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Remove Amazon Hijackers


Start using Make My Jungle and get amazon hijacking alerts and instant remove amazon hackers as well. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Remove Amazon Hijackers

How to Remove Amazon Hijackers Easily? Dealing
with hijackers is one of the irritating tasks on
Amazon. Hijackers mainly eye on other people's
product listings and sells a similar product for
a lower price which helps them win the buy box.
Only one seller can have the buy box at a time
when a potential customer views a product
listing, and often the seller offering the
cheapest price is who will be rewarded. In this
write-up, we are discussing some simple ways to
Remove Amazon Hijackers.
  • Distinguish your merchandise before you order
  • If you are ordering a readily accessible product
    then hijackers can make some changes in your
    listings. Try as much as you can to make your
    product different. If due to any reason you are
    unable to make your product different then
    consider making your packaging different.
    Instead of choosing the standard poly wrap or the
    polybag, make your packaging distinct to your
    branding which will make it more difficult for
    hijackers to mimic. In this way, customers can
    easily differentiate between your actual product
    and other knock-offs.
  • Have your trade name proprietary
  • Just by inventing a new brand name does not mean
    that Amazon will recognize your brand as
    proprietary. It would be a good idea to register
    your brand as a legal trademark. Registering
    your brand does not mean that other sellers cant
    sell your products.
  • Although brand registration is one of the
    important tasks so you need to pay attention to
    this as well.

  • Take snaps of your Amazon listings page
  • If possible then take pictures of your Amazon
    listings as it will help you in proving that you
    are the original creator of the listings. It will
    also show Amazon how the page should look once
    you have cleared up the hijacking situation, you
    can focus on important tasks of your business.
  • Build a website with your trade name
  • Having a website domain attached to your brand
    will help Amazon to see that you are the brand
    behind the product. If you are facing problems
    while selling through the website then Amazon
    will in resolving the issue when they see the
    product SKUs on your own branded site.
  • Amazon frustration-free packaging
  • Amazon offers a special packaging certification
    for sellers that are known as Frustration- Free
    Packaging. Amazon's basic role of the
    accreditation is to decrease the utilization of
    abundance materials and use recyclable materials
    in item bundling. When a merchant experiences
    the procedure, Amazon will name the bundling with
    its official confirmation stamp. Despite the
    fact that Amazon has its motivations behind
    Frustration-Free Packaging, it can fill in as a
    supportive differentiation in your bundling that
    is amazingly hard for thieves to mimic.
  • If you've revealed the offenders of your capture
    and you've discovered their contact data, don't
    stop for a second to send them an email or a
    letter. Use Make My Jungle to monitor your stock
    and get instant info about all-ongoing tasks.
    Make My Jungle is an extraordinary tool that is
    able to catch hijackers before they capture your
    sales. Now you can react quickly to listing
    hijackers and negative listing events instantly.
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