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Title: Viral News Jacker Review

What is it Viral News Jacker is an all-in-one
software, system and FREE viral traffic method
for banking hands-free DAILY income. This
automated traffic and sales app creates self
updated viral news sites using other peoples
trending news! Check out many FB marketing
groups, and youll see people bragging about how
HARD they work. But in online marketing, most
people doing the hard work are HARDLY making
any money. Theyre busy creating dozens of
websites, products videos. Spending HOURS per
day juggling a dozen different traffic sources.
They always seem just about to make a
breakthrough. But you never hear about their
results. In reality, banking online is WAY easier
than all of that. The money is in the news. Sites
like The Huffington Post, Mashable Techcrunch
make over 10K PER day WITHOUT selling a thing.
Same formula works for independent marketers -
dozens of people with simple sites make 3-4
figures in pure profits every day of the week.
Why? A huge majority of people get their news
online and thanks to regular updates. News is the
new addiction - people need their fix multiple
times per day. How? Websites that share trending
news attract VIRAL traffic And make their owners
money JUST when people click on an ads passive
offers. Viral News Jacker Review is a brand new
software that is PROVEN to make this kind of
passive income hits the market. 3 Simple Steps
For Automated Income Sites In Any Niche with
Viral News Jacker Step 1 - Activate the software
follow the step-by-step videos. Step 2 - Launch
your automated sites with built-in monetization.
Step 3 - Watch Free Viral Traffic turn into
hands-free profits! With Viral News Jacker,
you'll be building your email list as you earn
commissions so you won't need an existing list.
You don't need any tech skills. They have an
automated traffic system build into the software
so you won't have to pay for traffic. There are
millions of "news" niches you could create sites
Viral News Jacker Review Your chance to really
take advantage of the news! And the best part is
it takes less than 5 minutes to setup. Yes it
takes less than 5 minutes per site, and are "self
updating" so no maintenance required in the
future! Viral News Jacker is YOUR answer to
bringing in hands-free cash growing your list
with a simple one-time setup. So you can focus on
your core business, and RELAX knowing that
passive profits and leads are coming in the door
24/7. All you need to do is hit the button below.
Youll be taken to a secure checkout page where
you can verify your details, then theyll set you
up with a private login access to everything
inside. The only catch is to get in at this
extremely limited discount AND claim all the
bonuses, youve got to act right now. Get Viral
News Jacker Now. Features Turn 100 FREE traffic
into profits all day long. Bank multiple passive
income streams from affiliate links, CPA offers
and advertising banners (Literally anywhere
online!). Leverage the nets most trending news
for free viral traffic. BUILT-IN content
spinners, image replacement translation tools
maximize your free search traffic from every
update. 1-click sharing for floods of social
media traffic. Build your list at the SAME time
youre generating passive profits. Cash in using
OTHER peoples content legally. Beginner friendly
method proven for MONTHS. 1-time setup for YEARS
of recurring passive profits with Viral News
Jacker. Viral social search engine traffic
BUILT IN! never pay for ads! Effortlessly create
every automated update brings in more traffic
profits every single day! Build your list for
even HIGHER long term income WITHOUT creating
products! Can do for you Point Click Automated
App Automate your commissions with this powerful
app! Viral News Jacker Review creates self
updating viral news sites in under 5 minutes, to
build your list AND put commissions in your
pocket. Customize your viral sites in seconds
with your autoresponder info as many affiliate
links as you wish and youre good to go! 100
Free Traffic Included Forget paid ads OR waiting
for results.
Viral News Jacker Review has an in-built traffic
system to get you the traffic you need and
deserve. In addition, full traffic training is
included. These proven traffic shortcuts get you
targeted visitors in record time, and are PERFECT
for your brand new viral news sites. Show Me The
Money Step-By-Step Training You get
over-the-shoulder guides that walk you thru the
process A-Z. From initial setup, customizing your
viral news sites, right thru to traffic, scaling
and beyond. Dfy Pre-Approved Affiliate Offers
Glynn And His Team Will Pre-Approved to promote
some top-converting, premium offers with a proven
sales record. This is so you have enough
affiliate offers to promote, then minute you have
your viral news sites up and running. Viral
Traffic Thats 100 Free - And Always Will Be
Unlike other softwares that simply curate
content, Viral News Jacker makes your posts
completely unique for a SURGE in traffic with
every automated update. Multiple Income Streams
Monetize with AdSense or Amazon ads - and get
paid whenever visitors click. Include affiliate
links anywhere - including inside article texts -
for passive affiliate commissions. Built-in
keyword optimization ranks your sites promote
your own offers directly without paying a middle
man. Include optin forms to build your list for
long term profits. Unlimited Scaling Done For
You Viral News Jacker Review lets you create up
to MULTIPLE automated income sites. Sites of YOUR
choice all bringing in passive income - in ANY
niche you want. Answers To frequently asked
questions How Does Viral News Work? Simply,
Viral News Jacker creates you self-updating,
passively monetized viral news websites. It pulls
the latest trending content from your choice of
over 100 news platforms, then lets you spin the
articles into unique content and even replace
the original images with fresh ones. The
combination of viral news, free search social
traffic drive visitors to your sites for free -
and you profit from a combination of passive ads
offers on your site. Do I Need Experience Or
Technical Skills? Not at all!
Viral News Jacker Review A computer with
internet access is all thats needed step-by-step
training walks you thru EXACTLY how to setup,
maintain and scale this simple method. How Much
Time Does This Take Per Day? Thats the best part
of Viral News Jacker - because your sites are
SELF-UPDATING, you can literally run this passive
income system in under 5 minutes a day. The ONLY
thing you need to do is use the built-in content
spinners and image galleries to turn your updates
into fresh content. How Many Income Sites Can I
Build? This front-end license lets you make up to
5 unique sites, on literally any topic you
choose. How Easy Is This To Scale? Its the
EASIEST method to scale because it literally
grows all by itself. With every automated update,
your sites display more great content. Get higher
organic traffic from search. More viral social
media traffic. For more clicks and passive income
with ZERO extra effort! Do I Need A Budget For
Traffic? Absolutely NOT! Viral News Jacker has
been proven to work incredibly well with FREE
traffic from search engines and social
media. Overview Viral News Jacker is the easiest
fastest way to profit online. It used to be
that youd need a website, traffic and product to
sell. Now you can earn without even having a
product. The software automatically updates your
sites with new, trending content from any
combination of over 100 news sources including
authority platforms such as Daily Mail, BBC, CNN,
Fox News, and many more. Pack your income sites
with the latest viral content in any niche
without lifting a finger Watch the traffic
passive profits roll in with EVERY automated
update. Viral News Jacker Review lets you create
up to FIVE automated income sites. Thats five
sites of YOUR choice all bringing in passive
income - in ANY niche you want. THE HARD FACTS
ABOUT HANDS-FREE PROFITS... 98 Of Passive Income
Sites NEVER Make A Penny For 3 Reasons 1 - NOT
ENOUGH TRAFFIC Without search engine social
media traffic  Site owners need to pay for ads
or drive traffic manually - the exact OPPOSITE of
making passive profits.
Viral News Jacker Review 2 - BORING, RECYCLED
CONTENT. It DOESNT work to just curate content
as-is from other sites Unless its rewritten
to be original, you wont get any free search
traffic And visitors wont spend any time or
money on your site. 3 - NO TRUST
The BIGGEST reason most passive sites dont make
money? Not enough TRUST. With all of todays data
breaches security issues, website
visitors ARENT clicking ads and buying offers
from sites they dont trust. Just ask FB ...
Without trust, even the fanciest websites,
best-written blogs orpremium review sites dont
make their owners a dime. YOUR SHORTCUT TO
SITES! Forget spending YEARS becoming an expert,
building a huge following, and creating boatloads
of content everyday INSTEAD, simply borrow
authority by sharing the latest trending content.
And cash in on the ONE thing no one can live
without ...Todays internet users are ADDICTED to
the news.  Politics, the economy, sports,
entertainment People cant get enough
and DEMAND to stay up-to-date. More importantly,
people TRUST the news from major sites like CNN,
ABC, CBC and countless other authority platforms.
And news is BIG business - much bigger than most
people ever realize. Viral News Jacker Review
INCOME. The Huffington Post, Mashable, Techcrunch
and Engadget EACH earn over 10K DAILY   While
even lesser-known sites generate 4 figures each
day. How are these sites making so much?
By PASSIVELY monetizing with ads, offers optin
forms AND legally borrowing authority simply by
sharing content posted on OTHER sites!
The RESULT of this borrowed trust is viral
traffic And visitors happy to check out the
on-site offers. Best part? Thanks to the freedom
of information online, YOU can share news from
these authority platforms yourself And cash-in
using OTHER peoples content, 100 legally
WRITING articles and content. Takes months
to YEARS to build up your own authority. People
are scared of making really BIG MONEY  
Viral News Jacker Review CUSTOMIZABLE SITES  TO
MATCH YOUR BRAND STYLE. The software comes
pre-loaded with TWO stunning news site templates
- each with multiple color options. In just a few
clicks you can customize your site for a look
that matches your branding. INDUSTRY-LEADING TRAIN
ING SUPPORT With Viral News,
youre NEVER alone.The system includes
step-by-step training to get up and running fast
- and includes PROVEN methods to get you the best
possible results. The software system
are SUPER simple to use - but if you ever need
it, professional and friendly support is just one
FRIENDLY SOFTWARE. The included WP plugin works
on ALL platforms on any connected device. No
hardware installations - you can be up and
TRAFFIC. The software connects to over 100 news
sites directly by API and updates your sites
FOR you with trending content your visitors will
passive ads in a single click...Promote affiliate
offers and your own products effortlessly...EVEN
include optin forms to build  your  list! SPIN
TRAFFIC. The software includes TWO premium
content-spinning apps to convert your articles
into unique articles... Viral News Jacker Review.
PLUS Flickr Pixabay integration to share unique
images with every update. STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO
GUIDES Watch over the shoulder as we show you
how to setup, optimize scale EACH of your Viral
manually creating websites, or writing a SINGLE
WORD of content . Creating your own products.
Paying for ads or spamming forums for hours
trying to get free traffic. Spending MONTHS
building your authority following. VIRAL NEWS
OF PASSIVE INCOME. Remember, with the 100
money-back guarantee, youve got NOTHING to lose
And a completely new improved lifestyle to
Viral News Jacker Review IS FOR ANY MARKETER
Digital marketing can be a LOT of work so we
developed this solution to keep the cash leads
coming in even while youre running other
projects. Whether youre into eCom, affiliate
marketing, social media, blogging, video
marketing or even if youre completely new to
this whole thing CASH IS KING. Viral News Jacker
is YOUR answer to bringing in hands-free cash
growing your list with a simple one-time setup
So you can focus on your core business,
and RELAX knowing that passive profits and leads
are coming in the door 24/7. SOUNDS GREAT- HOW DO
I GET STARTED? All you need to do is hit the
button below. Youll be taken to a secure
checkout page where you can verify your details,
then well set you up with a private login
access to EVERYTHING inside. The ONLY CATCH is to
get in at this extremely limited
discount AND claim all the bonuses, youve got to
act right now. The moment this limited launch
closes, the price skyrockets to reflect the true
value of this software system AND all the
bonuses get removed. So hurry to get everything
for a ridiculously low ONE-TIME payment now! Yes
- I Want A Shortcut To EASY Online
Profits!  Click Here For Instant Access To Viral
News Jacker Review Now!One-Time Secured Payment
Covered By Our 30 Day Unconditional Money-Back
Guarantee. UPDATE The Launch Price Will Increase
In...100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. To prove how much
we believe in this system, were offering an
ironclad 30 day money back guarantee.Pick up
Viral News Jacker now use it RISK-FREE for the
next 30 days. If you ever have a question, just
contact our pro support team and well get you
sorted out straight away. But in the highly
unlikely event youre not thrilled with your tiny
investment, just let us know and well refund
your purchase without question. What could be
more fair than that? ARE YOU READY TO FINALLY 
ABOUT Creating content, making videos or
spamming forums. Paying for traffic. Wasting time
money on untested methods
Viral News Jacker Review is a game-changing
software that sets you up for 100  passive
income EXACTLY how authority news sites do It BUILDS you viral, monetized sites in
just a few mouse clicksgt Packs these sites with
trending content AUTO UPDATES them for yougt
Then GETS you 100 free traffic from BOTH search
engines social media. Profit without having a
product EVEN without selling anything at all
most of your income comes simply when visitors
click on your ads. 3 figures daily profits
arent just possible Theyre already happening
for beta testers of this new method. To take your
results to the next level, Viral News Profits
includes features that put your traffic profits
on steroidsgt HIGHER ranking for more free
traffic built in content spinners and keyword   
optimizationgt Integration with Flickr Pixabay
for effortless image replacement even  MORE
ranking powergt Automated translation into ANY
language lets you drive passive profits from
untapped markets. gt 1-click social media sharing
for VIRAL traffic from EVERY automated update.
All this plus world-class training on how to have
your own passive sites up  running by this time
tomorrow Viral News Jacker Review makes earning
passive income online easier than ever. How?gt It
taps into ACTUAL online behaviour people are
addicted to online news, so this system gives
people exactly what they want. gt It builds viral
news sites FOR you, fills them with content, then
AUTO UPDATES them for a truly set forget Each of your sites you can make
FIVE is passively monetized with ads, banners,
affiliate offers so you can earn without
selling a thing. gt List building is built-in,
for even higher long-term profits. gt FREE viral
traffic from both social media AND search engines
is included! gtgt See it in action and grab your
discounted access HERE! Whether youre brand new
or an experienced marketer, Viral News Profits
can start delivering you multiple passive income
streams as soon as tomorrow. One-time site setup
takes less than 15 minutes from there, your
sites are AUTO-UPDATED and grow organic traffic
profits every day.