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The Philosophical Value of Montessori Teaching


In this PowerPoint presentation we will discuss about the philosophical value of Montessori teaching and how it influences your child and more. For more details, Contact us: (909) 396-8747 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Philosophical Value of Montessori Teaching

The Philosophical Value of Montessori Teaching
  • Salintha Gunasekara
  • (909) 396-8747

  • Montessori teaching is very important for a
    child who has just started growing up as a
    Montessori school creates the base and aims to
    strengthen their basic knowledge on a deeper
    level. The importance of Montessori school lies
    in the structural and methodical way in which
    they teach. It will surely leave the student with
    a long-lasting impact.

Decoding Montessori Schooling
  • A child's journey to knowledge starts right
    when he utters the first word. From there on it
    is upon his surrounding to strengthen his skills.
    The Montessori school mainly aims to operate in a
    way in which many students varying from age two
    to age six come together under one room and learn
    all together. The method that they use is way
    better and has a great impact on them. The
    methodical teaching and the curriculum-based
    structure in Preschool Pomona, CA will help them
    to be shaped into a better version of themselves.
    Curriculum-Based teaching is one of the most
    valuable teaching methods that leave the pupil
    with an impression that will linger on them for a
    long time. The curriculum is mainly child-centric
    which ensures that each child is getting the care
    equally. The curriculum will tailor them in a way
    in which they will be profited both mentally and
    emotionally. A Montessori covers five fields that
    will be important for a student. The fields that
    they cover are Practical Life, Sensorial,
    Mathematics, Language and Culture. They created a
    friendly environment where end-to-end teaching
    will be conducted. Montessori Pomona, CA focuses
    on this aspect of teaching.

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Decoding Montessori schooling on a philosophical
level and how greatly it influences your child
  • Montessori school covers five bases that
    are of utmost importance for your child. Those
    five bases are Practical Life, Sensorial,
    Mathematics, Language and Culture. All of them
    are very essential for your child. The concept of
    Montessori schooling was brought to reality by
    Doctor Maria Montessori who through her
    experiment proved how significant it is to have
    for young child mentors that will guide them to
    build a clear conscience.

  • Not only logically but Montessori Pomona, CA
    produces a sense of realism into the mind of the
    children. With their practical approach, they
    understand the value of skills and learn to
    utilize it furthermore.
  • With their practical approach, critical thinking
    is needed. From age two to six, the children
    absorb information like a sponge and come up with
    abstract ideas which are then turned to a
    concrete idea with the help of their mentors.
  • Apart from thinking logically and structurally,
    they learn to empathies with others. Montessori
    is a place where children of various ages from
    two to six come from various race, caste and
    creed and learn together. They all learn new
    things from each other and learn to value
    relationships and their classmates.
  • It raises a sense of fellowship and togetherness
    in the children.
  • Philosophically, Preschool Pomona, CA has a
    huge impact on the student. It moulds them
    spiritually and mentally and turns them into a
    better human being, a better version of

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