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ADHD Treatment


Many children have ADHD, a disorder that affects the attention, activity level, and functioning ability of school age children. Some children are able to manage their symptoms with help from a routine a strong support while others need medication to help them stay focused and on task. If you are looking for a best ADHD Treatment then visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ADHD Treatment


  • IIAHP Therapy Center and Learning School in
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    provide Down Syndrome Treatment, Dyslexia
    Treatment, Autism treatment, Developmental Delay
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    Retardation Treatment, Speech Therapy, Slow
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    Children All Year.

ADHD Treatment
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    affects teens and childrens and can continue in
    adulthood. In childrens ADHD  is the most
    commonly diagnosed mental disorder. Children with
    ADHD may be overactive and unable to control
    their impulses. Or they may have trouble in
    paying attention. These behaviors interfere with
    school and home life. So children need
    proper adhd treatment to overcome this problem.

Types Of ADHD
  • Inattentive Being distracted, poor concentration
    and organizational skills.
  • Impulsive taking risks, interrupting
  • Hyperactivity talkative and never seems to slow

Causes Of ADHD
  • Heredity ADHD runs in families so needs
    proper adhd treatment on time.
  • Chemical imbalance people with ADHD may have
    brain chemicals out of balance
  • The brain changes. Areas of the brain that
    control meditation is less active in children
    with ADHD.
  • Poor nutrition, infection, smoking, drinking and
    substance abuse during pregnancy. These things
    can affect the development of a childs brain.
  • Toxins, such as lead. They can affect a childs
    brain development.
  • Brain injury or brain disorder Damage to the
    front part of the brain is called frontal lobe,
    can cause problems with controlling impulses and

Effects Of ADHD
  • social isolation
  • low job performance
  • Inability to make a permanent bond with others
  • Leaving school
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Risk-taking behavior increase

Why Choose IIAHP For ADHD Treatment
  • We provide the best ADHD treatment Results in the
    whole country and all ADHD children are
    improving. Foreign therapists visit twice a year
    for teaching new techniques of ADHD treatment to
    IIAHP Staff. Senior staff of IIAHP takes training
    in foreign countries to keep the team update
    about latest techniques for best results in ADHD
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