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Vedic Medical Astrology


Vedic Medical Astrology is a part of Vedic Astrology and is a science that requests information of both Astrology and Medicine. It takes long stretches of gaining visionary and therapeutic ability. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Vedic Medical Astrology

Mumbai astrologer jyotish
  • Ajatt Oberoi Mumbai Astrologer Mumbai Jyotish

Vedic Medical Astrology
  • Vedic Medical Astrology is a part of Vedic
    Astrology and is a science that requests
    information of both Astrology and Medicine. It
    takes long stretches of gaining visionary and
    therapeutic ability.

Prologue to Vedic Astrology
  • Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, started from The
    Vedas (Vedic Scriptures) going back more than
    6,000 years. The world's most antiquated sacred
    texts give proof of a culture wealthy in
    expressions of the human experience, reasoning,
    medication, religion, and science. Jyotish was
    first referenced in the Rig Veda, and references
    were additionally made in the old-style Indian
    legends, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the
    great Bhagavad-Gita.

  • The Vedas are considered by numerous individuals
    to be the most tremendous and complete
    arrangement of learning in the world, and Jyotish
    is worshipped as one of the most significant
    appendages of the Vedas. Jyotish, a Sanskrit
    word, means Divine Light. It is the eye of
    perfect information, which is inescapable,
    transcendent, unadulterated, preeminent, and

  • Jyotish, is accepted to have been brought about
    by the antiquated sages in higher conditions of
    awareness, which enabled them to cognize life
    past reality, past, present and future. In this
    super-cognizant state, they perceived the
    vigorous beams of the planets as reflectors or
    transmitters of light vitality. This sun powered
    and planetary radio-like waves, conveyed at
    different edges, apparently bore impact on
    everything enliven and lifeless, influencing
    people on both organic and mental levels. It is
    said that the sages watched and explored
    different avenues regarding their perceptions so
    as to arrange into standards of galactic
    figurings, which eventually turned into the laws
    by which Jyotish is drilled.

  • The galactic virtuoso shown by the Vedic Seers is
    recommended by the way that these antiquated
    space experts considered cosmological issues that
    have stayed reliable with the suffering
    revelations of science to the present day. It is
    intriguing to take note of that, though medieval
    Europe still accepted that the earth was
    stationary, Vedic stargazers of olden times
    established a framework which expressed that the
    clear rising and setting of the planets and the
    stars were because of the development of the

  • The Vedas are a composite or all-encompassing
    information, coordinating each part or part of
    learning to the entirety. Every one of the parts
    are seen in setting of Vedic way of thinking to
    such an extent that the sciences are predictable
    and strengthen the direction of masterful
    articulation drug is steady with religion, etc.
    This incorporated philosophical direction to life
    contradicts the long famous

  • logical view grasped by Western culture that has
    compartmentalized life in a consistently moving
    concentration or distraction with some section.
    This divided way to deal with life brings about
    the different controls of learning being in
    strife with each other, to such an extent that
    the craftsman is seen inconsistent with the
    researcher, religion, and reasoning are
    conflicting with one another, science is at war
    with religion, etc.

  • For the individual, consciousness of the between
    relatedness of all wonders enables one to see
    one's very own life with regards to the more
    noteworthy entire, prompting the Vedic idea of
    karma. It is said that no idea, word or deed gets
    away from a definitive, inevitable equity of the
    universe, referred to just as karma. The
    comprehension of the law of circumstances and
    logical results, or karma, is communicated in
    logical law as pursues for each activity, there
    is an equivalent and inverse response. In
    different religious and profound writings, it is
    proposed in axioms like," As you sow, so will you
    procure", or suggested in colloquialisms like,
    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto
    you." But no place is the law of karma more
    crucial as a way of thinking of life than in the
    Vedic writing.

  • The idea of karma addresses your obligation
    regarding yourself in the most significant terms.
    You could state that the horoscope offers a
    method for surveying ones karmic way so as to
    turn out to be increasingly cognizant, or
    mindful, and, as a result, all the more
    effectively in charge of your activities.

  • A tyke is conceived on a given day and that hour
    when the heavenly beams are in numerical
    agreement with his/her individual karma. The
    horoscope is a difficult picture uncovering their
    unalterable past and its likely future outcomes.
    The outline indicates what we are currently a
    result of what we have thought and done
    previously. Crystal gazing, by furnishing us with
    an outline of our connections, difficulties,
    abilities, and mental inclinations, offers us a
    method for not just acknowledging in a particular
    feeling of what our karma is, and helping us work
    with these encounters inside and without, yet in
    addition a method for starting to transcend and
    increase a point of view on our fate.

  • Medical Astrology isn't a control that advances
    an uninvolved acknowledgment of destiny rather
    crystal gazing assesses your qualities and
    shortcomings and different propensities, with the
    possibility that through mindfulness, one can
    turn out to be increasingly aware of the
    selections of activities accessible. 
  • Medical Astrology is a method for considering
    your inward/external condition, propensities,
    difficulties and regular assets so one may live
    more carefully, tuned in to their very own karma
    or educational encounters.

  • As a science and as an artistic expression,
    crystal gazing is the investigation of the
    unpretentious energies that make up our reality.
    When we assess a horoscope, we are taking a
    gander at simply the mixing of energies, which
    can join in an endless assortment of ways. As
    enthusiastic creatures, every single one of us is
    involved a mix of energies, which makes up the
    whole of our self. The truth of the matter is
    that every one of us is made by a specific mix of
    planetary gravitational pulls applied in various
    degrees, from various points, and in various
    amounts. The huge number of potential mixes
    represents the assortment of characters,
    attitudes, builds, just as the enthusiastic and
    scholarly constitutions that we find here on

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