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Facebook is a social networking platform that allows you to connect and share information with your friends, family, co-workers, and other acquaintances. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Facebook

Facebook Information
How to Blog on Facebook
  • Facebook is a social networking platform that
    allows you to connect and share information with
    your friends, family, co-workers, and other
    acquaintances. A blog is a form of journal on the
    Internet that allows you to write posts and
    entries about your life, hobbies, opinions, and
    other topics that interest you. Although Facebook
    does not currently feature a blogging platform
    for its users, you can still share your blog
    entries on Facebook by posting blog links into
    your update status, using the Notes feature of
    Facebook, or using third-party applications
    (apps) that automatically post your blog entries
    to Facebook upon publication. Continue reading
    this article to learn how you can share your blog
    on Facebook using one or more of these methods.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Blog
  • Creating a Facebook fan page for your blog can be
    anxiety-inducing, especially if youre trying to
    keep your  real identity separate from your
    blogging identity. However, it doesnt have to be
    complicated once you see how easy it is,
    youll wonder why you waited so long.
  • First of all, let me tell you that its okay to
    be logged into your personal Facebook account
    when you create your fan page. When I made my
    first one, I was terrified that my last name,
    personal profile, or other information would be
    linked to it. After setting it up and testing it
    from my sons profile, though, I learned that I
    was worried for nothing. If you set it up with a
    different email address, it will be much more
    difficult to manage because of all the logging in
    and out.

  • Second, while some people like to set up a
    regular Facebook profile with their blog name,
    its better to set up a fan page. That way your
    fans can like your blog without having to add
    you as a friend, and the page functions will be
    easier to control.
  • Okay, with those tidbits out of the way, heres
    what you do

How to Make a Facebook Fan Page for Your Blog
  • Go to http//www.facebook.com/pages/create.php to
    get started. Youll see a screen like this (click
    any image to view larger)

  • Click on Brand or Product in the upper right
    box. Youll be prompted to choose a category.

  • In the category dropdown, select Website.
  • Type in your blog name under the Category
    dropdown box, check the box to agree to
    Facebooks  TOS, and click Get Started.

  • Youll be asked to provide some basic information
    about your page. Fill in a description, your
    website URL if you have one, and choose a unique
    Facebook URL for your fan page. Youll also be
    asked if your page represents a real business,
    product, or brand no worries if yours doesnt!
    It really depends on whether you consider your
    blog a business or brand, but answering no is
    fine if your blog is just a hobby.

  • Next youll be prompted to upload a profile
    picture. If you have a logo, this would be a good
    time to upload it. If you dont, feel free to
    skip this step you can always add a picture

  • TWO MORE THINGS When you visit Facebook from
    your personal profile, your blog page will now
    show up in the navigation on the left. All you
    have to do is click to view your page and the
    notifications specific to the page.
  • Also, when you post something on the fan page, it
    will show up as your blog name, not your real
    name. However, if you are going to visit another
    page or profile and you want to comment from your
    blog name instead of your personal profile,
    youll need to go to the top of the screen, click
    the little gear icon on the blue Facebook bar,
    and select Use Facebook as blog name. To
    switch back, go back to the blue bar, click the
    down arrow on the far right, and choose Use
    Facebook as your name.

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