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Victoria University of Barbados, School of Medicine (VUB) is a private medical university located in Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados, a beautiful Caribbean island countr y in the North America region. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Victoria University of Barbados Brochure Your Medical Career Shine

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0 Well-Recognized University 0 International
Clinical Rotations 0 English Medium 0 0 0 0 0 0
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US-Based Medical Curriculum Affordable Modern
Infrastructure Competent Faculty Diverse
Community A/I-Round Development
University Managed Accommodation Exper ience
Barbadian Life
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Victoria University of Barbados, School of
Medicine (VUB) is a private medical university
located in Bridgetown, the capital city of
Barbados, a beautiful Caribbean island countr y
in the North America region. Established in
2017 with a vision to deliver the best medical
education in an affordable manner and facilitate
medical aspirants from all around the world
excel in medicine, clinical practice, research,
and patient care, VUB has now become one of the
fastest growing medical universities in the
Caribbean region. Currently, VUB offers an
international-standard MD Program based on
US Medical curriculum with international
clinical rotations and is chartered, licensed,
and recognized by the Ministry of Education,
Science, Technology and Innovation, Government of
Barbados, approved and recognized by the Medical
Council of India, registered with Foundation for
Advancement of International Medical Education
and Research (FA/MER ), and listed in World
Director y of Medical Schools (WDOMS).
OVERVIEW We have created an a/I-inclusive
environment where students have access to a
wide range of educational faci l ities,
including tech-equipped laboratories, libraries,
and competent faculty! To facilitate proper
interaction, we arrange sma/1- size batches
faci litating personal ized learni ng exper
We maintain an environment of academic
excellence to let our students focus on what
matters most when they are at the University,
i.e.,getting quality medical education. We
follow a pragmatic approach to medical education
where we provide our students an opportunity to
indulge in various experiments in the
laboratories, participate in seminars, contribute
in community medical outreach programs, and get
clinical experiences in VUB affi liated
hospitals. The medium of instruction followed
in the University is English. All the faculty
members teach the students in English language.
The faculty provides total support to the
student communit y and is backed by modern
teaching aids, medical equipment, and
computerized studying process. At the
University, we maintain a disciplined yet fr
iendly environment of medical excellence where
students are free to express themselves, raise
their concerns, and get their issues resolved.
Such a conducive environment enables thestudents
tohave a focused approach to their medical
studies, research, and clinical experiences. The
university follows US-based medical curriculum,
and our competent faculty members deliver their
best to let the students pragmaticall y
understand medicine through classroom
interaction, laborator y exper iments, and
various research and community-based
projects. In the campus, students and staff
from different countries, cultures, and
interests come together, share their values,
forge lifelong relationships and connections, and
become well versed professionals whocan compete
in aglobal environment.
"Thephysician should not treat the disease but
the patient who is suffering from it."
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Laboratories provide space to students where they
can carry out new research projects and ex p e r
i m e n t s , t a p t h e untapped discover
ies, feed their inquiring minds, and re invent
the future of medicine and healthcare.
VUB has dedicated space to facilitate learning
from healthcare simulation. S i m u l a t i o n
- b a s e d teach i ng of med i ci ne h e l ps
i n c r eat i ng an artificial environment
of r e a l - l i f e h e a l t h challenges
faced by the p h y s i c i a n s a n d
professionals working in a clinical setting
and let the students develop real s k i ll s t
o so l ve t h ose challenges.
M i c r o b i o l o g y L a b faci li tates
the study of cells, tissue str ucture, i m m
u n e s y s t e m , bacteria, viruses, blood,
urine, various fl uids in body cavities and
tiny organisms of the human body to gain an
in-depth understanding of human body required to
perform diagnosis procedure and p r es c r i b
e a d eq u a t e t r e a t m e n t f o r t h
e patients.
C o m p u t e r l a b i s equipped with
modern compu ters, projectors , h i g h - s p
eed i n t er n e t w h i c h f a c i l i t a t
e s s t u d en t s t o co nd uc t onli ne
researches and keep an eye on latest d e v e
l o p m e n t s a n d innovations in medicine.
Computer Lab also helps students expl ore how
computers are used in d i f f e r e n t m e
d i c a l settings.
"Med icine is the art devoted to healing the
Our i nternat ional recogn i t ions ensure
that medical qualification provided at the
University is valid in countries across the world
and open the doors of global opportunities
for our students, giving them the freedom to
choose their place of medical practice.
Ministr y of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Medical Council of India (MCI) World Director y of Medical Schools (WDOMS)
Government of Barbados
VUB is one of the only To g e t a li c e n s e f o r Victor ia Uni versi ty of
s e v e n m e d i c a l medical practice in India, Barbados is listed in the
universities in Barbados a F o r e i g n M e d i c a l Wo r l d D i r e c t o r y o f
which have been granted Graduate must hold a M ed i cal Schools, the
the charter or license by val i d degr ee f r om an most authentic list of all
t h e M i n i s t r y o f M C I - R e c o g n i z e d of the medical schools in
E d u ca t i o n , Sc i en c e, Medical University. VUB the world. School details
T e c h n o l o g y a n d i s a p p r o v e d a n d of the VUB, along with
Innovation, Government of Barbados to establish recognized by MC/. After c o m p l e t i ng t h e M D con tact i n f or ma t i on, p rogr am details, and
a n d o p e r a t e a s a Program, students can other recognitions can be
recognized university in quali f y MC/ screen ing f o u n d i n t h e Wo r l d
the Island of Barbados. test and practice in India. Director y.
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Li vel y, vibrant Uni versi ty Campus and a
friendly and co operative culture make sure
that you get the very best of your medical
journey in terms of the perfect blend of quality
medical education and quality life.
Academic excellence and challenges, personal
gr ow t h an d d ev e l op men t , f r i en ds
connections, memorable exper iences, nature,
fun and enjoyment, a feeling of
and the achievement of your ultimate dream of
becoming a doctor - you' ll have it all at
the Campus!
VUB campus represents a conglomerate of all the
facilities and services that the University
offers to every student as a precious medical
aspirant. From housing modern classrooms to
technology-equipped laborator ies, our campus
provides proper ly-furnished and we/1-
equipped hostel faci lities withall theessential
amenities required for adecent living.
The staff of the hostel takes care of
proper cleaning measures and ensures a
environment for thestudents.
Entire University Campus is air-conditioned,
provides free Wi-Fi facility, and is packed with
2417security, which ensures thesafety and securit
y of a11 University members.
We maintain proper mess faci lit y to provide
healthy food. Our Campus Culture is very fr
iendly and embraces all thestudents withequality
and equity. To keep the students refreshed,
we keep arranging extra-curricular and
rejuvenating activities on various occasions and
holidays. Diverse personal growth and
activities and community programs arealso
arranged for theoverall growth.
Non-academic activities in the University make
sure that our students don't come out as
medical junkies but wholly developed medical
professionals who are experts in an essential
aspect of living, i.e., the way to live life and
care for humanity!
At the University Campus, we maintain an
A/I-Inclusive-Culture, which ensures no one is
left behind and a11get a fair and equaI share of
opportunities that we off er.
Faculty members at VUB are highly qualified and
bring with them an innumerable treasure of years
of medical experiences. Our faculty members are
recruited from various countries including India,
Barbados, the Caribbean region, and from other
countries on the basis of their expertise,
specialization, experience, friendliness in
dealing with the students, and their outlook
towards medical aspirants and medicine as a whole
supported by their track record. Our teaching
staff is competent, concerned, and committed
to providing high-qualit y medical education.
VUB faculty members are highl y qualifi ed
and have extensive exper ience in their
respective areas of expertise. Further, our
apt student-teacher ratio ensures that special
attention isgiven toevery student. Our faculty
members are not just good mentors for our
students but they are good friends as well.
Students are provided full liberty to discuss
their problems with their mentors and professors
in an open environment, and our staff
makes sure that concerns of all the
students are resolved at the earliest. Education
in such a fr iendly atmosphere provides a sense
of relaxation and allow thestudents toconcentrate
on their learning. The friendly nature of
faculty, their zeal for teaching, and
unconditional support to solve students'
problems ensure a proper academic environment
for all the students to make them complete
medical professionals.
"Hope is the clothe piece in which wraps a
healthy soul !"
Clinical Rotations Program marks the offi
cial entry into the practical world of medicine
and offers an exclusive opportunit y for
medical students to visit hospitals, work like a
full-time h eal t hcar e p r o f ess i onal ,
an d l i ve and exper ience the life of adoctor
Clinical Sciences Program is a training program
which forms the last and most crucial part of the
medical course. It continues for a period of two
years and is an essential phase of the journey
of becoming a doctor. What you learn in clinical
rotations will be your guiding force throughout
your medical career and will be a crucial factor
in determining your success as a medical
professional. Clinical Rotation is the time
when you get the opportunity to visit
hospitals, deal with patients, and practice
medicine under the supervision of a doctor.
That makes Clinical Rotations the most essential
as well as the most exciting part of your medical
career, given thepragmatic exposure of
theprogram. During your clinical experiences,
right from using the Syringe to conducting
significant operations, you' ll /earn it all by
viewing and doing. In Clinical Clerkship, you
learn the art of medicine and will explore
ways to apply all the medical knowledge you
have gathered throughout theyears togive thebest
possible healthcare tothepatients. In clinical
training, you will go through immense learning
through experiences including a physical
examination of patients, assisting doctors in
surgeries and operations, observing and
participating in patient rounds and discussing
patients' condition, etc. Generally, you need
to work as a full-time healthcare professionals
in clinics, be available on call all the timeand
work even on weekends. Clinical Rotations
Program is the fi nal phase of the MD
Program. More learning, more experiences in
clinical trailing, leads to a better doctor.
Once the students complete the Clinical Rotations
Program, they qualif y as doctors who are ready
to dive in the world of healthcare withexperience
and expertise.
''There is no more reason for treating a disease
than there is for treating health."
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Recreationa l
To ensure the holistic growth of s t ud en ts ,
we ar r ange var i ous r ecr eat i onal and
sports activities, on-campus and off-campus,
like outings, physical games, surfing, beach v i
s i t s , s w i m m i n g , e t c. facilitating
proper study-life balance.
Besides qual i ty med ical educat i on and an Besides qual i ty med ical educat i on and an
environment of academic excellence, we offer our environment of academic excellence, we offer our
students with a comprehensive set of facilities to students with a comprehensive set of facilities to
take their medical experience to the next level and take their medical experience to the next level and
make their journey of becoming a doctor a joyful make their journey of becoming a doctor a joyful
and memorable exper ience.
Safe Secured Accommodation Mess Facility We
offer affordable accommodation and mess faci
lities, which are we/I-furnished and equipped
with all the amenities required for daily
student life. Entire University area is
protected by 2417secur ity. Health Facilities
Tostudy smart, you need a fresh mind. For a fresh mind, you need good health. At VUB, we Tostudy smart, you need a fresh mind. For a fresh mind, you need good health. At VUB, we
take care of all the things required to maintain good health. From proper cleanliness to take care of all the things required to maintain good health. From proper cleanliness to
serving good food to offering healthcare assistance in need, we get it all done for our serving good food to offering healthcare assistance in need, we get it all done for our
Financial Assistance Money should not be a
limiting factor when it comes to pursuing your
dream career. We assist our students ingetting
flnancial assistance, wherever feasible. Transpor
tation We arrange for University
Transportation Service for safe, secure, and
time-efficient commute of our students. Be it
coming to University from hostel and going back
or a trip to somewhere else University Bus is
made available. Other Facilities Besides all the
above amenities, we endeavor to provide all the
facilities required to make the medical journey
of our students as smooth as possible and keep
innovating our existing infrastructure for
thebetterment of the University experience.
"Bitter med icine gives the best healing."
  • We understand that career is just one aspect of
    life and to succeed in life and live it to the
    fullest, an all-around development approach is
    necessar y for thestudents. At VUB, your life is
    not limited to just education and goes way
    beyond. During your five years with us as a
    medical aspirant, you' ll not be just studying
    but enjoying a quality life too in the beautiful
    Island of Barbados. Whenyou are here at the
    University, your typicaI morning wi11start with
    breathtaki ng sunr ise in incredible Bar
    bados, attending classes in late morning
    and afternoon, doing exper iments in labs,
    visiting clinics during clinical rotations, doing
    your studies, and having fun and relaxing dinner
    at night after a long, long day! Thejourney of
    becoming a doctor is both hectic as well as an
    exciting pilgrimage. When your energy is
    soaked, we allow you to take a break, relax, and
    participate in recreational activities to refl l/
    the energy and move forward towards the ultimate
    goal. Your life at VUB will be a shared exper
    ience with your peers, friends, and mentors. From
    group studies to sharing lunches in the
    cafeteria, from group picnics and outings to
    collaborative work on new medical projects and
    operations, your life at the University
    will be fl /led with opportunities to grow
    personall y, learn professionall y and make an
    impact socially. The University Life is that
    time of your life when you' ll make friends and
    connections that last forever, which you can
    count on for your entire life. Every
    moment of your University Life will thrill
    you with new experiences. At VUB, your
    student life goes beyond medical education
    to have fun, friendship, relaxation, enjoyment,
    adventures, and life experiences along the way as
    you keep moving forward in your journey of
    becoming adoctor!

'f\good doctor cures the d isease, but a great
doctor cures the cause."
Support For
VUB med ical program curr iculum str ictl y
adheres to the USMLE requ irements and
support for exam preparation is being provided in
collaboration with lead ing providers of
USMLE preparation facilities to help students
get ready for thelicensing examination.
USMLEStep 1 USM LE Step 1
is the fi rst step of three steps of the US
Medical Licensing Examination. It tests
the a b i l i t y of m ed i ca l s t u d en t
s t o ap p l y t h e foundational sciences
concepts to the practice of med icine. I t's
a computer -based test in which students need
to answer approximatel y 280 MCQs in seven hours
withone-hour break in between. USMLEStep 2 Step
2 of USM LE is divided into two sub-steps USM LE
Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) and USM LE Step 2
Clinical Skills (CS). Step2 CK Computer-based
test in which students need to answer
approximatel y 316 MCQs in nine hours with
breaks in between. It tests the students'
ability to apply medical knowledge, skills, and
their understanding of clinical science. Step 2
CS In Step 2 CS, students are assigned 12 cases
of standardized patients to test their ability
to gather information from patients, perform
physical examinations, and communicate their
findings topatients and colleagues. USMLEStep
3 USMLE Step 3 is the final examination in the
USMLE sequence and is divided into two
sections held on two different days. On day
1,students are required to answer about 233 MCQs
divided into six blocks. On day 2, students need
to solve 180 MCQs and 13 case simulations, all
in a computer setting. On completion of Step 3,
students can apply for US medical licensure.
"When doctor saves a life, he also saves a famil
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. -
A former British colony, Bar bados won its
freedom back from Britain and became
independent on November 30, 1966, and is now the
3rd oldest Parliamentar y democracy in the world.
St. James Parish Church, the oldest church in
Barbados founded in 1628, Chamberlain Bridge in
Bridgetown built in 1872,and many more human-made
structures in Barbados have been worldwide
attractions for years. Music, Dance,
Festivals, Food, Friendliness, and
Celebrations are some of the hallmarks of
great Barbadian culture. Barbados' free
education system has made the country the
world's 4th most educated country with a
literacy rate of 99. 7. The temperature in
Barbados ranges from 16.socto 33.1oc, ensur ing
an a/I-ti me pleasant environment. Gardens,
white sand beaches, abundant wildlife, fresh
air, light rains, tropical winds, and everything
in between makes Barbados feel like nirvana on
earth, and its pristine beauty makes medical
journey a delight!
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