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Company registration in Pune


Legalcabin is a leader in online Company registration in Pune, offering Company Registration Services in Pune to many startups. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Company registration in Pune

Legalcabin Legal Service Provider Pune
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  • Legalcabin is one of the leading Company
    Registration Consultant in Pune , offers you a
    vast range of Company Registration in Pune that
    you need for establishing and running your

  • Dedicated Team Of Expert Professionals
  • Legal Cabins founder are a group of
    Professionals who endeavor to create a company
    dedicated to serving its client with superior
    quality work. Our mission and values ensure top
    class Legal service and inspire us to be an
    outstanding corporate professional in the areas
    in which we work. We go to great lengths to
    understand your needs in order to make a
    long-lasting impact on your organization and
    develop a strong professional relationship.

  • A One Person Company means a company with a
    single director having limited liability.
  • A Limited Liability Partnership is a partnership
    in which some or all partners have limited
  • Private Limited Company means a company which is
    privately held and offers limited liability.

  • We Bring The Best For You
  • we as a group of Experienced professionals like
    CS, CA and Lawyers have come down under one roof
    to provide various services to the young
    entrepreneurs who on any given day feel to have
    their own business and work like a boss- hence
    giving an opportunity to be the Director at a
    very affordable cost. We provide support services
    at every stage of Company Growth by our
    Multifunctional expertise. Our aim is to help
    business overcome all the legal formalities and
    compliances put up by the government and focus on
    profits and serving the society. You can now get
    startups Registered at your door step and
    consultation 247. legalcabin is the best Company
    Registration Consultants in Pune. Our expert team
    always delivers innovative and professional
    services that will exceed client goals. We as a
    business registration consultants offer a
    complete segment of legal services.

Our Responsibilies
  • We understand that every business is different.
    In fact, every Client of every business Field has
    a unique story to tell. As such, we believe that
    there is no one solution to problems of clients
    in relation to their Companies. Therefore, we
    provide solutions that are customized to
    specifically cater to your needs and hence allow
    you to not bother or worry about the Company
    Compliances and yearly maintenance and focus on
    boosting your companies productivity.

Services Offered by Legalcabin
  • Private Limited Company Registration
  • OPC Registration
  • LLP Registration
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership Firm Registration
  • Public Limited Company Registration
  • Trademark / Logo / Copyright Registration
  • GST Registration
  • ISO Certification
  • MSME Registration
  • IEC Registration

Private Limited Company Registration in Pune
  • Why choose Private Limited Company?
  • Thinking of registering a private limited company
    then legal cabin is the perfect place to get the
    expert advice and a hassle-free registration at
    an affordable charges. Before proceeding towards
    Private limited company registrations one should
    know the basic about private limited company so
    here we go.
  • A private limited company is governed by the
    companies act 2013. As the name suggest a
    private limited company means a company whose
    shares are held by Private individuals. Minimum
    two person with a legal motive to work together
    are required to form a private limited company.
    This very popular form of Registration in India.

Public Limited Company Registration in Pune
  • Why choose Public Company?
  • Public Limited Company is a company whose shares
    are widely held by the public. Public lImited
    company has certain mandatory compliances which
    are required to be followed on time and within
    the limits prescribed by the Government. There
    has to be minimum seven members to start a Public
    Limited Company and Minimum three Directors are
    required but there is no limit to the maximum
    number of Members in a public limited Company.
    The shares of a public company are listed on any
    recognized stock exchanges available in India and
    are easily transferable.

LLP Registration in Pune
  • LLP Stands for Limited liability partnership. LLP
    registration in india has become the most
    preferred company registration by the youth due
    to various reason such as low compliances less
    government involvement no tedious procedure.
  • Limited liability partnership is a kind of
    partnership firm registered under the llp act
    2008 wherein the liability of the partners is
    limited the extent of their sharing proportion.
    The best positive point about llp is that there
    is no MOA or AOA as in case for private limited
    companies one can make llp agreement on the basis
    of the mutual understanding and agreement between
    the partners. To create a Limited liability
    partners there should be minimum two people who
    are ready to work with a single and similar
    object under one company name and share the
    profits and losses.

OPC Registration in Pune
  • Why choose OPC?
  • One person company as the name suggest is the
    company incorporated with only a single person
    being the director of the company. This concept
    is specially designed by the government who want
    the branding and standing and goodwill as that of
    a private limited company but does not want to
    work with any one or share profits and losses
    with any one. Get your OPC Registration in
    Pune through Legalcabin.
  • This is good for the people who have bad
    experience in future related to dispute in
    partnership and so on. Compliance applicable on a
    one person company is same at that of a private
    limited company. The only difference here is that
    we need a nominee instead of a second director.
    The paid up capital for one person company can be
    as low as Rs. 2 but the authorize capital here
    again has to be Minimum 1 lakh similar to the
    other private limited companies. Legalcabin is
    one essay platform for online One Person Company
    Registration in Pune help you to register your
    OPC more efficiently.

Sole Proprietorship Registration in Pune
  • Shop act registration is governed by the
    Maharashtra shops and establishment act, 2017. To
    start any type of business within the local
    limits of Maharashtra Shop act Registration is
    compulsory be it a hotel, restaurant, café,
    medical shop, hardware or electronics
    shop. Get Shop Act Registration in Pune through
  • Shop act registration is mandatory to start any
    business and open a bank account and also to get
    legal recognition in the market. Shop act
    registration is the oldest form of Registration
    and also the basic form to start any type of

Partnership Firm Registration in Pune
  • Partnership Refer to the business where in few
    likeminded people have come together with a
    similar object and have agreed mutually on every
    terms and conditions to start a business.
    Partnership firm is a local registration where in
    minimum two partners are required to start a
    business, adding and resignation of any partner
    or changes in the terms and policy of the
    partnership firm can be done easily and at any
    time as per the needs of the partnership
    firm. Get your Partnership Firm Registration in
    Pune through Legacabin.
  • Partnership firm Partnership is the relation
    between persons who have agreed to share the
    profits of a business carried on by all or any of
    them acting for all.

Annual Filing Compliance
  • There are two types of compliances
  • Annual compliance filing
  • Other compliance filings
  • Every Company registered in India must follow the
    rules and regulations of Government after
    registration. According to companies act 2013,
    there is specific compliance that should be
    registered by every company for example private
    limited company, limited liability partnership,
    one person company etc. They are required filings
    done annually by submitting certain forms under
    the guidance of the companies act 2013. Registrar
    of companies is those who deal with the companies
    act 2013 which falls under the ministry of
    corporate affairs.

Trademark Registration in Pune
  • As the name Suggest a mark used for Trading of
    goods and services. Trademark is governed by the
    intellectual property rights. Trademark can be a
    sign symbol word describing the product that is
    being sold. Trademark registration is also called
    brand registration. It is a recognizable sign,
    design, or expression which identifies products
    or services of a particular source from those of
    others, although trademarks used to identify
    services are usually called service marks. These
    days people are aware about the Trademark and
    Brand Registration and are also wanting to
    register it even before they start a business so
    that it cannot be copied by any other
    person. Trademark Registration in Pune can be
    done in the name of Individual or in the Name of
    Company or LLP or Sole Properitorship. We
    are Trademark Registration Consultants in Pune.
    Trademark registration helps establish ownership
    and protect brand of an entity.

Copyright Registration in Pune
  • Copyright is a right given by the law to the
    Creators of literary, Books dramatic, musical and
    artistic works and producers of cinematographic
    films and sound recordings. Copyright is done by
    the people who have created or invented that
    music or theory for the first time and doesnt
    want others to copy the same and earn in the
    Market by giving it their name. Copyright is a
    protection provided by Authorities to the efforts
    of writers, artists, designers, dramatists,
    musicians, architects and producers of sound
    recordings, cinematographic films and computer
    software, creates an atmosphere conducive to
    creativity, which induces them to create more and
    motivates others to create. There is no copyright
    protection for ideas, procedures, methods of
    operation or mathematical concepts. Legalcabin
    offers online Copyright Registration in Pune.

Trademark Renewal in Pune
  • Trademark refers to the Brand which has been
    created for a particular product from a longer
    period of Time. No one would like to lose it
    hence Trademark renewal is required to be done in
    every 10 Years i.e it should be done 6 months
    before the Trademark is completing its 10 yrs.
    from the Date of Registration. Legalcabin
    offers Trademark Renewal in Pune.
  • Once the application is filled Trademark gets
    renewed for next 10yrs. This is done by filling
    form with the Prescribed fees and documents. In
    case the Applicant fails to renew the Trademark,
    his brand becomes In secured and can be removed
    for the Registers of Trademark.

GST Registration in Pune
  • GST Registration refers to goods and service tax
    registration which was introduced in the year
    2017. GST is only for those business whose
    turnover is less than 20 lacks is not required to
    do the GST registration whereas in some states
    this limit is reduced to 10 lacks for states such
    as Himachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya,
    Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Nagaland. Legalcabin
    offers online GST registration in Pune.
  • If we do not get GST registration, we cannot have
    business outside state some bank do not open bank
    account without GST some business man do not deal
    with people who does not have GST hence it become
    necessary for the business men to have GST
    registration. Once GST registration is done, we
    need to file GST returns once in every
    month. Legalcabin is one essay platform for
    online GST Registration Services in Pune help you
    to register your GST more efficiently.

ISO Certification in Pune
  • ISO certification means that the organization has
    met the quality standards laid down by the ISO
    9001 Quality Management System. This
    Certifications aims at meeting customers
    expectations and delivering quality products to
    the end users.  ISO Certificate can be applied by
    any one irrespective it is and Proprietorship or
    a body Corporate. A Service provider or a
    manufacturer. An ISO Certificate will be provided
    in 7-9 Days at Legal Cabin with the minimum cost
    and hassle free process. To know more contact
    Legal Cabin. Legalcabin is a professional ISO
    Certification Consultants in Pune, offering ISO
    9001 Certification services in Pune.

MSME Registration in Pune
  • MSME refers to Micro, Small and Medium
    Enterprises also termed as Udyog Adhaar
    Registration or SSI Registration. The MSMEs enjoy
    benefits in terms of taxation, compliance
    requirements and various other Government
    Benefits. MSME registration is short an simple
    process of about a day and benefits for the long
    years. This certificate has a life time Validity
    for all Manufacturers and Service
    Providers. Legalcabin offers MSME Registration in
  • Small Scale Industry Registration (SSI) Is
    required from the Ministry of Micro, Small and
    Medium Enterprises. SSI is similar to MSME
    registration in India. Process for registration
    of SSI could be different from state to state,
    but the process for MSME is same in all States in

IEC Registration in Jaipur
  • IEC Registration refers to the Import Export code
    Registration. This registration is required for
    the people who wants to the business of Import
    and export for goods or services. No one in india
    can do business with any foreign country without
    the Import and Export Code Registration. This
    registration number is required for every foreign
    transaction of buy or sell. It is 10 Digit Code
    issued by the Director general of foreign trade
    and is issue to people who want to expand their
    business and cover the domestic as well as
    international market. Legalcabin offers IEC
    Registration in Pune. Get Import Export Code
    (IEC) Registration in Pune done quickly at

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