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Silicone Rubber Seals & Gasket Manufacturer - USA


Accurate Rubber Corp. is a leading manufacturer of extruded silicone gasket, seal, rubber profile, silicone cord,strip,custom o ring & other rubber parts. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Silicone Rubber Seals & Gasket Manufacturer - USA

Silicone Rubber Manufacturer - USA
Industries We Served
  • Lighting Industry

Modern lighting industry innovates itself and
brings new lighting solutions and fixtures every
year in market. Proper sealing is very important
aspect while designing making these fixtures.
It should meet indoor outdoor weather ability
requirement. Accurate Rubber Corporation
manufacturer supply premium quality silicone
rubber gasket, seal, frame gasket, custom o ring,
silicone sponge gasket which provide best sealing
against rain, wind, dust and also provide hot as
well as cold temperature range resistance.
Industries We Served
  • Appliance Industry

Present day home, kitchen laundry appliances
are made out from high performance components
which also requires gasket, tubing, o rings used
in these appliance meets that standard. Accurate
Rubber Corporation manufacturer supply high
quality silicone rubber gasket, seal, silicone
tubing, washer, grommets, o ring which used for
making dish washer, laundry washer dryer,
fryer, oven, coffee machine, juicer, blender,
etc. Do you have any requirement for silicone
rubber tubing, silicone gasket or seal, corner
molded gasket which used for making home
appliance like Dishwasher, Laundry Washer, Dryer,
Cooking Oven, Blender, Fryer, etc ..? Please
contact us by sending your drawing or dimensions
and other requirements by filling out our Request
to Quote form here.
Industries We Served
  • HVAC Industry

Growing demand in commercial as well as
residential projects HVAC equipment manufacturer
sees continue growth. However its paramount for
Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning equipment
manufacturer that they provide equipment which
need less maintenance, save energy and have
longer life. For meeting these demands HVAC
equipment manufacturer use quality components
which provides these efficiency. Accurate Rubber
Corporation manufacturer custom rubber gasket
seal, custom o rings which can provide proper
sealing, high low temperature resistance,
longer durability weatheriablity.
Industries We Served
  • Electrical Wire Cable

When designing electrical cable or wire its very
critical to decide what kind of polymer should be
used for insulating this high voltage cables.
Heat resistance, flame retardant, weather
condition, mechanical properties and performance
are key deciding factors. Insulated sleeve made
out from silicone rubber offers high as well low
temperature resistance. It also possess excellent
dielectric properties as well as UV Ozone
resistance, low moisture absorption and radiation
Industries We Served
  • Defence Military

Ever changing world dynamics requires our
military to be ready serve in diverse
environment so it requires equipment devices
they need to use should works without
failing. Accurate Rubber Corporation manufacture
supply high quality custom rubber gasket seal
which meet above requirements. We offer excellent
customer service, competitive price with quick
turnaround time.
Industries We Served
  • Electronics Electrical Industry

In last few decades, Electronics Electrical
industry sees rapid growth due to huge global
demand new innovation in these industries. In
Electronic or Electric application insulation and
shielding are very important factor to consider
in. Silicone Rubber exhibits excellent heat
thermal insulation as well as great shielding
properties. Accurate Rubber Corporation offers
high quality custom silicone rubber gasket
seal, custom o rings which provides excellent
thermal conductivity, superb electrical
insulating properties, outstanding
weatherability, high gas permeability as well as
lower flammability.
Industries We Served
  • Solar Wind Energy

Its very critical to select right rubber
material, profile and precision when designing
sealing requirement for Solar Panel and Wind
Power turbines. It needs to meet and perform in
extreme weather conditions due to seasonal
changes or geographical weather variability.
Accurate Rubber Corporation manufacture and
supply high performance rubber gasket and seal
which can meet diverse weatherability condition
including but not limited to high low
temperature resistance, UV Ozone Resistance,
rain water abrasion, etc.. Our gasket offers
excellent durability which boost service life and
maintain efficiency.
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