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Mental Health – 7 Reasons You Should Never Ignore


How surprising it is to see people ignoring their mental health in a century where there are professional counselors available in a sufficient number. More surprising is to read about the suicide cases of professional people working in health sector as to them, the counselors are easier accessible than the general public. Is it that much stigma or is it so common for people to avoid their mental health to a level that it leads to breakdown. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Mental Health – 7 Reasons You Should Never Ignore

Mental Health 7 Reasons You Should Never Ignore

Early Care - Better Results
  • Mental Health issues should be addressed in early
    stages as it leads to better outcome and the
    person affected is free of the illness before it
    consumes the individual.

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Decreased Productivity
  • Many underestimates the importance of mental
    health but it is far more important than physical
    health. The productivity of the individual
    decreases and one may not be able to do the
    simplest routine activities as there is a lot of
    pressure on the mind and the person is unable to
    think of any other thing and that gives rise to a
    vicious cycle of depression and anxiety.

Suicide Rate Decreases
  • You can actually prevent suicide cases by giving
    importance to mental health issues like mental
    disorders or mental disability. Saving someones
    life is considered such a noble task and this is
    another way of doing it.

Life Saving Step
  • By addressing the ongoing mental disability in
    your near and dear ones, you can actually save
    them from taking extreme steps as they might be
    feeling it difficult to share the helplessness
    they are facing inside. Just pay attention to
    their routine and make sure that they are not
    staying alone for most of the time and never take
    it lightly if you notice any sign of mental
    illness. At early stages, simple talking can do
    wonders and am serious here.

Easy to Take Help
  • Nowadays taking help is so damn easy. As for most
    of the time, its only talking about whats
    required and many counselors give it on phone
    also so yeah, you can have it sitting in your
    room if you are finding it difficult to go there

Mental Disorders are Curable
  • Most of the issues are curable with proper
    counseling and some require medications but at
    last, the person comes back to normal life and is
    a happy person again. So, never hesitate to ask
    for help regarding Mental Health, its easier
    than you think. Its a loud and clear message for
    the sufferer that you can ask for help without
    thinking anything else like what would be the
    reaction of the other person or to what extent it
    would be helpful! Just ask for it.

  • Your counselor/doctor never reveals your personal
    health related details unless it is a matter of
    life and death so dont worry and tell your
    doctor about your problems and get the relief. So
    yeah, even if something very personal is
    torturing you, share it. After all, its not
    above your life and most importantly, it will be
    between you and the doctor so why not get the
    sigh of relief.