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Engineered Wood Flooring - Best Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers


Find the Best Engineered Wooden Flooring, Engineered wood flooring prices in India. Engineered wood flooring manufacturers, suppliers online. Avail Contact Details, and address of company. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Engineered Wood Flooring - Best Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers

Embrace The Floor Designs With Engineered Wood
  • Presented By BVG Industries Pvt Ltd.

What are Engineered Wood Floorings?
  • Engineered wood flooring is a real wood floor
    covering which consists of 3 or more layers and
    each layer is placed in a manner wherein the
    grain runs at 90 degree this construction
    dramatically enhances its stability.
  • There is minimal or no change in shape with
    changes in humidity. The top layer of an
    engineered board (the lamella) is solid wood,
    usually hardwood, of 3mm thickness. The lamella
    is securely bonded to two further support layers
    of New Zealand Pine.

  • BVGs MUSE Engineered Wood Flooring offers
    European Oak and American Walnut that is
    available in contemporary colours with beautiful
    brushed texture. Its unique Supermatt UV
    Polyurethane Nano Finish gives it the look of
    high-class finish without sacrificing wear
  • BVG engineered wood flooring are made in one of
    the most advance factories and only woods that
    are from sustainable forests are being used in
    the production of BVG engineered wood flooring.

  • Muse Engineered Wood Floors is a fashionable
    collection that brings warmth and luxury to the
    design creating chic and sophisticated interiors.
  • The collection uses Oaks and Walnuts in
    contemporary colors with beautiful brushed
    texture that accentuates the wood grains.
  • Its unique super matt UV Polyurethane Nano Finish
    gives it the look of high-class finish without
    sacrificing wear durability. Muse invites you to
    bring the beauty of nature indoors and create
    your own unique look.

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Benefits of Using Engineered Wood Floorings
  • Environment Friendly
  • The process of making hardwood boards
    produces a lot of saw dust which is a waste of
    the tree. In case of engineered wood
    manufacturing the Veneer is sliced rather than
    cut with a saw. This process produces no sawdust,
    which means that all of the trees wood is
    efficiently used.

  • Stable, Strong and Reliable
  • The Engineered Wood floor do not shrink,
    twist, cup, or bow like solid timber. They do not
    react to the change in the climate like rain,
    humidity, extreme heat or cold conditions. Due to
    this reason they can be used in kitchen or
    bathroom unlike solid timber.

  • Extremely Durable
  • Engineered wood flooring is made up of layers
    and layers of plywood that are bonded together
    before being covered with a solid wood lamella
    top layer. The construction of wood flooring in
    this manner ensures that it can withstand any
    amount of weight.

  • Can be refinished
  • A quality engineered floor will last for many
    generations just like a solid timber floor, and
    can even be refinished many times.

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Laminates In Homes
  • There are so many ways of using laminates that
    will effortlessly but effectively.
  • On furniture Laminates are commonly used to make
    furniture pieces such as beds, sofa, stools,
    tables, etc. As we have mentioned it earlier, the
    laminates remain a popular choice due to its
  • On shelves Wall shelves in bathrooms, kitchen,
    and bookshelves are other common application
    areas for a laminate.
  • Modular cabinets These days kitchen cabinets
    have plywood topped up with decorative laminates
    for a better appeal and durability.

  • Wall highlights Wall paneling is the new décor
    accessory these days. Even the ceilings are
    covered with patterned and textured laminates. It
    is known to give an entirely new dimension to the
    otherwise boring walls and ceilings of a house or
    a workstation. Similarly in the bedrooms too, the
    wall behind the bed can be highlighted using
    laminates that also acts as a headboard.
    Partition formations can also be made by these
    kinds of laminates.

  • Door designing A door is something which we see
    at first and undoubtedly the last thing too.
    Earlier times doors always preferred keeping
    simple and sober but now the idea of simple
    looking doors has decreased completely. There are
    numerous ways to designing your doors by a
    lamination To make your floor stand out of the
    context, you very well need to have a good door
    design. And trust me when I say this, a better
    color combination will do wonders for your house.

Installation Tips
  • Know Where To Start
  • Most people commit mistakes of its
    installation by starting from the far end.
    Instead, start gluing the sheets from the wall
    that has the exit or entrance door.

  • Snap The Ends Together 
  • With the rich quality of your laminate
    planks, to avoid breaking down some in between,
    try slapping down a whole row against the
    previously glued one together at once. This might
    sound impossible but really is not.

  • Use Transition Strips
  •  A quite useful advice to look out for under
    the laminate flooring installation tips that you
    can install transition strips or ask the experts
    to do in case you are planning to use the same
    laminate planks on the whole floor.

Laminate Flooring Dealers - BVG
  • With an experience of 15 years in flooring and
    wall cladding, BVG Industries Pvt. Ltd. is
    definitely the leader in the interior designing
    market in India. They are known for their style,
    class, quality, and rapport with their regular
  • Their main mission is to introduce new products
    in the market throughout as the trends and
    demands of their customers change.

  • Their laminate flooring sheets are proven to be
    environment-friendly, highly durable, as well as
    affordablean ideal choice where you are
    searching for a brand to provide you everything
    you wish for in your flooring with a
    reasonable laminate flooring price.
  • In fact, you can contact the laminate wooden
    flooring India dealers yourself for best laminate
    flooring cost India quotations for your homes or
    offices affordable interior plans.

For Queries
  • BVG Industries Pvt. Ltd. Khasra No. 503-504,
    FatehpurberiNr. PNB, Chattarpur, New Delhi
  • E-mail
  • Contact 9810510801
  • Website https//
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