it sit for 5minutes at least. However, for
many these 5minutes are long enough, but it will
serve the purpose. Remember that the coil doesnt
soak the e-liquid at once. It needs some time.
These minutes will help the cotton wick to soak
the liquid well and will not give you the dry
hit. Further, it will prevent the coil from
getting burnt.
There are 2 types of vapes
In case you are ready to vape, then for your
information, two types of vape devices are
available on the vape store online. These are
fixed devices, variable wattage devices. In case
the device you are using has no screen or no
control switch, it means that you are using a
fixed wattage device. So, you are ready to use it
at once. Place your mouth on the drip tip and
start drawing from the mouthpiece. You need to
hold down the fire button at the same time as you
are drawing. However, in case of using the
variable wattage devices, here is the next slide
for you.
Adjust Setting
Before starting the vape, you must adjust the
settings properly. The proper setting is
important to power the coil inside the tank. You
must know what is the highest wattage setting or
the lowest wattage setting. You must set the
wattage setting properly. This will make sure you
dont overpower or under power the coil inside
the tank, if set incorrectly this can lead to the
coil burning out and that bad taste we were
talking about earlier.
All Set Up And Ready To Go
Thank You