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SBCGlobal.Net Email Settings


You can also set up your Outlook email program to fetch emails from your SBC account into your Outlook email program. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SBCGlobal.Net Email Settings

How to access your SBCGlobal.Net (ATT) email
account using IMAP
How to access (ATT) email using IMAP
SBCGlobal is a unique web mail service with cool
and handy features. It is acquired by ATT and
was powered by Yahoo once. SBCGlobal was one of
the Seven Baby Bells Corporation and in 2005 was
owned by ATT Telecom Company. SBC users can now
log into their account by going to ATT's portal.
But in order to access SBCGlobal net email, you
have to configure SBCGlobal Mail Settings
correctly. You can easily set up the SBCGlobal
server setting in your personal device or any
mail program. Just call us on our customer
support number and our representatives will
assist you and provide you needed solution on the
spot. We have separate help desk for SBCGlobal
services and our technicians have a lot of
experience in email services. Contact us for
SBCGlobal.Net email settings. Are you a
SBCGlobal.Net email user and want to access it
using IMAP? Okay, So I am going to provide you an
easy-to-follow guide on the topic. Read and
follow the steps carefully. Make sure you read it
to the last.
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What is an IMAP
Youve surely been asked which email protocol you
would like to use POP or IMAP If you've ever set
up an email account before. Right? IMAP means
Internet Message Access Protocol and allows you
to access your email messages no matter where you
are much of the time, it is accessed via the
Internet. Typically, emails are stored on servers
whenever you check your inbox your email
client contacts the server to connect you with
your emails. You aren't actually downloading or
storing it on your computer, when you read an
email message using IMAP instead, you are
reading it off of the server. That is what makes
it possible to check your email From several
different devices without missing a thing.
To access your SBCGlobal net email account using
the IMAP protocol, you will need to configure
your SBCGlobal.Net email settings with the IMAP
servers. Here the IMAP servers SBCGlobal.Net
(ATT) IMAP Server - IMAP
port -
993 IMAP security
- SSL / TLS IMAP username
- Your full email
address IMAP password
- Your SBCGlobal.Net password Use this
IMAP server setting to configure your SBCGlobal
net email account using IMAP. Once you configured
the setting, you will be able to access your
SBCGlobal net email account from anywhere at any
time at IMAP allows email server to store data
Finally, you have got the IMAP setting
configuration for your SBCGlobal email account.
Now you can easily set up and access your
SBCGlobal net mail account using IMAP and can
configure SBCGlobal Net email settings. For more
information on SBCGlobal net email configuration,
please contact CUSTOMER SERVICES FOR YOU on -
1-888-303-6444. We provide 24/7 hours customer
services so the SBCGlobal users can resolve their
issues anytime across the USA.
Contact Us
232 5th floor, New York, NY 10005, USA
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