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PTE – Last Minute Tips – Avigna Learning Academy


Even after you have undergone the best coaching for PTE in Bangalore, and practiced with lots of sample papers, you are still nervous jittery before the test, you definitely need these simple but important last-minute tips. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: PTE – Last Minute Tips – Avigna Learning Academy

Enough has already been said about how to get
prepared for the PTE test, but now its time for
you to learn about some last minute tips and
instructions. You may have prepared absolutely
thoroughly for the PTE, and now its time that
you sit for the test, but you still feel like
you are nervous. You have solved all kinds of
sample test papers, you have gone through all
possible preparation materials, you have
undergone the best coaching for PTE in Bangalore
from a reputed institute like Avigna Learning
Academy yet you arent sure of how you will sit
for the test. Well, there is nothing to worry
about. This is a very normal feeling that arises
in the minds of majority of PTE candidates. If
you are feeling a little under-confident as the
exam date comes near, and you are doubting your
caliber, these are y our last-minute jitters.
And for such jitters, we have just the solution.
Here are some useful last-minute tips that can
help boost your confidence and keep you calm just
before the exam. Last-minute nervousness can
blow off months of hard work and preparation in a
jiffy! So, dont let that happen. Just follow
these tips, and give it your best try.
Dont over-think stay calm You may be
over-thinking on how you will sit for the exam.
How you will write, how you will speak, etc. are
all the thoughts that will come to your mind.
Remember, it is not possible that you are 100
prepared, or that you will score a 100 in the
exam. This is just not possible with anyone. So,
just chill, and try to make the most out of what
you have prepared. Take it segment-by-segment,
task-by-task, and give it your best. Dont worry
about what will come further just concentrate on
what is with you now, and focus on only
that. Being tensed and over-thinking yourself
will only hinder your performance. Just have
faith in your abilities, and all will be
fine. Have a practice schedule You need enough
practice before your test. You may have planned a
schedule to study. Stick to it even just before
the exam, and take up enough practice tests.
However, dont overdo anything, thinking that it
will only make things work better. Stay calm and
stick to your schedule. Over-pressurizing
yourself, and focusing only on preparation can
exhaust you and dry you out! Balance between
preparation and relaxation in a way that you get
enough mental rest between your practices. Be
prepared for a noisy test room You wont be the
only one appearing for the test on your test day.
There will be numerous candidates listening to
audios, speaking, and tapping away on their
computers. All of this may cause too much noise
in the room. If you havent yet prepared keeping
this thought in mind, its never too late. A few
days before the test, start practicing and
preparing for the PTE in public areas, where
there is a good amount of noise. This will help
you get familiar with the environment of the
exam, while training your brain to focus even
when there are distractions around. Manage your
time Time management is one of the most crucial
things about the PTE test. You need to
constantly have an eye on the clock while giving
the test. You have a certain amount of time to
finish each task. Make sure you stick to the time
and complete the task within the given time, as
it is not possible to allocate extra time from
one module of the test to another. With these
tips, you should be just fine. Dont get too
hyper or agitated before the test. Stay calm,
eat well, and sleep well a few days before the
test. A healthy body and a calm mind will help
you clear the PTE test better. So, keep these
tiny but important tips in mind, and you should
be good to go. Heres wishing you all the luck
for your PTE! For more information, visit