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Rug Restoration New York Carpet Culture


Professional Rug Cleaning Services. Rug Restoration, Repair & Rental Services Available. Rent Rug for Photoshoot or Private Programs. Call 212-219-2315 to get your area rugs cleaned by professionals in New York. For more details, please visit at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Rug Restoration New York Carpet Culture

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About Carpet Culture
Carpet Culture is a unique rug store in Soho New
York, offering an exceptional selection of new
and antique rugs from around the world. We are
designers master weavers of Decorative,
Nomadic, Antique, Contemporary rugs carpets.
Carpet Culture provides best Rug Restoration, Rug
Repair, Rug Cleaning and Rug Rental services in
the tri-state (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut)
areas. Free estimates are provided with any kind
of rug service.
Molds can thrive in dirty carpets and attract
bacteria and allergens. When inhaled, it can
result to flu-like symptoms and other respiratory
problems. ... When dust mites die and their
carcasses remain on the carpets of the fiber,
they can cause nose and eye irritation as well as
rashes. It is very important to get your rug
cleaned once every two years. Choosing the right
people to clean your rug can be tricky. Carpet
Culture believes in being transparent with
clients. We have been cleaning rugs in New York
City for over 25 years. Our expert cleaners can
make your rug safe, free of allergens, kid and
pet friendly. We use chemical free cleansers and
give your beautiful rug an organic wash to assure
a healthy environment for you and your family.
Color Restoration of rugs
When a rug has lost its charm and looks dull
because of fading or heavy traffic, we can
restore its appearance in many numbers of
different ways. We may reptile worn areas by
putting wool back into rug along with the design
and pattern already encompassed in the rug. If
the rug is beyond repair, we can spot touch up to
match the original color of the rug. To match
colors. We blend wools or silks by strand, age,
and type to assimilate exact texture and luster.
Our dyes are always derived from natural
substances. In rare cases, if the foundation of
an antique rug is too brittle to tie knots onto,
we touch up the foundation instead.
Blocking, Stretching And Shearing
  • The rugs, carpets, flat weaves, needlepoint and
    tapestries develop wrinkles and lose their shape
    with the course of time.
  • At Carpet Culture we recommend gentle stretch
    and block of the rug will equalize tension in the
    foundation of the rug.
  • It is advisable stretching and blocking will
    restore rug symmetry and smoothens creases and
  • The shearing process removes excess fuzz and
    produces smooth carpet face.

Cutting And Binding
The new rugs are precisely made as per the
standard sizes used by the designers all over the
world. The Antique, Tribal and Oriental rugs have
unusual sizes and sometimes cannot match the
standard sizes as per your requirement. Our
skilled staff can cut or bind any kind of tribal
or nomadic rug as per your size. The rug repair
is done in such a way, so that the repaired area
will be unnoticeable without losing the original
design and borders.
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Your wrinkled rugs and carpets can be
re-stretched by our professionals.The certain
kind of rugs need stretching if the rugs are
folded or rolled in storage for a long period of
time.We can bring the rug to its original shape
during re-stretching process.
Re-weaving Of Rug
Small tears or unraveling ends and edges should
be repaired to prevent future damage to your
valuable rug. We give you a free estimate anytime
you discover damage to your rug. We can add new
foundation, new pile and match the design and
colors of missing area. The reweaving is done in
such a way so that the repaired area will be
Repairs of Rips, Splits And Tears
Our skilled artisans use centuries old Persian
practices to preserve and restore rips, splits
and tears of your rug. The proper foundation of
the rug is needed before our skilled workers can
reweave rips, splits and tears of the damaged
rug. We procure yarn of the closest match in
fiber to attain results that will make your look
as good as new. Carpet Culture will restore, fix,
repair and clean any kind of oriental, antique or
new rug.
Rug Repair And Restoration at Carpet Culture NYC
At Carpet Culture we recommend early repair of
your antique or Oriental rug is essential in
preserving its beauty and value. Our skilled
artisans use centuries old Persian practices to
preserve and restore your rug. We procure yarn of
the closest match in fiber to attain results that
will make your rugs look as good as new. We
utilize the fines materials and techniques to
restore any of your Antique or Oriental rug. We
guarantee that our skilled workers professionally
trained with a long history in the trade can also
clean, repair and restore your hand woven
treasures like avulsions, textiles, tapestries,
needlepoints and hooked rugs, carpet cultures
skilled staff provides variety of services like
rug cleaning, restoration, reweaving, repairs,
fixing, mothproofing, fire damage, flood damage,
pet stain, odor removal, scotchgard, asthma
relief, allergy relief and padding.
Call 212-219-2315 to get your area rugs cleaned
by professionals in New York.
The allergic reactions are usually caused by
substances in the environment such as walked in
pollens from trees, grasses, house dust mites,
molds and pet hair. This can contribute to very
poor indoor air quality and chemical sensitivity.
We use natural and environment friendly methods
to eliminate pollens, dust mites, allergens,
fungus and bacteria without the use of the
standard chemicals that increase the air quality
of your home and planet, with regular carpet and
rug cleaning from carpet culture we make sure all
the harmful dust particles are eliminated, making
your home healthier and safer place.
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