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Fast-Pest Control (1)


At Fast Pest Control, you get a full and holistic solution for all your pest control needs. We also focus on client care and satisfaction, confirming that you feel not only satisfied with our work but also comfortable and confident in our methods of service. Don’t wait to call. Without professional participation, you may have a larger and more tough problem on your hands. When it comes to getting rid of annoying house guests, trust our locally owned and operated company to deliver prompt, professional pest control service. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Fast-Pest Control (1)

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The Best Way to Deal With your Pest ProblemsOur
Pest Management Program with pre and
post-treatment surveys ensure effective treatment
and zero reoccurrences. So just dont wait when
the panacea for pest problem is at your doorstep.
Place a request, our best in market professional
staff will be at your service.
Fast Pest Control Service1. Flies and
Mosquitoes Control 2. Bee and Wasp Control 3.
Moth Control 4. Bed Bugs Control 5. Cockroaches
Control 6. Spiders Control7. Ants Control8.
Fleas and Ticks Control9. Silverfish Control
Flies and Mosquitoes Control Flies love to feed
and breed on filth. They carry disease-causing
organisms and bring them to your homes and
businesses. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, can
cause serious diseases such as dengue and malaria
with just one bite.
  • We do not allow flies and mosquitoes get into the
    house. However, no-see-ums (or midges) are able
    to make their way to home through the holes in
    the nets. For better results, treat the screens
    with permethrin.

Bee and Wasp Control The sting of a bee is
really painful especially for children, which can
lead to allergic reactions. Also, once they
sting, it needs to be removed from the skin.
Wasps are popular for their painful stings and if
they build a nest in your home, it becomes all
the more dangerous.
Moth Control Moth is infamous for damaging
carpets, clothing, tapestries, and upholstered
furniture. They feed on animal products like
animal hair, wool, silk, feathers, and leather.
To save your stuff from damage, you need moth
control services.
Bed Bugs Control Bed bugs feed on blood and
that is the main reason they bite. They can hide
in furniture frames, carpets, cupboards and
bedrooms where they sense human presence for a
long time. Their bite causes a bump on the skin
but they may not transmit diseases.
Cockroaches Control One of the most common and
yet the most dangerous crawling pests found in
Brisbane homes is cockroach. They contaminant
surfaces and food through the disease-causing
organisms that they carry. Cockroaches are also
found in healthcare facilities, restaurants, and
other food related properties.
Spiders Control Spiders are ugly to look at and
they mar the beauty of your property. Moreover,
people are afraid of spiders and some of them can
sting causing pain. Though spiders help
homeowners by feeding on various other small
pests, a heavy infestation can cost you peace of
Ants Control Ants sting, some of them bite, and
most importantly they are a nuisance. Though they
do not transmit any disease some of them are
regarded as pests. But if you do not want ants in
your sight, make sure to treat the infestation
them on time.
Fleas and Ticks Control Fleas and tick
infestation in the home is a matter of great
concern. Their infestation is one of the biggest
threat to the well-being of your lovely pets.
These pests get stick to the animals skin and
feed on their blood, that results in intense
irritation and deteriorated health of your pets.
Silverfish ControlSilverfish is a worm-like
creature which mimics the movement of that of a
fish. It appears as a small and elongated silver
or grey coloured creature that is swift and fast,
Silverfish are very stubborn pests and its very
difficult to get rid of them.

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