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Some Environmental Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring


Wooden flooring has several benefits. Many people are unaware of the facts related to wooden flooring. The current presentation is all about the environmental benefits of Hardwood Flooring. For more details visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Some Environmental Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

Environmental Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring
Wood Harvest
Often people think that hardwood flooring
installation is related to cutting the trees. Few
believe that cutting the trees lead to
deforestation. However, the truth is not that.
Most of the people are unaware of the fact that
the net growth rate of trees from which hardwood
is derived is much higher than the annual
harvesting. Thus, if you love the environment,
then you need not worry about the deforestation
due to the hardwood flooring.
Energy Saving
Do you know that the houses using the hardwood
flooring generally consumes much less energy than
other types of flooring? While you are saving
energy, you are ultimately contributing to the
conservation of the energy. Energy conservation
ultimately leads to a greener environment.
Imagine the number of times you replace a wooden
floor in comparison to other types of flooring.
Therefore, you can be sure that hardwood flooring
can contribute to energy saving for sure.
Air Condition
Indoor air quality contributes a lot in improving
the health of the people residing in the home.
Hardwood flooring installation enhances the
indoor air quality than other flooring materials.
Several people especially, elderly and children
often susceptible to different air-borne diseases
and allergies. It stems from the dust stored in
the home carpets as well as from the other
flooring materials. However, by using the
hardwood flooring, you can simply avoid these
Carbon Neutral
There is an increasing number of carbon
generation behind climate changing. Wooden floors
or hardwood flooring is a carbon-neutral
substance. These are natural products coming from
the trees. In the growth cycle, it produces
oxygen and during the service life, it stores
carbon. Thus, using the wood floors ultimately
helps in reducing the carbon emission. Another,
great things about wood flooring is that once you
used the flooring completely, still you can reuse
the woods for other purposes.
Longevity is one of the most prominent reasons
behind using the hardwood flooring. It is
estimated over 50 to 60years minimum. One hardly
thinks about changing the hardwood flooring in a
single lifespan. However, the durability depends
on the weather and maintenance as well. You need
not consider about the replacing the flooring
like other options. Thus, it reduces the carbon
footprints for sure.
The durability of the hardwood flooring tells
that once installing the hardwood floors, you
need not think about it in the next 50 years.
Thus, a tree gets the chance to grow in the next
50 years to replace the wooden floors by that
time. So, you can use wooden flooring without
thinking much for sure.
Thank You..
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