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6 Essential User-Interface (UI) Design Tips


UI or User Interface determines how human will interact with your website. Easy and streamlined web design ensures great user experience as visitors can easily navigate through the website. With that in mind here are some simple tips for improving the UI of your website. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 6 Essential User-Interface (UI) Design Tips

6 Essential User-Interface (UI) Design Tips
  • Keep in mind these 6 tips if you want to build
    easy to use yet elegant user interfaces

The UI of your website plays a vital role when it
comes to converting your traffic into potential
leads. No matter how great content you have or
the best conversion-boosting tactics in place, if
your web design is messy and crap, it will just
reduce your traffic. With that in mind here are
some simple tips for improving the UI of your
Follow the Law of Clarity
  • A messy webpage will be a huge disappointment
    even though you have a great content.
  • Here are some points to create a neat and clean
    web design.
  • Use only one or two typefaces.
  • Work over the page layouts elements like
    sidebars, scrolling type, and alignment.
  • Make sure to leave a white space.

Identify Your Target Audience
  • While designing your UI, always keep in mind your
    target audience. Following questions might help
    you with this
  • Who are the people that visit your website?
  • Your design is aimed at what kind of visitors?
  • Are they seniors citizens?
  • Are they professionals?
  • Are they parents?
  • Are they retail store?

How People Use Your Interface
  • The websites and apps are used in two waysdirect
    interaction (tapping, swapping) and indirect
    interaction (clicking with mouse, typing).
  • It is important to keep in mind how your user in
    using your interface.
  • For example, a senior with limited manual
    dexterity may not use your swiping feature
    whereas a young blood might consider voice search
    over typing.

Stay Consistent
  • You should stay consistent with your layout,
    language, and design. It will help your users
    understand how things will work, enhancing their
    experience with your website
  • No one will like the layout of the website
    changed when they visit it again as it might
  • be difficult for them to learn

Take Care of Visual Hierarchy
  • Are your users able to focus on what is important
    on your webpage?
  • Elements of your page should create a meaningful
    interface and an easy understanding. An effective
    visual hierarchy gives your
  • website an edge over the others

Choose the Right Color Scheme
  • Blue is the sign for evoking trust and
    intelligence while red is the color of energy and
    passion. Yellow enhances warmth while pink
    represents feminism
  • Each color has a different kind of impact on the
    users and may influence their behaviors. So
    choose your color scheme wisely.

User Interface is easy but very responsible task.
Above discussion will help you do it better.
What youre waiting for? Go and optimize your
UI, Now!
To learn about UI designing, follow this link
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