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Attend Business Analytics Training in Mumbai with 100% Syllabus Covered also Attend the Best Data Science Course in Mumbai. Faculty are From IIT & ISB. ExcelR is the Best Institute for Data Science Training in Mumbai – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Data Analytics Courses - ExcelR

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Course Description What is Business Analytics /
Data Analytics / Data Science? Business Analytics
or Data Analytics or Data Science certification
course is an extremely popular, in- demand
profession which requires a professional to
possess sound knowledge of analysing data in all
dimensions and uncover the unseen truth coupled
with logic and domain knowledge to impact the
top-line (increase business) and bottom-line
(increase revenue). ExcelRs Data Science
curriculum is meticulously designed and
delivered matching the industry needs and
considered to be the best in the industry. Also,
Google Trends shows an upward trajectory with an
exponential increase in the volume of searches
like never seen before. This is proof enough to
back the statements made by Harvard Business
Review and the business research giants, that
Business Analytics will be the most sought-after
profession the world has ever witnessed. What is
a Data Scientist? Or Rather Who is a Data
Scientist? Data for a Data Scientist is what
Oxygen is to Human Beings. This is also a
profession where statistical adroit works on
data incepting from Data Collection to Data
Cleansing to Data Mining to Statistical Analysis
and right through Forecasting, Predictive
Modeling and finally Data Optimization. A Data
Scientist does not provide a solution they
provide the most optimized solution out of the
many available. Various research bodies
including IBM say that the demand for Data
Scientists and AI professionals will skyrocket to
700,000 by 2020. This is very evident with the
rise in job opportunities in various job portals.
As a Data Scientist or an aspirant, you should
not believe us. Go! research on your own and
confirm the facts and figures. Who Should Do The
Data Scinece/Business Analytics
Course? Professionals who can consider Business
Analytics / Data Analytics Certification / Data
Science Certificate Program Training as their
next logical move to enhance their careers
include Professionals working on Business
Intelligence and reporting tools Professionals
working on Data Warehouse Technologies
Statisticians, Economists, Mathematicians Software
programmers (they have an edge in writing code
to accomplish a prediction / classification /
forecasting model) Business analysts (they have
an edge in terms of industry / sector / domain
experience) Six Sigma Consultants who already
have exposure to Statistics
Freshers (market demand is thriving organisations
to hire the freshers trained on analytics) How To
Become A Data Scientist? Accrue knowledge on
dealing with data by getting trained and / or
certified by any of the well-known institutes
which have rich experience working closely with
the ever-evolving industry. Knowing about Data
Analytics tools or Data Mining software alone
will not help you analyse data. What Else Is
Required For Data Science Course? You should
possess Domain / Sector / Industry knowledge and
learn relevant concepts to strike the right
nail. A few such examples which are not limited
to those mentioned are One into web development
might want to learn Web Analytics One into search
engine optimisation might want to learn Social
Media Analytics and Website Analytics One into
sales and marketing might want to learn Marketing
Analytics, Customer Analytics, Twitter
Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Social Media
Analytics and Data Collection Tools One into
human resources might want to learn Workforce
Analytics One into health care might want to
learn Healthcare Data Analytics Real-World
Problems Life Sciences And Health Care Wearable
Devices Many people across the globe are
wondering on how to predict diseases in their
initial stages and how changing lifestyle habits
will cure the disease instead of medication. For
this, people started wearing health bands, a few
call them sports band which is used to track
heartbeat rate, calories burnt, sleeping
patterns, number of steps taken (walked) and many
more. Jawbone is the most famous wristband and
its users have helped generate about 130 million
nights of sleep and experts call it the biggest
sleep study on the planet. Also recorded are
about 1.6 trillion steps and 180 million items of
food. You can tag the data to your personal
doctor who will then monitor and inform you of
what diseases you are likely to be infected with
and what precautions should be taken to avoid it.
Sounds WOW! Retail Location-Based
Analytics Thousands of footfalls are witnessed in
any known shopping mall across the globe. Can the
store owners within the mall convert the
footfalls into revenue? The Answer is YES! The
moment a person connects to free wi-fi
accessible in the mall, a unique MAC address is
assigned to the person. From that point on,
details such as time spent in a store, speed of
movement (moving across the wifi zones / range),
past buying behaviour, number of times an
individual visited a store versus number of times
purchase happened and different parameters are
checked to send a personalised coupon which will
lure the potential customer to become a source of
revenue. The number of coupons sent versus the
number of purchases and the number of coupons
sent versus the amount purchased is the key
Business metrics captured and evaluated to
enhance the prediction model. Amazing, isnt
it! Why You Should Pursue A Career In Data
Science / Business Analytics / Data
Analytics? You may question if Data Science
Certification is worth it? The answer is yes.
Data Science / Analytics is creating myriad jobs
in all the domains across the globe. Business
organizations realised the value of analysing
historical data in order to make informed
decisions and improve their businesses.
Digitalization in all the walks of business is
helping them to generate and analyse the data.
This is helping to create many Data Science /
Analytics job opportunities in this space. The
void between the demand and supply
for Data Scientists is huge and hence the
salaries pertaining to Data Science are sky high
and considered to be the best in the industry. A
Data Scientist's career path is long and
lucrative as the generation of online data is
perpetual and growing in the future. ExcelR
offers the best Data Science online certification
training along with classroom and e-learning
certification courses. The complete Data Science
course details can be found in our course agenda
on this page. Data Scientist Training and
Placement in Mumbai Subsequent to the completion
of our Data Science Certification program,
assignments, projects and placement assistance
will kick start. Help will be rendered in terms
of resume building, FAQs for the interviews,
one-to-one discussion on job description during
interview calls, etc. A couple of mock interviews
(one on one / telephonic) will be conducted by
the SME's to evaluate the grey areas and areas of
strength. This helps the participant to
retrospect and understand their interview
readiness. Participants can attend and
successfully crack the interviews with complete
confidence. ExcelR offers the best Data Science
training and the reviews from our past
participant's vouch for our statement.
Things You Will Learn
? Module 1 - Data Science Project Lifecycle
Recap of Demo Introduction to Types of Analytics
Project life cycle ? Module 2 - Introduction To
R And Python Basic Statistics ? Module 3 -
Hypothesis Testing ? Module 4 - Linear
Regression ? Module 5 - Logistic Regression ?
Module 6 - Regularization Techniques ? Module 7
- Multinomial Regression Data Mining
Unsupervised ? Module 8 - Data Mining
Unsupervised - Clustering ? Module 9 - Dimension
Reduction ? Module 10 - Data Mining Unsupervised
- Network Analytics
? Module 11 - Data Mining Unsupervised -
Association Rules ? Module 12 - Data Mining
Unsupervised - Recommender System ? Module 13 -
Text Mining ? Module 14 - Natural Language
Processing Classifiers ? Module 15 - Machine
Learning Classifiers - KNN ? Module 16 -
Classifier - Naive Bayes ? Module 17 - Decision
Tree And Random Forest ? Module 18 - Bagging And
Boosting ? Module 19 - Black Box Methods ?
Module 20 - Survival Analysis ? Module 21 -
Forecasting Assignments/Projects/Placement
Support ? Module 22 - Assignments ? Module 23 -
Projects ? Module 24 - Resume Prep And Interview
Support Value added courses ? Module 25 -
Basics Of Hadoop And Spark ? Module 26 - Basics
Of R ? Module 27 - Basics Of Python ? Module 28
- Basics Of Azure
? Module 29 - Basics Of MYSQL ? Module 30 -
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Why ExcelR?
?Faculty is our forte. Trainers at
Participants will be given access to recorded
sessions of their ass instructor led live
classes which hours helps to revise and recap
the conc concepts and also to watch
the di missed sessions on ExcelR's conc
state-of-the-art Learning th Management
System (LMS). One assi can access and watch
the ensur recorded sessions even on
the dedi move you t
ExcelR's Business Analytics course curriculum
has been meticulously designed from basics to
advanced topics to ensure that even the
freshers to Business Analytics can master the
concepts easily. We tailor the course content
periodically according to the changing needs of
the industry
ExcelR possess extensive real time experience,
certified, have passion for training and
considered to be the best in the industry.
Request for a free demo to assess the quality of
our training
Participants Placed Through ExcelR
QUALITY TRAINING Chandrasekhar Karanam Supply
Chain Solution Architect and Consultant, Mosaic
Company Quality training and excellent customer
service. I highly recommend ExcelR trainings..
? ? ? ? ?
Operations Manager, CSC It was awesome training
which will redefine my carrer in analytics area.
Thanks to the trainer that he is so apt with all
the knowledge. He is very good trainer.
? ? ? ? ?
Mishra CSC Training was very helpful, very
interactive and practical. ? ? ? ? ?
MARYS RUBBERS PVT. LTD. The Overall Training was
nice. The sad part is that I missed almost half
of the sessions due to travels. But went through
the recorded sessions and completed the project.
? ? ? ? ?
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FAQs ? What Is JUMBO PASS? The all new and
exclusive JUMBO PASS is the latest initiative
taken by ExcelR to offer you access to attend
unlimited batches over the duration of 365 days.
You will be able to attend unlimited number of
classes for the course of your choice. ? What Is
The Difference Between Business Analytics, Data
Analytics And Data Scientist? ? What If I Have
No Experience In Business Analytics? ? What If I
Am A Fresher? Can I Still Get A Job In Business
Analytics? ? What If I Forget The Business
Analytics Concepts After Attending Business
Analytics Training? ? Do I Need To Have Strong
Programming Skills To Be Business Analyst? ? Why
Should We Learn R? Cant We Learn Any Other Tool
For Business Analytics? ? What Are The Salaries
That We Can Expect In The Profession Of Business
Analytics? ? What Is Instructor-Led Online
Training? ? How Many Batches Can I Attend, If
Enrolled For Training? ? Is This A Live Training
Or Recorded Sessions? ? Whom Should I Contact If
I Want To Know More Information About The
Training? ? What If I Miss A Live Session? ?
Will I Get A Business Analytics Course Completion
Certification From ExcelR?
? What Are The Different Modes Of Payment
Global Presence ExcelR is a training and
consulting firm with its global headquarters in
Houston, Texas, USA. Alongside to catering to
the tailored needs of students, professionals,
corporates and educational institutions across
multiple locations, ExcelR opened its offices in
multiple strategic locations such as Australia,
Malaysia for the ASEAN market, Canada, UK,
Romania taking into account the Eastern Europe
and South Africa. In addition to these offices,
ExcelR believes in building and nurturing future
entrepreneurs through its Franchise verticals
and hence has awarded in excess of 30 franchises
across the globe. This ensures that our quality
education and related services reach out to all
corners of the world. Furthermore, this
resonates with our global strategy of catering to
the needs of bridging the gap between the
industry and academia globally.
Accolades ? ? Business Analytics Certification
Training locations in Mumbai A I staff colony
400029, Aareymilk Colony 400065, Agripada
400011, Airport 400099, Ambewadi 400004,
Andheri 400053, Andheri East 400069, Andheri
Railway station 400058, Antop Hill 400037,
Asvini 400005, Azad Nagar 400053, B P t
colony 400003, B.N. bhavan 400051,
B.P.lane 400003, Bandra West 400050,
Bandra(east) 400051, Bangur Nagar
400090, Bazargate 400001, Best Staff
colony 400012, Bharat Nagar 400007, Bhawani
Shankar 400028, Borivali 400091, Borivali
East 400066, Borvali West 400092, C G s
colony 400013, Central Building 400020,
Century Mill Chakala Midc 400093, Chamarbaug
400012, Charkop 400067, Chaupati 400004,
Chinchbunder 400009, Chinchpokli 400011,
Churchgate 400020, Colaba 400005, Cotton
Exchange 400033, Cumballa Hill 400026,
Dadar 400014, Dahisar 400068, Danda
400052, Daulat Nagar 400066, Delisle
Road 400013, Dharavi 400017, Dockyard Road
400010, Dr Deshmukh marg 400026, Falkland
Road 400008, Girgaon 400004, Gokhale Road
400028, Goregaon 400062, Goregaon East
400063, Government Colony 400051, Gowalia
Tank 400026, Grant Road 400007, H.M.p. school
400058, Haffkin Institute 400012, Haines
Road 400011, Hajiali 400034, Hanuman
Road 400057, High Court bulding 400032,
Holiday Camp 400005, Irla 400056, Ins
Hamla 400095, International Airport
400099, J.B. nagar 400059,
400008, Jacob Circle 400011, Jogeshwari East
400060, Jogeshwari West 400102, Juhu
400049, Kalachowki 400033, Kalbadevi
400002, Kamathipura 400008, Kandivali
East 400101, Kandivali West 400067, Kapad
Bazar 400016, Ketkipada 400068, Khar Colony
400052, Kharodi 400095, Kherwadi 400051,
Kidwai Nagar 400031, L B s n e collage
400033, Lal Baug 400012, Liberty Garden
400064, M A marg 400008, M.P.t. 400001,
Madh 400061, Madhavbaug 400004, Magthane
400066, Mahim 400016, Malabar Hill
400006, Malad 400064, Malad East 400097,
Malad West dely 400064, Mandapeshwar
400103, Mandvi 400003, Mantralaya 400032,
Marine Lines 400020, Marol Bazar 400059,
Masjid 400003, Matunga Railway workshop
400019, Mazgaon 400010, Mori Road 400016,
Motilal Nagar 400104, Mumbai Central
400008,Mumbai400001, N . s.patkar 400007,
Nagardas Road 400069, Nagari Niwara 400065,
Naigaon 400014, Nariman Point 400021, New
Prabhadevi road 400025, New Yogakshema
400021, Noor Baug 400003, Null Bazar
400003, Opera House 400004, Orlem 400064,
Oshiwara 400102, Parel 400012, Parel Rly
work shop 400003, Prabhadevi 400025, Princess
Dock 400009, Rajbhavan 400035, Rajendra Nagar
400066, Ramwadi 400002, Ranade Road
400028, Rani Sati marg 400097, Reay Road
400033, S R p f camp 400060, S Savarkar marg
400028, S V marg 400007, S. c. court
400002, S. k.nagar 400066, Sahar P t colony
400099, Santacruz Central 400054, Santacruz
Pt colony 400029, Santacruz(east) 400055,
Santacruz(west) 400054, Secretariate
400032, Seepz 400096, Sewri
400015, Sharma Estate 400063, Shivaji Park
400028, Shroff Mahajan 400002, Stock
Exchange 400001, Tank Road 400033,
Tardeo 400007, Thakurdwar 400002, Tulsiwadi
400034, V J b udyan 400027, V K bhavan
400010, V.P. road 400052, V.W.t.c. 400005,
Vakola 400055, Vesava 400061, Vidyanagari
400098, Vileeparle (east) 400057,
Vileparle(west) 400056, Wadala 400031, Worli
400018, Worli Colony 400030.
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