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3 Ways to Delete Photos from Samsung Galaxy Permanently


In the post, we will introduce some ways on how to permanently delete photos from Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e/S9/S9 Edge/S8/S7/S6. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 3 Ways to Delete Photos from Samsung Galaxy Permanently

How to Delete Photos from Samsung Galaxy
Permanently - 3 Ways!
  • https//www.coolmuster.com/phone-clean/how-to-perm

Most people are like to record their daily by
taking photos on the Samsung phone, which can
memorize what happened in their life. However,
there is a situation, like you don't want other
people to recover your privacy photos that you
deleted on your Samsung phone if you want to sell
the Samsung phone to them, and that is the main
reason why you want to know how to permanently
delete photos from Samsung. This request sounds
difficult to figure it out and it seems you need
a lot of technology to do that. Well, how do I
remove pictures from my Samsung phone forever
without recovery? Fortunately, I know some
efficient methods on how to delete photos from
Samsung Galaxy S10/S10/S10e/S9/S9 Edge/S8/S7/S6
permanently. Can't wait and want to know
immediately? Follow the prompts to get what you
Method 1 How to Delete Photos from Samsung
Galaxy Manually?
All the photos you took are saved in albums in
the Gallery app and can be deleted in the Gallery
app on your Samsung phone. This is the simplest
way to delete photos on Samsung Galaxy phone. If
you want to free up some space on your phone,
this can help you to do that. The steps of delete
photos lie as follow Part 1 How to Delete
Gallery Photos on Samsung Galaxy. Step 1 Unlock
your Samsung phone and turn on the "Gallery"
application. Step 2 Select the one or more
photos that you want to delete by long press on
the screen. Step 3 Click the button of "Delete"
in the upper right-hand corner from your Samsung.
Part 2 Remove one or more Albums in the Gallery
Step 1 Open the app of Gallery in the "Menu" on
your Samsung and select the option of
"Albums" Step 2 Long press on any albums and
select one or more albums that you want to
delete. Step 3 Tap on the "Delete" button and
you can remove the one or more albums
successfully from your Samsung Galaxy.
WarningManually deleted photos can be recovered
back! Above is how to delete gallery on Samsung
Galaxy. However, if you delete photos or albums
that full of pictures using this way, the deleted
photos or albums can be recovered by Android Data
Recovery software (Guide how to recover deleted
data from Samsung) and your private photos and
videos will be recovered by some people who are
sinister. These people will use your private
pictures to do some bad things like blackmailing
you into paying a lot of money to get your photos
back. Hence, you have to find another way to
delete your photos from Samsung Galaxy
permanently. In fact, you need to permanently
erase your photos that have been deleted already
from our Samsung device not only because you want
to sell your old Samsung phone, but also because
the deleted data will still occupy the space on
your Samsung to make your device to become more
and more slowly. Hence, Method 2 is here to teach
you how to delete photos from android phone
permanently that you have deleted already.
Method 2 How to Permanently Delete Photos from
Samsung (Unrecoverable!)
The best way to permanently delete photos from
Samsung is to use the official and professional
tool - Coolmuster Android Eraser which can make
sure the deleted photos on your Samsung device is
100 unrecoverable. Main Features of Android
Eraser The operation of Android Eraser is very
easy and efficient. Only 1-click you can erase
all files, like contacts, text messages, call
logs, photos, videos, music, voicemail, user
names, Gmail account, passwords, apps, books,
search history (Google history, Snapchat history,
web history, etc.), keyboard history and other
more personal info, which contain the existing
and deleted files on your Samsung device. 3
levels, the "Low Level", the "Medium Level" and
the "High Level" selections can be offered to you
to erase the data including the photos on your
old Samsung phone according to your needs. 100
unrecoverable, which means there are no ways can
recover your Samsung device data that you erase
by using Android Eraser. Here is a guide on how
to delete photos from Android phone permanently.
After erasing your Samsung device by using
Coolmuster Android Eraser, you can sell your old
Samsung phone safely. This tool also has All of
the levels can ensure the erased pictures on
Samsung device won't be recovered by any tool of
Android Data Recovery. Click the button and have
a free trial first.
Follow the tutorial below to see how to delete
photos from Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8/S9/S10 permanently
by using Android Eraser without any hassle.
Note Because of its profession of erasing data
on phone and the data's irrecoverable, you must
to back up all the important data on your Samsung
device first in case of penny wise and pound
Step 1 Get the program start by tapping the
button of "Erase". After installing the program
and connecting your Samsung phone to the computer
successfully, choose "Erase" to start the process.
Step 2 Choose the level for erasing the pictures
from Samsung device. Click the blue underlined
font next to "Security Level" to choose the
desired security level, the "Low Level", the
"Medium Level" and the "High Level". Tap "OK" and
type "delete" to confirm what you select and
ready to delete the photos on the Samsung device,
then choose the button of "Erase" and "OK" that
the option of pop-up windows to start the
process. On your device, please tap "Yes" to
grant to delete SMS on your Samsung.
Tips The different among three levels are the
times of overwriting your Samsung. The "High
Level" will overwrite the data on your device 3
times and the other levels are decreasing step by
step which means the "Low Level" is the fastest
level to erase the data on Samsung. Step 3 How
to delete photos from Samsung phone for good. It
will begin to scan the Samsung deeply and erase
the data including the photos on your device
Finished! Simple operation with high security.
Just have a try, you will find it is the most
powerful way to solve the problem about how to
delete photos from Samsung S5, S6, S7, S8, S9,
S10, Galaxy Note 9/8/7/6, etc. More
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Method 3 How Do You Delete Pictures from Samsung
Phone Using Samsung Cloud
An official program - Samsung Cloud is able to
back up and restore the data on Samsung. You
should note that these photos you deleted on the
Gallery app can be recovered by Samsung Cloud.
Thus, you need to remove the pictures from
Samsung Cloud at first and then remove them from
the trash. Here are the steps for you to
work. Step 1 Remove the pictures from Samsung
Cloud. Go to the "Setting" app, click "Cloud and
Accounts" and select the option of "Samsung
Cloud". Select "Gallery", tap "View All" to see
all of the photos that were uploaded to the
Cloud. Then, choose the pictures that you want to
delete and tick the "Delete" button to remove
Step 2 Delete the photos from the Cloud
trash. Enter "Gallery", choose "Settings" and
select the "Cloud Recycle Bin" option under the
"SAMSUNG CLOUD SYNC" section. The deleted media
will show in front of your eyes, long-press the
screen and select the photos or videos that you
want to delete forever. Click on the button of
"Delete" to work.
The Bottom Line Here are the methods of how to
permanently delete photos from Samsung or how to
delete photos from Samsung phone recoverable that
I know. After reading this article, we can tell
Coolmuster Android Eraser is the most suitable
way for you to permanently delete photos from
Samsung phone. Not only can it supports to delete
the photos and other files on your Samsung
permanently but also can support to erase the
data on other Android phones like Huawei, Xiaomi,
HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Google Nexus, ZTE, and
so forth. No matter which mobile brand with
Android system of your phone, you can use this
professional program to erase all data with 100
safe and unrecoverable.
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