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How to create a website


Wordpress website Development – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to create a website

How to create a website step by
step guide for beginners(2019)
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  • A person starting a website need not know
    programming or new design. There are several
    options available on the internet which makes
    starting a website extremely simple.
  • would you believe if I tell, with basic
    knowledge computer, a person can create a
    website in less than 60 minutes?
  • You can code your website from scratch. But
    as a beginner, it will cost you more time and
    money and your result will barely remain mediocre
    at its best. We the best web development company
    in Kanpur can help you build an attractive
    website as per your need.

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Eight simple steps to create a Website
  • Step 1 Figure out the type of website you need.
  • Step 2 Choosing the best Website building
  • Step 3 Select a domain name and reliable
    hosting provider.
  • Step 4 Set up your website with word press.
  • Step 5 Configure your website and make it look
  • Step 6 Add more features to build up your
  • Step 7 Promote your website and make money with
    your website.
  • Step 8 Prepare a checklist and test your
  • With no technical knowledge lets start to build
    a website step by step.

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1. Figure out the type of website you need
  • Among several types of websites, lets list
    down a few popular ones.
  • E-commerce site E-commerce sites (online stores)
    helps you to showcase your products and services
    and serves people to order products directly from
    your website. You would have probably visited
    several big online stores like Amazon, Flipkart,
    Walmart, etc.
  • Blogs Blogs can be a separate set of a website
    or one can add blogs as an added feature of any
    other kind of website. Generally, blogs are
    posted in a reverse chronological order i.e.
    newest blogs first.

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  • Forums Forum websites are online discussion
    sites, where people can discuss various topics in
    the form of text messages. Topics are well
    organised so that interested people can join the
    thread and discuss their ideas. Example One of
    the most popular forum site today, Quora.
  • Portfolio sites Its a mere one-page site like
    business card sites, besides you can showcase
    your work and let people connect with you. Design
    firms, Photography sites commonly use these kinds
    of websites.
  • Membership sites In this type of websites only
    members can log in to their account and access
    the website.

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2 Choosing the best Website building platform
  • With thousands of web builders open today,
    it can be challenging to pick the best platform
    for building your website. This decision is very
    crucial because one cannot shift their website
    from one platform to another. Our website design
    company in Kanpur can help you with any
    decision-making process with respect to building
    a perfect website.
  • we would recommend (dont
    get confused with Word Press is
    the best choice for building a website with which
    you can build a one-page business card or even an
    E-Commerce website.
  • WordPress is free to use. The cost incurred
    while purchasing a domain name and web hosting is
    also the most affordable here.

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  • WordPress is free to use. The cost incurred while
    purchasing a domain name and web hosting is also
    the most affordable here.
  • If you have any query or stuck anywhere
    in-between, there are lots of blogs, articles and
    discussions to help you out.
  • WordPress offers thousands of free themes and
    also gives access to thousands of plugins without
    any extra cost. User can create a fully
    customised website in no time.

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3 Select a domain name and reliable hosting
  • Around 30 of the websites on the internet
    today are powered by WordPress. To start a
    website in WordPress you need to create a domain
    name and a web hosting provider.
  • What is Domain name Domain name is your
    Websites address (URL) like,,
    etc. Create a relevant and attractive domain name
    because it is what people search in their
    browsers to reach your website (Example
  • What is Web Hosting Web hosting account
    is where your files are being stored in a
    physical server. It is crucial to choose the best
    host provider because to a large extent speed and
    performance of your website depends upon your web
    hosting provider.

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4 Set up your website with word press
  • After choosing your plan, you need to
    select an existing domain that you own or create
    a new one for free. Next, you need to register by
    entering your basic details. Once you are done,
    enter your payment details and make a payment.
    Now create a password for the account created.
  • When you enter into your new account you
    have an option to choose your website theme to
    make it look more suitable. After choosing your
    theme, you will be asked for the name and tagline
    of your website. Thats it you can start working
  • There are two ends in WordPress. Namely,
    front end and back end. The front end is what
    your visitors will see in their computer and the
    back end is where one can manage their site

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5 Configure your website and make it look
  • Do you know that visitors will decide
    whether to stay on your site or not in just 2 or
    3 seconds? So it's very important to hold an
    excellent website design. You can get the help of
    our web design service in Kanpur to draft a
    perfect design.
  • There are certain key things that you need
    to focus on like, WordPress is installed to
    correct time zone, the website is visible to
    Google (which allows your website to get ranked
    in the search engine), configuring comments and
    discussion section, social media integration,
    branding, search bar, search engine optimisation,
  • With several Plugins available in
    WordPress, you can add any essential feature at
    any time. Some of the popular plugins are adding
    a contact form, tracking visitors using Google
    Analytics, SEO plugins (to rank higher in the
    search engine), etc.

6 Add more features to build up your website
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7 Promote your website and Make money with your
  • Augmenting good-looking blogs to your
    website can be the most solid way to attract
    visitors to your site. Make sure you use popular
    keywords that your target audience apply for
  • Likewise, encourage readers to share your
    blogs on social media platforms to drive traffic.
    Devising an email list will retain your visitors
    to be familiar with the brand.
  • Its time to convert your efforts to
    money. Give way for blank spaces on your site to
    ads and generate income.

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8 Prepare a checklist and test your website
  • Before you launch your website, you need
    to check whether everything looks perfect. The
    following checklist can help you to make sure
    that you dont omit any step.
  • Make sure you have all important pages
    like home page, about the website page, contact
    page, etc.
  • If any page is yet to be completed, excite the
    audience with coming soon page.
  • Check for spelling and grammar mistake.
  • Test whether all links lead to the correct page.
  • Check whether your site works mobile-friendly.
  • Try to visit the site using a different browser
    and check its compatibility.
  • Make sure the site is secured.
  • Congratulations! Your website is ready to

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