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Elements required for Interior Design


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Elements required for Interior Design

Elements required for your interior design
Basic requirements for any Construction
Lets start with the basic requirements for any
construction before entering into the main topic
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Economy or Budget
  • Space dimensions
  • Safety and security
  • Comforts and conveniences

  • A lot many people are confused from interior
    design with interior decoration. While the name
    interior design refers to designing an entire
    living space from scratch i.e from the start,
    and interior decoration refers to decorating
    existent living space with added furniture and
    any decorative items. All interior designers are
    mostly space planners. Space planning can involve
    all kinds of spaces like home, restaurants,
    offices, theatres. You can also visit interior
    design websites to get an brief of any designs
    and contact them regarding your dream house.

Every interior design covers 7 major elements
  • Space
  • Line
  • Forms
  • Light
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Pattern

  • Space is one of the most important elements of
    interior design. It acts as a foundation on which
    the entire interior design plan is built.
    Basically everyone has an idea about the floor
    and living space and that is said to be two
    dimensional (Length and width) and three
    dimensional space (length, width and height)
  • Your space should be accordingly organized based
    on the dimensions to make it look good and avoid

  • Lines give birth to your design and forms a unity
    in living space. Forming lines define and act as
    a visual guide for your space. As we are
    discussing about lines in general we know that
    there are three types - Horizontal, Vertical and
    Dynamic and the same follows for the interior
    design lines.
  • Each line defines a different structure
  • Horizontal- Adorn structures likes tables, chairs
    and beds.
  • Vertical- Can be found on windows, doorways and
  • An interior designer must know how to utilize
    these lines to define the forms, another
    important interior design element.

  • Forms are denoted as shapes in general. They are
    an outline of any three dimensional object in the
    space. No doubt that forms can be created by
    combining any two or more elements like texture,
    patterns and colours.
  • As we discussed that there are two types of space
    and three types in lines there are also two types
    of forms.
  • Geometric (man-made)
  • Natural (Organic)

Light can be considered as one of the most
obvious elements of interior design as it sets
the mood and ambience to the room and also
highlights all other elements. It can either be
man-made or natural but without light, other
elements like color, texture and pattern will not
have any significance.
Every has an idea about colours and there dont
require any special introduction. They create an
aesthetic connection between objects and set the
mood. They must be chosen based on the mood and
psychology of you. Each color has their own
characteristics like hue, value, intensity and
every interior designer should be well aware of
three characteristics before choosing a color.
Texture is classified into two types based on the
visibility and touch namely Visual texture and
Actual texture. So here we can say that texture
mainly deals with surfaces and also determines
how any typical surface looks and feels. Any
elements like pillow covers, bedsheets or
anything to do with covers like drapes,
wallpapers have a texture.
Patterns can be of any shape and it can mostly be
comprised of attractive and repetitive designs.
Patterns are not just frames or shapes but can
also be with colors. And every patterns has its
own story.
Constructions doesnt just include space and
plan but also a very good contractors and
architects and any construction is a man made
wonder. Home construction contractors give you
ample satisfaction by contributing their ideas
for your dream house and make it easy. They aim
to reform the way construction is currently being
done and intend to simplify and give solutions
for all you construction needs.
  • Any construction requires 4Ts which are very
    essential and Home construction and monitoring
    services provide you with all these principles
  • Transparency
  • Time
  • Tracking
  • Technology
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