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Pros and Cons of Geography and Anthropology Optional


It is observed that those students who have regularly appeared in test series and participated in the discussion of tests, they have performed extraordinarily in final UPSC exam. Many of them scored 300+ and secured rank in IAS exam below 50. Test series under reliable and experienced guidance, create opportunities for evaluation of the preparation, correction of mistakes and ensures several time revisions and memorization which ensures near to perfect preparation for final examination. Sapiens IAS offers flexible and results-oriented Best Anthropology Coaching Coaching for UPSC and IAS students through an online and offline training program by well known IAS trainer Mr. Pradip Sarkar. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Pros and Cons of Geography and Anthropology Optional

Pros and Cons of Geography and Anthropology
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Geography is one of the most popular optional
subjects in the UPSC civil services exam. There
have been toppers with this optional in the
previous years. While many aspirants swear by
Geography as their optional, many others dont
regard this as the ideal optional for them. This
article talks about the pros and cons of taking
Geography optional for UPSC exam, and will give
candidates an answer to the question, is
geography a good optional for IAS. Selecting the
optional subject for the UPSC civil service mains
exam is a personal decision. Every individual has
unique strengths and weaknesses they also have
different educational and professional
backgrounds. A candidate must weigh the pros and
cons of a particular optional subject and if the
pros outweigh the cons, he/she can zero in on
that subject.
  • Pros of Geography optional
  • Geography is a scientific subject. Due to this,
    it is preferred by many aspirants from science,
    medical and engineering backgrounds.
  • There is not much mugging up required. Only
    concepts need to be understood.
  • There is no dearth of material available for
  • It has tremendous overlap with General Studies
    both in prelims and the mains.

  • Candidates can also use are also scoring.
  • With the questions becoming more dynamic and less
    static, Geography also has a lot of overlap with
    subjects like economics, environment, ecology and
  • what they learn in Geography in their essay paper
    on various topics.
  • Even in the UPSC personality test, Geography will
    be useful as the board can ask questions on the
    local geography of a candidates home town like
    soil, vegetation, minerals, etc.
  • Geography is a scoring subject because unlike
    humanities subjects, there is not much scope for
    interpretation. Also, diagrams, flowchart, etc.
    can be used to get more marks.
  • The map-based questions

  • Cons of Geography optional
  • The biggest negative about Geography is that it
    has a rather huge syllabus.
  • The competition in this optional subject is
    immense when compared to some other subjects.

Pros and cons of anthropology
optional Anthropologists have a broad approach
to understanding the many different aspects of
the human experience, which we call holism. They
consider the past, through archaeology, to see
just how individual groups survived hundreds or
thousands of years back and what was significant
to them. They think what makes up our biological
bodies and genetics, as well as our bones, diet,
and wellness. Anthropologists sometimes use these
comparisons to understand their par trying to
understand these complex issues, they keep in
mind exactly what they know about mathematics,
cult reticular society. Many anthropologists work
in their organizations looking at economics,
health, education, regulation, and policy (to
mention just a few subjects). When, forms of
communication, and also the way humans lived
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Anthropology is probably the sole optional at the
UPSC Syllabus of which a considerable portion has
been cut down. Due to the elimination of topics
namely Development Anthropology, Ethnicity,
Reproductive Biology, Twins and so on, the
problem is hoped to be a favorite option for IAS
test like it was a couple of years before. Some
of the reasons why candidates pick anthropology
as their discretionary are less material to read
in regions such as anthropological theory,
research methodology, demography among the
others. Anthropology is thought of as a natural
subject for graduates of science. The topic is
peppered with concepts of mathematics fiction.
This makes the question easier to grasp for
science students. The reading material for this
topic is also readily available. Anthropology is
science-oriented. So, while answering the
question for Civil support mains examination, the
replies ought to be crispy and to this point.

Rashmi SEO 1257 PM (8 hours ago)

An individual should add diagrams and flowcharts
appropriately. To write a perfect answer one
should have to practice answer writing and get
evaluated. A self-assessment is essential before
looking for any examination. The most recent
syllabus is much more scoring in
character. According to this trend, many
candidates have got good marks and gained the
attention of candidates to pick the same as their
discretionary for UPSC IAS Exam. But always keep
in mind that, in case you don't have any interest
in this optional topic and it is judicious not to
choose it as your optional subject. The most
vital thing while you select an optional question
needs to be your curiosity in it. If you are
enthusiastic to learn more about a topic and love
reading about it, then you should go for that
It is worthwhile to begin anthropology prep for
optional as soon as possible following the UPSC
prelims examination. Candidates should direct a
concentrated, organized study to complete the
subject before the Civil Services Mains
examination. Similar to every optional topic, the
primary thing to do is to know the basic concept
including language. A great Dictionary of
Anthropology and basic books like NCERT textbooks
can help you in the planning.
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