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Aspects to Consider While Converting from PSD to HTML


World Web Technology one of the best web development company in India and USA share information on Aspects to Consider While Converting from PSD to HTML. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Aspects to Consider While Converting from PSD to HTML

Aspects to Consider While Converting from PSD to
  • PSD to HTML conversion is a crucial phase of web
    designing. To develop web pages, the designers
    code the markups for the design which are in the
    PSD format. PSD files enable developing multiple
    layers in the file. Once this process is done, it
    is time to convert the PSD to HTML format. This
    conversion process is highly technical and only
    an expert developer can ensure a flawless
  • Mostly you need to hire a PSD to HTML conversion
    services providing company to create your web
    pages that include conversion process too. You
    might have to face complex issues while
    converting your Photoshop designs to HTML if you
    do not have the expertise to do it. Outsourcing
    is the best way and time-saver.
  • Lets find out what are the aspects that any
    designer or a PSD to HTML converter need to
    consider when converting PSD to HTML.

  • Do not Merge Files
  • Often designers merge layers with an objective to
    maintain smaller file size. But this may create
    issues if you are designing for print. But for
    PSD to HTML conversion, all the adjustments,
    graphics layers and texts need to be adjusted
    accurately. These layers are packed with critical
    data very important for maintaining accuracy.
  • Using SEO Semantic HTML Tag
  • Given this competitive landscape, the performance
    of your website plays a vital role in search
    engine outcomes. You must understand the gravity
    of using SEO semantic HTML tags during coding and
    must emphasis on this. On using Meta description
    tags, heading tags, image ALT tags your website
    will become SEO friendly and brings the
    attractive crowd towards your website.

  • Organize the File Structure
  • Structuring and organizing the basic PSD file is
    amazing and it simplifies the process of
    conversion to HTML. The conversion becomes highly
    accurate if the PSD files are organized and it
    also cuts down the development time web
    development service providers. As they do not
    have to spend time searching for correct layers.
    It is, therefore, always necessary to retain the
    habit of organizing the file structure as it will
    improve the overall cost efficiency.
  • Responsive Coding
  • This is yet another reason that becomes necessary
    to hire a responsive Web Design Service provider.
    Probably you might know the technicalities of
    designing. But these designs may not display or
    appear the way you want them to be if you are not
    aware of responsive coding. To get a
    mobile-friendly website responsive coding is
    necessary and PSD to HTML5 service providers can
    provide you with a concrete and seamless coding
    for converting PSD to HTML.

  • Convert PSD to HTML5 banners
  • Running a banner ad campaign is the call of the
    day! Using flash or animation effect may not
    provide the same impact. It is better to get your
    PSD designs converted to HTML5. Professional PSD
    to HTML service providers can help you do that.
    You can have attractive animated banners using
    their services. Do not forget to make sure that
    this has multiple browser compatibility.
  • Image Optimization and Compression for fast Load
  • The loading time of any website impacts the
    overall performance of the website and the
    retention of new visits. It also impacts the
    search-engine rankings, the longer it takes to
    load, the more likely it will lose visitors. For
    this you need to optimize your website by
    optimizing images, i.e., its file type, image
    resizing and utilizing one image multiple times.
    All these actions will help you load your website

  • Design Consistency is always Charming
  • The concept behind hiring a Website design
    company in India is to ensure that your website
    design looks professional. This can be achieved
    by maintaining consistency in design. A
    consistent design has its own decency as it
    engages with the visitors. There are several
    global designs like rounded labels, buttons,
    header, and footer must have symmetry with
    consistent height, border, width, radius, and
    padding. No exception would work for your design.
  • Professional PSD to HTML Conversion Services
  • Web Design Company in India can provide you a
    well-custom design and coded email template in
    just two days. Hence it is always better to hire
    an expert instead of wasting your own time and
  • There are several website design company that
    offers the service of converting your website to
    WordPress, Magento, Joomla, or other CMS themes.
    It is always suggested to cross-check their
    reputation and credentials before getting into
    any professional contract by going through their
    professional portfolio.

  • Take a Closer Look at Font Rendering
  • The font rendering may differ across multiple
    operating systems and across different browsers.
    You must keep a close eye at the fonts during the
    conversion. Make sure the alignment and spacing
    are accurate as it may be confusing on different
    browsers. So before going live, make sure your
    website fonts are at their best and flawless.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Cross-browser compatibility is of the essence
    when it comes to designing and conversion. When
    changing the markup to a new language, you should
    ensure its correctness of the conversion in
    different browsers. The design, operability and
    smoothness across all browsers are necessary for
    the best website in all respects. This will give
    your user an intelligible and a constructive
    experience, irrespective of the device and OS
    they use.

  • Test, Test, and Test
  • Testing is of the utmost importance when it comes
    to PSD to HTML conversion. Testing of your
    website on real-time mobile devices tablets
    allows you to look into your website on different
    devices. Testing ensures the efficiency of the
    conversion. It will help you realize if your
    website looks like the design creation. Although
    it is a mammoth task it will display the right
    results when you hire a professional PSD to HTML
    service provider to do the job.
  • Conclusion
  • The above-listed components are the key aspects
    that you must consider when you opt for PSD to
    HTML conversion. All these aspects will help the
    designers in bypassing the mistakes they commit
    while providing PSD to HTML conversion services.
    So, whenever you take help of any company
    offering website service providing make sure all
    the above-listed tips are followed and taken care
    of to get the most from your PSD to HTML

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