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Savoy Resort & Spa - Seychelles or Maldives


Maldives or Seychelles – it`s always a difficult choice! In this presentation, we will tell you about the main features and differences between Seychelles islands and Maldives. Choose your destination! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Savoy Resort & Spa - Seychelles or Maldives

Savoy Resort Spa Seychelles or Maldives
Maldives or Seychelles its always a difficult
choice! In this presentation, we will tell you
about the main features and differences between
Seychelles islands and Maldives. Choose your
Maldives and Seychelles are two paradises in the
Indian Ocean. Both of them are an example of a
calm and quiet beach holiday, without a lot of
people and city bustle. Tropical nature,
visa-free entry, warm sunny climate - all this
attracts a huge number of tourists. Both
archipelagos are considered almost ideal, so the
question Where is better, in the Maldives or in
the Seychelles? Is not an easy one. Let's try to
figure out which one is right for you.
Climate The islands are nearby, but their
climate is heavily dependent on the monsoons, so
dry seasons and rainy seasons are mirrored
here. In the Maldives, the dry season lasts from
November to April - at this time there is no rain
at all, the air temperature is in the region 24
... 30 ?. In the Seychelles, its wet at
this time, it rains often, but lasts no more than
an hour, so in general they do not spoil the
rest. From May to November, the seasons change -
in the Maldives it rains a little, windy, and in
the Seychelles it is dry, with temperatures up to
28 ?.
Beaches Seychelles is a fairly large
archipelago. Due to this, there are more beaches
here, they are diverse, but not all of them are
suitable for swimming either because of the
inconvenient descent into the water or because of
the stormy waves. You can choose a beach to your
liking - according to the law, Seychelles are
allowed to visit the territory of any hotel.
Cliffs scattered in the ocean and on the coast
guarantee you diversity. There are no cliffs on
the Maldivian beaches, as on the Seychelles, but
such long, even sand spits you will not find
anywhere else in the world. There is nothing
stopping you from enjoying the sunset and the
grandeur of the ocean. A special flavor to the
rest in the Maldives is given by the opportunity
to rent sea villas - stilt houses standing
directly in the water.
Entertainment The Maldives is ready to please
anyone who loves an all-inclusive holiday.
Resorts (hotels on the islands) offer a variety
of spa treatments. Opportunities for outdoor
activities are not so many that nothing prevents
tourists from enjoying peace and quiet. Not bad
diving the underwater world is quite rich
here. Holidays in the Seychelles are more active
- guests are offered boating, excursions to small
rocky islets. The capital of the archipelago,
Mahe is a fairly large city, it has a casino and
interesting sights and places, including churches
and temples, monuments and numerous art galleries.
Infrastructure If we talk about infrastructure,
these two resorts are almost identical - its
comfortable to relax on the territory of hotels,
sunbeds and sun loungers are everywhere, the
beaches are cleaned. Some hotels have small water
parks, entertainment, SPA, many cafes and
restaurants. But since the Maldives most often
involves a holiday on a separate island-hotel,
outside these islands there is practically no
transport connection, it is difficult to find
entertainment or a cafe on islands with local
villages. The exception is the capital of
Male. Traveling between the islands is easier in
the Seychelles, and on any inhabited patch of
land you will find small guest houses or at least
restaurants and snack bars.
Hotels All Maldives hotels are located on the
very shore and have their own beach.
Accommodation is offered in rooms, but elite
bungalows and sea villas are much more
popular. In the categories of mainly 4 and 5
stars, there are small three-star bungalows. The
service in all hotels in the Maldives is a priori
at the highest level. In Seychelles, the level
of service is also high, but the concept of
"starryness" is conditional - a 4 or even 3 star
hotel can be better than a five-star hotel, and
the beach is public. Hotels are more variety -
there are villas on the hills and in the
mountains, rooms in large hotel complexes,
bungalows with almost no amenities on the beach
and even apartments with a kitchen where you can
cook for yourself.
Prices What to choose, the Maldives or the
Seychelles, not only to enrich the experience
with impressions, but also not to completely
empty your wallet? These destinations are luxury,
but a package tour to the Maldives costs less
than a trip to the Seychelles. Of course, if
you want to relax in an expensive five-star
resort with SPA, diving and other services, then
the Maldives will come out more expensive, but on
average the situation is the opposite. In the
Seychelles, you can save a little if you choose
to relax in an inexpensive bungalow and cook for
yourself - a great option for those who want to
feel like a guest on a paradise uninhabited
Food In the Seychelles, the cuisine is mainly
Creole and Indian - spicy, with original sauces
and seasonings. A lot of exotic. Here you will
enjoy lobster and octopus dishes, even shark meat
or lobster will be served for ordinary rice.
Tourists often order an unusual delicacy - the
meat of bats. In the Maldives, tourists most
often eat at their hotel. The choice of dishes is
very wide - it offers cuisine of all the peoples
of the world and some local dishes. A large
selection of seafood, as it is easiest to get
them on individual islets, but meat and
vegetables are also cooked regularly.
Sights Both archipelagos are beautiful in their
own right you will find tropical nature and
beaches with white sand here. In the Maldives,
the main object of excursions is Male - the real
Asian capital, a large city among the untouched
tropics. People come here to visit the National
Museum, the Islamic Center, Great Friday Mosque
and Sultan Park - the kingdom of tropical plants,
palm trees, orchids and roses. There are more
architectural monuments and parks in Seychelles.
On Mahe it is worth visiting the Seychelles Morne
National Park, the Royal Garden, where spices and
rare tropical plants grow, the Mon Fleury
botanical garden with a giant coconut palm tree,
a monument to Queen Victoria, a monument of
Friendship, temples and art galleries.
Beau Vallon beach, Mahe island, Seychelles 248
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