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Des Moines Car Accident Lawyers


Read this PPT to know more about Car accident Lawyer in des moines and how LaMarca Law Group, P.C. will be help you in this. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Des Moines Car Accident Lawyers

Des Moines Car Accident Lawyers
  • Thousands of people in Iowa are injured or killed
    in car accidents every year. Whether the cause of
    the collision was due to a drivers mistake or
    just plain negligence, the result will most
    likely be the same. The most minor car accidents
    may result in extensive injuries, including
    broken bones, neck and back injuries, brain
    trauma, or even death.
  • Being involved in a car accident can completely
    alter the course of your life. If you or someone
    close to you has been hurt in a car accident
    caused by someone elses negligence, you may be
    able to rely on the legal system to obtain the
    money you need to pay for the costs of your
    injury. When another partys irresponsible
    behavior causes a car accident that injures you,
    you could be entitled to financial compensation.

Iowa is one of the many states that has a rule
about which driver is at fault in order to claim
damages for insurance. To file a successful
claim, a driver must establish that the other
driver was at fault for their car accident and
injuries. The standard is to use a modified
comparative fault system. The person who is
seeking compensation must demonstrate that the
other party was more at fault in order to obtain
a certain percentage of compensation and
damages. For example, damages are reduced by the
appropriate percentage of fault. If a person is
25 at fault for a car accident, they would only
receive 75 in compensation for their bills and
property damage.
Driving a motor vehicle is not a right, it is
considered a privilege. Drivers have a legal
responsibility to, to drive safely and in
accordance with traffic laws as well as respect
other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. If a
car accident occurs due to negligence, driving
under the influence of a controlled substance, or
because the operator was driving in a reckless
manner, the responsible party can be held liable
in a civil court for injuries, losses, and
expenses that you have sustained. Car accidents
are a leading cause of injuries in the U.S. The
metropolitan area around Des Moines tallies a
startling number of accidents each and every day.
The Iowa Department of Transportation keeps
careful track of accidents in order to identify
problems and come up with helpful solutions. In
the past couple of years, the number of deaths
went down with 355 fatal accidents in 2016 and
301 in 2017 in Iowa. However, the number of
crashes stayed about the same, with 54,400
accidents on average from 2014-2017. The number
of injuries went down from 19,246 in 2016 to
18,705 in 2017.
  • LaMarca Law Group, P.C. understands the enormous
    impact that an auto accident has on a victims
    life and our attorneys are here to help.
    Contact our offices to learn more about any of
    the following
  • Free Auto Accident Investigation
  • What to Do After an Auto Accident
  • Legal Notice Required before Alcohol Related Suit
  • Every single car accident is unique and requires
    a customized legal approach. The strategy used
    for investigating a potential vehicle defect
    might not work when it comes to building a case
    against a drunk driver. At LaMarca Law Group,
    P.C., we pride ourselves on the depth of our
    knowledge for a wide range of fields. We are able
    to take on car accident cases involving

Contact LaMarca Law Group, P.C
Car crashes happen in a matter of seconds, but
their effects can change your life forever. After
the horrors of the accident itself, you might
find yourself overwhelmed with problems. Injuries
caused by vehicular collisions or crashes can be
extremely painful and disruptive. Sometimes they
require you to make huge, unexpected lifestyle
changes. Expensive medical bills can pile up when
you seek the treatments you need. On top of
everything else, you might have to miss out on
work wages or use up your vacation days during
your recovery. Its not unusual for car accident
victims to feel anxious and stressedeven
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