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Coir Products & Doormats Manufacturer & Exporter - Ehg 360


The coir industry is gradually gaining popularity and a lot of people are preferring to use coir products. You will find a wide range of coir products in the market today – from coir mats to coir bags to coir pots, the list is endless! Also, if you are interested, you can even look for custom yoga mat manufacturer to add that personal touch to your yoga mats and other yoga products in your gym. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Coir Products & Doormats Manufacturer & Exporter - Ehg 360

Ehg 360 Exports Pvt Ltd
  • Coir Products and Doormats Manufacturer Exporter

About Us
  • EHG 360 is a leading exporter of wholesale
    coconut coir products used for environmental,
    gardening, and home purposes. Our customers trust
    and depend on us to offer high quality products.
    Because we are all-natural, sustainable, and
    biodegradable, partnering with us helps protect
    the planet and nourish the future.

Rubber door mat manufacturers in India
  • Lending style and elegance to your front door
    with these rubber door mats. These mats are made
    from organic rubber making them non toxic. Go to
    the website and pick up the mats
    that suit your style. From heavy duty commercial
    rubber floor mats, perforated mat, stair treads,
    interlocking mats and such are ideal for
    kitchens, offices, gardens, ramps for those
    differently abled or any place where there are
    many people. These rubber mats are easy to clean
    and prevent slipping. Connect with your Rubber
    door mat manufacturers in India to get a
    favorable deal.

PVC door mat manufacturers in India
  • PVC material is one of the most popular materials
    used to making door mats and other home
    accessories. It is commonly used in flooring for
    homes, schools and other such areas where there
    is a lot of footfall. It is also used as
    flooring in hospitals. It is easily available,
    has a good tensile strength and is robust. At
    times PVC flooring makes as another alternative
    to rubber. Click on website to
    know more about PVC door mats and entrance
    scraper which keeps the grime and dirt outside of
    your homes. Connect with PVC door mat
    manufacturers in India for great deals.

Foot mat manufacturers in India
  • Foot stepper is vital in an area which is wet and
    slippery. Additionally, it also serves as an
    interesting element which changes to look of your
    home. Throw a foot mat in any corner and it will
    serve as a mini area rug. Ehg-360 offers coir
    door mats. Coir is derived from the husk of
    coconut. Coir works to conserve and nurture
    nature and its ecosystem. Click on to see the variety of door mats
    they offer. As they are antiskid it is wise to
    have them around. Contact your Foot Mat
    Manufacturers in India for great arrangements and
    simple conveyances.

Yoga mat wholesale suppliers in India
  • Ehg-360 is a popular supplier of yoga mats. With
    two types of yoga mats on their rack, these mats
    meet the vibrant demand of yoga activists. The
    two amazing varieties of yoga mats offered by
    Ehg-360 are Cotton yoga mats and non slip yoga
    mats. Both these yoga mats are made out of
    organic material with the focus on material that
    aids you in keeping your health in order. Click
    on this website link to get to
    know more about yoga mat offerings. Be in
    complete Zen and connect with Yoga mat wholesale
    suppliers in India who will give great deals.

Coir products manufacturers
  • Products and other items made out of coir are
    getting the world attention they deserve. With
    the emphasis on using natural products that align
    to our eco system, products made of synthetic are
    frowned upon. Ehg-360 is a major enterprise using
    coir as their main component while manufacturing
    products. Gathered and collected from the husk of
    coconut is a worthy part of their items. From
    door mats to yoga mats there are also coir pith
    blocks that one can use to grow their greens and
    flora. Visit the website to know
    more and connect with Coir products manufacturers
    to get your stock.

Coir grow bags manufacturers
  • If you are looking to give your lively colorful
    nursery a good make over then get some coir grow
    bags to do the needful. You can use coir grow
    bags to neatly arrange your flora and greens
    which will give your garden a clean look. These
    develop packs or grow bags are available on website. Go to the link and catch
    some incredible deals. These coir grow bags are
    made of coir which is an organic product. It will
    not harm the fragile roots of your beautiful
    garden. Right time for you to connect with Coir
    grow bags manufacturers.

Coir mat manufacturers
  • Alluring looking mats produced using coir as the
    main component is an astute decision. Simple to
    keep up, these coir mats are sturdy and flawless
    especially when it is cold. Purchase your
    entryway mat and lend a warm inviting the guests.
    Light on the pocket these coir mats make your
    home elegant. Display an area mat and add to the
    tasteful setting. Go to the link given and the site will show you an
    array of attractive door mats. As your Coir Mats
    Manufacturer incredible offers will be given on
    these things. The deliveries will also be made,
    simple and easy.

Coir Bag manufacturers
  • Take your pick from the range of coir bags from website. Produced using coconut
    husk, these coir bags are eco-friendly and safe
    to the environment and to you. Additionally these
    coir bags are water resistant and therefore
    bacteria resistant too. This amazing quality also
    gives them their durability feature making them
    long lasting. You can carry anything thing in
    them. Especially healthy for food times, they are
    far better than synthetic bags available. Natural
    these bags conserve, nurture our eco system and
    make for incredible utility sacks. Connect with
    the Coir Bags Manufacturers for extraordinary
    arrangements and pack them.

Rubber mat suppliers
  • Ehg-360 is an enterprise that mainly uses natural
    components to produce and manufacture their
    products. The rubber mats too are made up of
    natural organic rubber and therefore non toxic.
    Click on the link and go to the
    website to see their entire range of incredible
    rubber mats. You can easily remove the grim from
    their perforated drainage mats which are easy to
    clean. The interlocking mats are simple to carry.
    They can be enlarged by fixing the mats in the
    sturdy grooves given for that purpose. All the
    mats are anti slip. Connect with Rubber mat
    suppliers for your stock.

Interlocking mat supplier
  • The interlocking rubber mats are robust in
    quality and are designed to prevent any slips or
    trips. Keep them on the stair to help one with
    faster mobility. Made of non processed rubber,
    the natural rubber makes these mats sustainable.
    These items are like anti-fatigue tiles thus
    relieve the pressure of standing on your feet for
    long periods making them perfect for gyms. These
    mats are all weather mats and can cover large
    area as these mats have to be interlocked. Visit
    the website to see the range.
    Connect with your Interlocking mat supplier to
    get your stock.

Our Products
  • Coir Products
  • Coir Pith and Fiber
  • Coir Growing Media
  • Coir Pith Blocks
  • Coco Chips
  • Coco Peat Briquettes
  • Coir Grow Bags
  • Buffered Coir Substrate
  • Coir Disc Pellets And Cubes

Our Products cont.
  • Coir Planters
  • Coir Weed Control Mulch Mats
  • Coco Pole (Sticks)
  • Seed Starter Coco Pots
  • Coir Nursery Pots
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Coir Liners
  • Coir Grow Mats
  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Coir Geotextiles
  • Coir Logs
  • Coir Blanket Rolls

Our Products cont.
  • Door Mats
  • Coir Doormats
  • Non Slip Coir Doormat
  • Tufted Coir Doormat
  • Handwoven Coir Door Mat
  • Rubber Wrought Iron Doormat
  • Coco Brush Door Mats
  • Coco Non Brush Panama Mats

Our Products cont.
  • Rubber Floor Mats
  • Perforated Drainage Mats
  • Entrance Scraper Mats
  • Interlocking Mats
  • Stair Treads
  • Boot Trays
  • Mat Rolls
  • Stable And Grass Mats

Our Products cont.
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Yoga Mats
  • Cotton Yoga Mats
  • Non Slip Yoga Mats
  • Yoga Props and Accessories
  • Foam Blocks
  • Zafu Cushion
  • Yoga Bolsters
  • Yoga Straps
  • Yoga Mat Bags

Contact Us
  • Company Ehg 360 Exports Pvt Ltd
  • Contact Person Suresh Kanthaswamy
  • Contact Number 91 8056688335
  • Contact Email
  • Website url http//
  • Address No.33, Palaniammal Layout, Venkatesa
  • Near Iyyappan Temple, Pollachi,
  • Tamil Nadu, India
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