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Share Market Advisor India


As per astrology: Volatility will continue in Indian stock market till November 16th. After that you can expect mid and small cap to bounce back heavily from these levels. For more info, you contact the genuine share market advisor in India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Share Market Advisor India

If you are new to the world of the Indian stock
market or investing, you may experience a variety
of emotions when considering your next stock
pick. Choosing a winning stock that can give
constant returns for several years needs a lot of
research and analysis. Though, you can simplify
the research process if you have an investment
checklist. So, the next time you find yourself
getting a new investment opportunity, there are
few important questions you need to ask to make
the right decision. Knowing all the answers
doesnt guarantee a superior stock. But over the
long haul, taking the time to consider these
questions will make you a better and
well-informed investor.
  • What Does The Company Do?
  • Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors of
    the past 60 years, says he doesnt invest in what
    he doesnt understand. If he is brave enough to
    admit that he doesnt understand all companies,
    we should all possibly take heed. It is a very
    basic question, but that doesnt mean its easy.
    To answer this question, there are loads of
    places to study, including the companys reviews
    and website.
  • 2. What Is The Earning History and Position of
    The Company?
  • A quick look into older Indian stock market
    trading news stories and the companys past
    statements help answer this question. Does the
    company have a history of stable earnings
    expansion? Are earnings volatile?

3. Is the Company Profitable? This is also a
very simple question, which can be made more
complex by all sorts of variations on a companys
earnings. Investors can read the annual and
quarterly earnings reports to check out how much
net income the company reported in the last few
years, in currency and per-share earnings.
4. How Is The Stock Value? Its great to find a
company whose earnings are growing exponentially,
but the other side of the equation is the value
the marketplace pays for that growth and the view
of future expansion. An investor needs to check
that is the company currently over-valued,
under-valued or decently valued? What is the
calculated basic value by various valuation
methods? How much is the margin of safety?
5. Who Are The Companys Key Competitors? Every
company has competition they dont work in a
vacuum. Companies are all the time trying to take
business from one another. So, the investor needs
to find out the direct and indirect competitors
of the company. What is the market share of the
company vs. the competitors in the industry? For
better understanding you can also consult to
professional stock market advisor in India.
6. Who Runs The Company? Who are the
promoters/owners of the company? Who is leading
the company? Is the company a professionally
guided or family-owned one? What are the
credentials/history of CEO, MD, Board of
directors and the supervision team? What is the
shareholding pattern of the company? Find the
answers to these questions and they will help you
choose your next stock.
7. How Clean Is the Companys Balance
Sheet? Experienced long-term investors
understand a companys balance sheet and check
how much capital the company has on the asset
side. Checking out a companys earnings solely
doesnt tell you if the company has borrowed to
the moon to achieve those earnings. 8. Does
Everyone Else Think This Is A Good? You
shouldnt base your whole strategy on public
opinion, but calculating others opinions on the
investment is an important step in your research
and analysis. If a stock is universally hated or
adored, ask yourself why.
9. Was The Management Involved In Past Scams Or
Fraud? Was the upper management, owners or
promoters of the company involved in any past
fraud or scams? Does the company have any sort of
record of cheating the shareholders or any past
penalty by SEBI? 10. How Much Debt The Company
Has? How much long-term and short-term debt the
company has? Does the company make enough profits
or free cash flow to pay the debt in the future
years? Have the promoters pledged any of their
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