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SAT Exam Preparation at GT Prep is highly rewarding.


SAT Exam is administered in order to evaluate the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the students. The SAT test, has been developed to assess whether a student is ready or not to take up the academics of an under graduate program in the USA/Canada. GT Prep Coaching is specialized in providing latest techniques and tips for SAT, read more @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SAT Exam Preparation at GT Prep is highly rewarding.

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GT Prep is the best resource for students for
preparation for SAT. The faculty at Abroad Test
Prep has many years of experience in training
students from diverse educational backgrounds for
taking a variety of competitive tests including
SAT. We are aware of the intense competition and
high stress that students are exposed to during
these exams and hence we adapt a holistic
approach to training the students in order to
boost their confidence and performance. What is
the SAT The SAT is the Scholastic Aptitude Test,
which has been developed by the college board as
a centralized and standardized method of
assessing a students readiness for taking up the
academic rigors of an undergraduate program in a
university in the United States. The SAT exam is
administered in order to evaluate the written,
verbal and mathematical skills of the students.
Almost all the universities in USA accept SAT
scores for admission criteria for under graduate
programs and earning a good score on the SAT can
have huge impact on your admission chances.
What does the SAT test? The SAT test, which has
been developed to assess whether a student is
ready or not to take up the academics of an under
graduate program in the USA, tests the student on
the following areas. 1. Mathematics In this
section you would be given questions related to
solving problems by utilizing mathematical
concepts that you have learned in high school.
The questions will be related to problem solving,
Algebra and advanced Math. You will be given 80
minutes to answer 57 questions and will be
allowed to use a calculator for 37 of those
questions, while the other 20 need to be solved
without the use of a calculator 2. Reading In
the reading section you will need to read and
comprehend a variety of passages from different
genres such as History/Social Studies, US and
world Literature, and Sciences apart from current
affairs. The passages would be of 500 to 750
words in length and you would be given 65 minutes
to answer the questions that follow. There would
be 52 questions in all.
  • 3. Writing
  • The writing Section will assess your ability to
    write and present a meaningful argument
    supporting your point of view on a range of
    topics which include, careers, politics, world
    history, literature and finance among other
    topics. You will be given a total of 44
    questions, which you will be expected to answer
    in 35 minutes.
  • 4. Essay (optional)
  • The essay section is optional, and you can choose
    to attempt it or not. The essay section will
    consist of a single essay question, which you
    will need to answer in 50 minutes.
  • Who can take the SAT?
  • Students who intend to study in an undergraduate
    program in a university in USA or any university
    across the world that accepts SAT scores would
    need to take the SAT
  • Eligibility criteria for the SAT
  • Anyone can take the SAT test. However if a
    candidate is less than 12 years then they can
    register by mail
  • If a student is above 13 years of age, he or she
    can register online by creating an account
  • If a candidate is above 21 years of age, they
    would need to provide an identity proof.

  • Guidelines for SAT
  • The SAT test can be taken at multiple locations
    across India
  • You can register for the test both through mail
    and online
  • The test is administered six times in a year in
    January, May, June, October, November and
    December and the actual dates of the test are
    given on the official website in advance.
  • Cost of taking the SAT
  • The SAT costs around 88 to 100 USD for students
    in India, depending on whether or not they choose
    the essay option
  • Results of the SAT
  • The SAT is scored on a 200 -800-point scale for
    each of its two main sections Math and Reading.
    The maximum score, any student can get is 1600.
    Your score will reflect how you have performed in
    comparison to other students who took the SAT.
    Scores that are above 1200 are considered to be

  • Preparation tips for   SAT
  • Start early Plan to start your preparation for
    SAT at least six months in advance as you can
    have adequate time to prepare.
  • Plan to spend some time everyday to cover the
    fundamental concepts in verbal and Math sections
    before you take the test
  • Read a wide range of texts and books from a
    variety of different genres to improve your
    vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.
  • Take mock tests in a simulated environment to
    help you get used to the environment of the test.
  • Time yourself for each section as you take the
    tests in order to ensure that you are able to
    complete each section within the stipulated time
  • Eat a brain healthy diet and get adequate
    exercise and rest before the test day
  • Rely on a competent SAT coaching center that can
    train you to achieve your best
  • Our strategies to help you achieve success in SAT
  • Preparation tips for SAT
  • Technologically aided state of the art classrooms
  • Customized syllabus for SAT that is based on our
    in-depth research into past years exams
  • Experienced and competent faculty who have the
    ability and expertise to train students from
    diverse educational backgrounds
  • Mock tests that are specially designed to mimic
    your experience on test day
  • Personalized assistance from our coaching center
    for booking SAT test dates and test centers

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