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A woman-oriented platform for female bloggers to share their knowledge and stories, be recognized for their skills and get paid for it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: cooljagtap (2)

  • My life has everything. I am a busy mother my
    husband gets his monthly pay check on time we
    make annual travel plans I hit the gym every
    morning and I shop my heart out. That sounds
    like a perfect life , doesnt it? But, where am I
    in this life? I lost myself somewhere between
    home and home. What do I do for myself amidst
    the process of making my familys life easy and
    perfect? Do I wish to be known as a
    stereotypical shopper women? I guess not.
  • My moment of nirvana just punched me right there
    and I typed it, googled it- all possible work
    from home opportunities in India. To my surprise,
    our country, where women are ready to give up
    their ambitions and quit their dream jobs after
    getting married, lack in providing an appropriate
    work from home scope. Data entry, telephone
    operator, are some options but these will provide
    you instant money and no Identity.
  • Lets talk about numbers now. India ranks 120
    amongst 131 countries in
  • female labour force participation rate, according
    to World bank review.How will the country
    prosper and have a sustainable growth if half the
    population isnt participating? At one level
    working women quit their jobs due to family
    pressures while on the other level, I blame the
    dearth of options available for women to pursue
    jobs from their home.
  • Even the possibilities that are available are far
    from favourable.
  • Surprisingly, the rapid urbanization of the
    country is not opening gates for women
    workforce. Only 27 of the women work against 79
    of men.
  • What is the need of the hour?
  • What we need as a country is a women-centric work
    opportunity where the female section of the
    population can work together and support each
  • An opportunity for women to make use of their
    experience and knowledge and
  • ultimately building a strong identity for
  • Not a daily exhausting 9 hours of job struggling
    to make a mark but a sip-on- the-coffee work
    from home opportunity where she can balance her
    career without compromising on her family life.
  • An opportunity for women to help each other grow.
    A little uplift to the deprived
  • women and from rural areas where opportunities do
    not reach them.
  • A strong community where a woman stands by
    another woman and believes in growing together
    which is the gist of women empowerment.
  • Widen your horizons with Pinkdesk
  • Why should I waste a good professional degree?
    Why not pursue my interests and hobbies and do
    things that I like to do and things that will
    implant a sense of

  • satisfaction. It is what Pink desk offers, a
    revival to your lost hobbies and a U-turn to
    your dreams. To be very specific, PinkDesk
    offers, An amazing option to,
  • Write your heart out at BLOGGERSPARK. Where you
    can share your
  • knowledge and experiences that will help other
    women to know, follow and grow. It is always
    great to make a difference in someones life. The
    platform serves women from every walk of life,
    whether a mother, a student or an engineer. You
    share what you know and earn applauds. This is
    not all, your blogs performance is tracked via
    PD Score which would help you earn money and
  • If feeling helpless, anxious, need a quick
    advice, call for it at the FORUM. A window for
    women to share their problems and advice fellow
    women. With so much of webbed responsibilities,
    women get clueless and aimless at times. Forum,
    is where you get a boost to that lost confidence.
  • A womens ecosystem isnt complete without a
    Shopping cart. Mandi
  • provides a sneak peek into local stores based on
    your chosen locality. MANDI is mainly a launch
    pad for women to showcase their products or
    services and build a brand. Women entrepreneurs
    get a positive push with associations like Mandi,
    where your products are showcased with vibrant
    marketing, a platform to get yourself
    financially independent. A place to harness your
    skills and show off your capabilities. And this
    is not a compulsion but a facility and a great
    window(of opportunity) that invests in your
    identity-build up and provides benefits beyond
    your imagination. Very appropriately covering
    these three scopes, Pink desk, is determined to
    uplift the women so that they can contribute to
    Indias GDP. As they proudly state, Women
    empowerment is not about being better, instead,
    its about being complete.
  • How Concrete is women empowerment with PinkDesk?
  • The above opportunities must have given a fair
    idea on how a woman can achieve growth and
    independence PinkDesk. Lets get real!
  • Financial Independence is a very important factor
    in empowerment of any individual. Without an
    identity and financial resources, woman
    empowerment is nothing but a play of words.
  • Pink desk ensures a womans financial
    independence by investing on
  • ideas like PD Cash. PD cash is a unique earning
    that is paid to users when they get applauses
    for their blogs/vlogs/answers. This way you can
    earn to invest in Bazaar and begin earning.
    Associating with Pink Desk, may not reap you
    instant profits because everything that lasts
    longer requires perseverance. It is an
    opportunity for we, women to grow with our
    interests and hobbies. A way to be noticed
    amongst a

crowd. To shine bright in your own eyes and make
yourself the most important one in your perfect