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Ten Tips to Win Your Next Tender Application


Tender writing is time consuming and very specific. At Red Tape Busters we take the drama out of tender writing. We can assist you to find tender opportunities for your business and then write your tender responses – leaving you and your staff free to do what you do well – run your business! For more information, please visit - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ten Tips to Win Your Next Tender Application

Modern PowerPoint Presentation
Many small businesses recognise the value of a
well written tender application to help them land
new and repeat business. Yet many tender
applications writers leave their submissions to
the last minute and dont engage the right people
or skills for the task. Ill be the first to
admit that tender writing can be tedious, but
when you finally land that next big contract, the
effort will be all worth it. It pays to make the
effort with the tender application writing chore.
So, here are our top tips for writing great
tender applications.
How to Make Your Tender Big Stand Out
2. Read the Request for Tender Very Carefully
1. Be Sure You Can Deliver
3. Answer the Criteria
4. Complet Every Section
4. Dont Rehash Your Work
How to Make Your Tender Big Stand Out
Be Sure You Can Deliver
Before you begin, develop a capability statement
that gives an honest assessment of what your
company can realistically achieve. Yes, you might
want to reach for the stars, but youre not going
to get there without the necessary equipment,
fuel and personnel.
Read the Request for Tender Very Carefully
All good tender writers read the tender documents
thoroughly before they begin. You may think this
goes without saying but you need to ensure that
you meet the criteria and understand exactly what
is required.
Answer the Criteria
No matter how much spin you put on your tender
writing application, you will not win the job if
you cannot demonstrate that you meet the
criteria. Provide specific examples of how you
meet the tender application selection criteria
rather than simply stating that you do. It is
important to highlight your credentials and
provide verifiable experience, as well as
explaining how your approach to delivering the
tender will meet the buyer's needs. Identify the
requirements that are most important to the buyer
and cater for this in your tender response.
Complet Every Section
Answer every question and do it in the order they
appear in the request for tender document so
you dont miss anything.
Dont Rehash Your Work
Not all tender writing applications are the same,
so avoid the copy/paste function on your
computer. Treat each tender writing application
on its merits. The best tender application
writers tailor each application to meet the needs
of the business for which they hope to provide
Use Compelling Referees
All good tender application writers know that a
key part of delivering a successful tender
response is choosing the right referees. Use
referees that know your products or services.
Make sure you get permission to use referees
before including them in your response. Brief
them on the highlights of the request so they can
target their comments to the job specifications.
Provide Accurate Quotations
Sure, you want to try to undercut the competition
by providing a competitive price. However, you
do not want to make the mistake of
underestimating in your budget. Good tender
writers spent a lot of time researching and
providing very thorough budgets. Fudge this
section at your own peril!
Proofread it to Death
Nothing erodes your credibility faster than poor
grammar, spelling and punctuation. Get someone
independent of the tender writing process to
check your work to see if it makes sense. Get a
second opinion. You cannot over-proofread your
tender, so put in the effort at this step. It
may be the difference between your response or
another companys response being selected.
Get Professional Help
Whether youre a veteran tender writer or new to
the game, consider getting some professional
tender writing help. Red Tape Busters are
specialist in grant and tender writing and can
help your organisation or business win grant
funding or achieve successes with tenders. Visit
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