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How To Arrange Your Storage Unit Efficiently


If it your first time using the self storage unit, you may have to confront a lot of problems like- finding the size or packing or moving or organizing to utilize the maximum space available. Before moving your stuff to storage unit you should make sure, that they're properly packed to meet the storage requirement. The presentation give brief description about how to arrange the stuff in storage unit. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How To Arrange Your Storage Unit Efficiently

How to Arrange Your Storage Unit Efficiently
  • More and more Canadians are choosing self-storage
    services in Toronto to assist with relocating,
    getting organized, reducing clutter in the house,
    or storing belongings for the future.

A Few Tips
  • When it comes to organizing your unit, there are
    a few tips that can help you make the best use of
    your space

Start with Proper Packing
Use one box size for packing most items
  • Using the same size of boxes for all your items,
    will make it much easier to stack and access
  • Most household belongings can fit in medium and
    small-sized boxes.
  • Large boxes can be used to store bulky but light

2. Create a list of contents
  • Note down all the items in each box to create a
    master list that will help you later on when
    looking for a specific item.
  • Even if you pack the items yourself, you are
    unlikely to remember which box contains specific
    items a year later.
  • Make sure to indicate the box number.

3. Label each box
  • Each box should have a clear label indicating the
    nature of items packed within it.
  • Consider using a special mark or label on boxes
    that you are likely to access later on during
  • These items should be put in storage last or near
    the entrance for easy access.

Organizing Items in the Storage Unit
1. Identify the items that you will be accessing
  • Holiday items, such as decorations and costumes.
  • Summer or winter gear and clothing.
  • Trip supplies, including cookout utensils, tents,
    sleeping bags, skis, and snorkeling gear.
  • Tools and hobby supplies.
  • Kids toys.
  • Office documents.

2. Plan the space layout with an aisle
  • Design an organized layout for strategic
    placement of each item.
  • Ideally, furniture pieces are placed against the
    walls to create a path in the middle.
  • Place the most portable items in the middle so
    they can be easily moved to access other areas of
    the unit.

3. Use vertical storage through shelves or
  • Start stacking from the back to the front in
    order of retrieval.
  • Larger and heavier boxes should be put in the
    bottom row.
  • The boxes should not be stacked very high (above
    your head), as this increases the risk of the
    boxes collapsing or falling.
  • Apply the brick-wall pattern when stacking boxes
    of the same size.

4. Place a map of item placement where its
clearly visible
  • After arranging your boxes, you should consider
    preparing a map of the units layout, indicating
    where different items or boxes are placed.
  • Ideally, each box should have a unique number and
    detailed label indicating its contents.
  • So the map should be uncluttered and easy to read
    with just the box numbers and their location in
    the unit.

5. Consider unpacking the boxes
  • Some boxes are hard to label, especially those
    that are filled with anything that fits
    conveniently, so theyre easy to move.
  • But once you take them to your storage unit, it
    might be difficult to retrieve specific items
    later on.
  • So take some time to repack similar items into
    their own boxes, label them, and arrange them in
    your storage unit.

Final Tip
  • If its a hassle to retrieve some items,
    especially if you need to do it often, then it
    might be time to upgrade to a larger storage
  • You should be able to store your items safely,
    with adequate air circulation and off the ground
    to prevent dampness

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