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Outright Counselling to Private Limited Company Registration (1)


"Here in this blog forum, i am going to discuss about the outright incorporation of a private limited company and its leverages,burdens along with some tips." – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Outright Counselling to Private Limited Company Registration (1)

An Outright Counselling to Private Limited
Company Registration
Just know about a PLC
  • A company is a place where group of peoples
    associate and share universal goals. This company
    has certain restrictions to deliver their shares
    to public. It is good for a start-up to register
    his/her company under private limited since it is
    the only mode of obtaining organizational seed
    funding. One of the prominent pattern of
    registration of organization in India is private
    limited company registration. Registration of
    private limited company in India is coordinated
    by The Companies Act, 2013 and governed by
    Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Requirements for incorporating a Private
limited company
  • Applying for DIN Two organizers and two
    directors are mandatory. The Board of Director
    should be an individual and organizers may be a
    group or single. The individual need to apply for
    Director Identification Number along with
    recommended documents. Download the Form DIR-3
    and submit the scanned documents which leads to
    payment in private limited company registration

  • Digital Signature A DSC is an electronic format
    which is equivalent to human signature, since it
    authorizes the identification of the sender.
    Currently this is used for various online
    transactions, E tenders, Income tax E filing,
    Annual return filing, etc. Tri category of
    digital signature certification are Class 1,
    Class 2 and Class 3. For company registration and
    obtaining DPIN or DIN, you should opt Class 2
    certificate. This reduces expenditure -time and
    also integrity and authenticity of the documents
    can be maintained securely.

  • Name Endorsement This step is processed by
    Registrar of Companies and he has the authority
    to approve or reject the names of the company.
  • MOA and AOA Memorandum of Association and
    Article of Association are drafted by the
    Organizers or Directors.
  • Company Incorporation Certificate of
    Incorporation will be generated, once the ROC
    approves the documents and Forms submitted for
    private limited company incorporation.

What is Seed Funding?
  • Seed funding is a stereotype of integrity-based
    capitalization in which shareholders invest money
    in a trade in order to get it up and functioning.
    In return, the shareholder acquires fragmented
    ownership of the company. However, don't confuse
    seed funding with early stage funding. Seed
    money, sometimes known as seed funding or seed
    capital, is a form of securities offering in
    which an investor invests capital in a start up
    company in exchange for an equity stake in the

Sources of raising finance for a private limited
  • Equity Shares
  • ? Preference Shares
  • ? Rights issue of shares
  • ? Private placement of securities
  • ? Preferential allotment
  • ? Sweat Equity Shares
  • ? Debentures
  • ? Unsecured loan from Director and his Relatives
  • ? Inter - Corporate Deposit
  • ? Deposit from Members
  • ? Commercial paper
  • ? Bank finance
  • ? Pledge of shares

Leverages of a Private limited Company
  • Representatives Min-2 to Max 200 persons.
  • Administrative Minimum two directors.
  • Capitalization Min 1 Lakh is needed.
  • Catalogue The detailed document of the company
    which is appealed to the civil for contribution
    of percentage of the concern.
  • Legal reunion Filing of report to the Registrar
    of Companies is not necessary. Conversion of sole
    proprietorship into a private limited company is
    possible by some proceedings of Companies Act

Burdens of a Private limited Company
  • Shares cannot be shared until other bondholders
    agree to it. The public cannot be involved in
    sharing the profit of a private limited company.
    All companies should mention "Pvt Ltd" in the end
    of the firm name.

Things to be remembered while starting a blooming
business-Pvt Ltd company
  • Early start up of a company is much better in a
    new business venture and identify your strength.
    A truly passionate entrepreneur will not booze in
    weekend and focus much on productivity. When it
    comes to business, the "EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE
    WORM"- so start your work earlier in the morning.
    Construct your own Business empire and unique

  • Since entrepreneurship gives a lonely feel,
    spend some leisure time with your comfortable
    circle or your surrounding and get some fresh air
    from the balcony or grab a cup of tea or coffee.
    Have more endurance and humility in business and
    generate constant revenue. Get inspirations by
    meeting some millionaires if possible and capture
    the good wills and smart tactics from them.

  • Be an athlete in business not as a sprinter-
    but as a marathon runner...
  • Make your improvement radically better day by
    day and different out of the world.

Requirements for the formation of a Pvt Ltd
  • Name of the company One of the amazing aspect of
    registering a private company is deciding and
    reserving the suitable name for the business. The
    name should be unique and usage of offensive and
    sensitive words to be excluded. The limitation of
    the company name is 200 characters.
  • Registered Job office address The office must be
    within the jurisdiction in which the company
    incorporation takes place and is made available
    publicly in the register of the companies.
  • Suitable Director The responsibility of the
    director is to take appropriate decisions at
    right time in the day to day business operations
    and he/she should not be under 16.
  • A Member The director and shareholder can be the
    same person, so if you are forming a firm on your
    own, you can use your name for both positions.

Aim beyond what you are capable of.
Make your vision clear in company registration.
Never Ever Give up!! Nothing is impossible in
Legal Business!
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