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How to Reduce Exam Stress in Simple Ways


In today's highly competitive time, students face many academic problems including exam stress, Disinterest in attending classes and the inability to understand a subject. Depression is becoming the most common mental health problem college students suffer these days. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Reduce Exam Stress in Simple Ways


Welcome to Delhi Career Group
Importance of Examination in Life
  • Most students get panicked to hear about
    examination, but exam plays the key role in
    developing a persons character and
    self-reliance. That is why exams are compulsory
    everywhere. some important qualities that exams
    teaches us in our day to day life
  • 1. To work hard and put a lot of effort
    into our work by producing or achieving the best.
  • 2. It makes us efficient, by working well
    and quickly in given amount of time, and also
  • at organizing our work in the way that
    gets best outcomes from small things.
  • 3. It makes us committed, loyal to a
    belief, organization or bunch of people willing
  • work hard for it.
  • 4. It also gives us properties like
    patience, creativeness and leadership.

Is Stress for exams Good or Bad for exams

  • Stress is a brain's way of
    telling you to get on

  • with it. Student who aims
    to achieve something

  • big in life will go
    through this phase every time.

  • Its an inevitable part of
    student life that can be

  • tough thing to go through.
  • Always, remember
  • stress exists only to improve your work or
  • can let it be your downfall. To fight exam
    stress, first you need to learn
  • the reasons behind this enhanced anxiety.
    Then you can set up methods to
  • the pressure you perceive. Researchers have
    uncovered some explanations
  • for this uncomfortable situation during exam

Reasons students fear examination
  • 1. Fear of Failing
  • The worry of not scoring up to the
    desired marks or even below the passing marks,
  • them even more anxious. Anxiety and
    nervousness drains their ability to concentrate
  • while reading, that is why they keep
    worrying about their exams.
  • 2. Inadequate preparation
  • Lack of preparation is one of the
    reasons that brings fear into the minds of
  • when exam is oncoming. This situation
    occurred only when student have not covered a
  • major area of the course or subject .
    It also affects those students who are not
    present in
  • the class or due to lack of
    understanding of subject syllabus.
  • 3. High Expectations from Others
  • Pressure plays a very significant role
    in contributing a small seed of fear into a
  • students heart. It could be the
    influence from Family, relatives, teachers,
    neighbours etc.
  • It makes them anxious and nervous
    during the exam duration.
  • 4.Unreasonable and false believes
  • Some students are full of strains of
    all false and irrational believes. Fears like "
    If I fail
  • how can I face my parents, relative
    and friends. Most students themselves didn't

5. Low Motivation Levels Many students
do not believe that their efforts will improve
their performance, if students do not
recognize their value, they may not be motivated
to give their full effort. However, if a
student connects studies to their goals,
ambitions, interests they will more likely to
value it and thus puts more effort into it.
How to reduce exam stress during preparation
in 6 simple ways
  • 1. Taking Short breaks Can Release stress
  • Take regular breaks in scheduled interval of
    time and add some fun things to do in that time.
    Even high level exams allows you to take little
    time for study break. It can be of 15-20 minutes
    interval of time during your revision time. Go
    out for lunch or dinner with family or friends,
    anything that can cheer you up will release the
    stress and makes you refreshed and relaxed for
    the next time you revise.
  • 2. Try to Get Enough Sleep
  • The benefits of a Proper sleep can never be
    underestimated. you need to sleep at least for
    8-9 hours everyday during exam time. This will
    help your brain to function efficiently the next
    day. You will observe, your energy level and
    concentration level will be heightened sleep
    helps your brain to accumulate new knowledge into
    your long-term memory so that you can remember it
    when it comes to the exam day.
  • 3. Eat Right, Drink Well, Stress Less
  • High Fiber Foods May Reduce Anxiety and
    Stress. Different types of food can help decrease
    the stress level in variety of ways. Foods like
    warm oatmeal can boost level of serotonin which
    is a brain calming chemical. Other foods can
    minimize the levels of adrenaline and Cortisol,
    these are the stress hormones that can take over
    the body, but by eating right food and drinking
    plenty of water we can manage our stress level.

4. Talk to someone Sometimes you just need to
speak with someone, to let it all out. Figure out
what you are feeling at that time, and let it all
out. Talk to your family, friends or anyone that
understands you, asking for advice doesn't harm
you in anyways, but can benefit you in some
extraordinary ways and helps you to rise above
the exam stress. 5. Listen Good Quality
Music listening to your favorite genre of music
can create a productive atmosphere by uplifting
your mood and even motivate you study more
efficiently and for longer period of time.
Classical music is advised as the best genre of
music to increase your memory power but ambient
music can help too. 6. Exercise and going
Outside Nature has proven to be a stress killer,
but it has also proven that brain works more
efficiently and healthier in nature. Spending 5
minutes outside can cheer you up. Research has
proven that exercising such as taking walk in
nature can boost your memory and brain power.
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